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Jennifer Aydin Found Out Bill Aydin Cheated On Her 10 Days Before She Had A Baby

The Real Housewives of New Jersey returned to our screens this week and boy, do these ladies know how to make an entrance or what? Teresa Giudice had a pineapple-filled pool party that was simmering with unresolved tension. Gia Giudice and Joe Gorga weren’t on good terms, considering Gia’s uncle has nothing but bad things to say about her dad Joe Giudice. Tre was doing what she does best — trying to pretend that everything was fine while everyone whispered about Luis Ruelas‘ shady past around her.

The episode ended with a major blowout between Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin, leading Marge to reveal that Bill Aydin cheated on Jen a decade ago. While Marge tried to say it was with one of Bill’s employees, Jen was quick to correct that it was a pharmaceutical rep that he had an affair with.

Jennifer owned up to the truth, even though she’s kept it under wraps for years for the sake of her children. And I respect that — she says she forgave Bill and didn’t use the affair as ammo in their future arguments. However, I also get Marge bringing it up after all the crap Jen’s talked about her marriage and relationships. Even if her ponytail was tied a little too tight and the truth just exploded out of her. It only makes me antsy to watch the demise of her friendship with Tre after all of this.

Since the episode aired, Jennifer has been explaining her side of the story. She revealed to Us Weekly that she planned on taking the secret to the grave as nobody, not even her close friends or family, knew about the affair. “I was able to do it for the greater good of my family,” she said. RHONJ always has its cheating rumors and marriage problems, but my heart kind of breaks for Jennifer. She’s not only dealing with a botched nose job and the mean girls’ gang leaving her out, but now this major bomb dropped that she’s forced to explain.


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Jennifer admitted that she found out that Bill was being unfaithful right before she gave birth to her fourth child out of five. “I found out pretty much 10 days before I had Christian,” she said. She was letting the news sink in while also trying to keep her spirits up for the sake of her baby. In order to avoid suspicion from her family and to give Christian the blessing of having both parents in the delivery room, Bill was there for the birth. “I wanted to go through the motions of playing this game of life, so to speak, to try to put on a brave face for my children,” she said.

Jen always makes me laugh because she’s outrageous. She says things she’s not supposed to, she sometimes drinks a little too much and it’s all in good fun. But my heart actually breaks for her in this situation. The ladies can say what they want, but Jennifer didn’t try to go the Tre route of denying, denying, denying. The second Margaret brought up the affair, she owned it then and there. You gotta respect that.


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