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Melissa Gorga Defends Not Having A Storyline On Real Housewives; Says “I Have A Life”

Melissa Gorga has been on Real Housewives of New Jersey for over 10 years now. With no signs of slowing down. At this point, she’s used to fans griping about the fact that she’s bringing nothing to the table. But as Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law, that IS her storyline. The two have spent years battling it out over love and loyalty towards each other. Of course, this season is no different.

Now Melissa is defending herself against the haters who claim she doesn’t have a storyline. She recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight to explain her side. Said Melissa, “I always think that’s so funny, even [Real Housewives executive producer] Andy Cohen always says it, he’s like, ‘Where did this whole storyline thing come from?’ I’m like, ‘The fans made it up!'”

She added, “The fans think unless your husband’s cheating on you, or you’re Erika Jayne, or you’re going to jail or you robbed a bank, then you shouldn’t be on the Housewives. So they just want all villains, they don’t want any normal people to have a normal life and show their family. It’s Housewives, it’s not, like, Mob Wives!”


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Melissa continued, “It’s become habit for people to say that and so, we’re fine with it, whatever you have to do. When I do have a storyline that they ‘want,’ that means I’m losing. So I’m good.” Fair, but you have to give us a little more than a fake sister and failed pizza place storyline. Please. It’s been years since the Christening From Hell, your husband’s tinted hair spray rubbing off during a fight, and offending Teresa with sprinkle cookies. That was Melissa’s peak, mind you.

In contrast to her sister-in-laws never ending storylines (jail, ammirite!), Melissa still struggles to stay relevant. But she seems to think that’s part of her appeal. Said Melissa, “What is so confusing about showing that I have three kids, I have a life, I have a husband, I have struggles creating my small businesses, I have a sister-in-law that I battle with? I laugh because, when they say that to me, I’m like wait, [this season] opens up with everyone talking about us! It opens up with Teresa and [her daughters] talking about us, so what does that mean? Am I your storyline now?”


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Melissa also pointed out that her Envy boutique is growing and opening in a larger retail space. She explained, “I can’t control what they’re going to put in, what they don’t put in.” Uhhh yeah, because no one cares about your boutique? We’ve been there and done that with many other housewives. And it wasn’t interesting with them either. She also noted that the cast film hundreds of hours of “personal story” that never airs.

Melissa wondered about her ongoing beef with castmate Jennifer Aydin. Remember Jennifer called Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga a “crook” on social media. This caused Melissa to get in Jennifer’s face in a recent episode. And dredged up more doubts of loyalty when Teresa stood by Jennifer instead of Melissa and Joe.

Melissa concluded, “So when you see, like, Jennifer and Bill [Aydin] or Teresa talking about us, does that mean I’m their storyline? I mean, no! That ‘storyline’ thing is ridiculous. It’s always been, it’s just silly. I think Jennifer started saying that and obviously I can’t compete with the people who went through bankruptcy and, sorry, if I’m on the wrong show then because that’s not for me.”


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