Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Bro Showdown

Summer hasn’t been relaxing for The Real Housewives Of New Jersey. It’s been pure hell so far for Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice. At this point, Jennifer’s running the risk of being iced out of the group. Nobody’s ever going to ice out Teresa because she’s still the alpha of the group.

Teresa thinks everyone’s always coming at her, but Louie Ruelas disagrees. Teresa’s crying because of all the drama already. Not only that, but Traci Barber doesn’t even know Tre. She doesn’t know the family dynamic. She doesn’t need to be commenting on their family when she’s been here 20 minutes.

Joe Gorga and Teresa haven’t been on the same page the entire time we’ve known them. They’re both totally fine with other people ripping into them. Teresa says if Joe and Melissa Gorga don’t want her to talk to Jennifer, she won’t. Woah. This is the first time I’ve heard her willing to have their backs like this. However, it’s doubtful they’ll do the same with Margaret Josephs.

Traci asks to speak to Teresa and offers more advice about how Teresa should handle her family. Girl, bye. Why are you inserting yourself into this? Teresa tells everyone she’s never seen the video of Louie, but Marge doesn’t believe them. If Tre’s never seen the video, why is she this pressed?

Margaret still doesn’t get the difference between what she did in her past and what happened to Jennifer. Jennifer was cheated on. Margaret was the cheater. They are NOT the same.

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jennifer’s trying to make the most of things with her family. It has to hurt to be excluded from Melissa’s party. She’s also still angry at Bill Aydin for not having her back. Things aren’t okay between them yet. She’s finally able to confront all of the past feelings, and I think they have a lot of progress to make.

Everyone’s perplexed about Bill’s decision not to get involved in Jennifer’s drama with Melissa. Is it that weird? Joe’s acting so offended about Bill keeping his nose out of it. Not every husband wants to stick their nose in women’s business like Joe does. He’s practically an honorary Housewife.

Margaret meets up with Marge Sr for lunch, and I always love their dynamic. Their openness is something a lot of mothers and daughters often strive for. They’re discussing the video of Louie and Teresa’s freakout on her. Maybe you shouldn’t push Teresa to talk about something so sensitive in front of everyone? Right?

Gia Giudice thinks Teresa’s moving too fast with Louie. She doesn’t want them anywhere near walking down the aisle yet. She’s always the smartest in whatever room she’s in. Gia’s seeing the writing on the wall about what could happen between them. She’s seen her mother in a failing marriage before and probably doesn’t want that duplicated.

More information is coming out about Louie’s alleged wrongdoings to his ex. The implications of physical violence could send shockwaves through this group. Margaret’s going to take this and run a fucking marathon with it.

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Dolores Catania’s parents drop by for a visit, and she talks about how bad the end of her marriage to Frank Catania was. It’s good they divorced when they did before things got too rough on the children. Good for her!

Her parents are going for a lot of tests at the doctor’s, and you can tell it stresses her. However, she drops the bomb about her breakup with David Principe. It’s difficult to care too much about their split because we never see them truly happy. We never saw them in a loving and devoted relationship.

Joe and Melissa FINALLY sold their house and are building their dream home. It doesn’t look like much now, but she promises everything’s going to be bigger. We’ll see.

They’re over their alleged rough patch which is good for their family. With all of the storylines of their life that only last a season, it’s hard to believe anything they say.

Jennifer and Bill told Gabby Aydin about his affair. Woah, that’s huge. It must be nice for Jennifer to be open with her family about all of this though. Jennifer is dreading the conversation with her mother about Bill because of her reaction. She expects her mother to rip into Margaret for doing this to her family.

Dolores’ mother’s stress test came back abnormal, so they have to figure out a heart abnormality. To make things weirder, she’s not speaking to David. She had to end the relationship, but that doesn’t make things any less difficult.

Jennifer breaks down talking about the aftermath of Bill’s affair becoming public. She’s pissed at Bill for standing there in silence while everyone tears her down. I hope he steps up as a husband because she deserves better. This feels like a secondary betrayal. Jennifer feels numb about everything, and it seems like she’s not quite over the affair.

At Jennifer’s, Dolores learns her mother has a 90% blockage in her heart. This is serious and could result in death.

Bill Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Why would Joe say fuck you in the group text to Bill? Whether he meant it as funny or serious, it’s only going to further fuel the drama. Honestly, all of these Jersey men are more drama than their wives half of the time.

At guy’s night, Joe’s asked about the allegations involving Louie. Instead of shutting it down at the moment, of course, he’s playing into it. He can’t help himself. Joe always has to find a way to THE DRAMA.

Everyone’s gossiping about Bill, and he’s the last to show up. Oddly, the guys want Bill to say his wife is a horrible human being. Joe’s sitting there calling Jennifer disgusting, so what is Bill supposed to say to that?

Bill would be the worst fucking husband of all time if he sat there and bashed his wife. He says Jennifer never went digging for information on anyone, but Evan Goldschneider disagrees. They go back and forth for a few, and he tells Bill to get lost. Woah.


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