Marlo Hampton

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 14 Trailer: Marlo Hampton Has Drama With Kandi Burruss And Kenya Moore; Sheree Whitfield Finally Debuts She By Sheree

It’s been a long time since our Sunday evenings were filled with the specific brand of drama and debauchery that can only come from the Real Housewives of Atlanta peaches. Season 13 feels like a lifetime ago, and it’s odd to think that Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey won’t be involved in new episodes. Don’t fret, however, because Bravo may have figured out just the cast it needs for a great season.

After weeks, months, and what felt like years of waiting, Bravo has finally debuted the RHOA Season 14 trailer, via Love BScottIt’s our first glimpse at official peach holder Marlo Hampton and at yet another Sheree Whitfield return. The trailer may be short, but it’s packed with enough hype to get you through to the premiere.

Marlo and Sheree are the queens of the trailer, so I’m assuming that will translate to the season. We finally get to see Marlo’s behind-the-scenes life, like her family troubles and her journey to raise her nephews. But she’s still Messy Marlo, and Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore are on the receiving end. Marlo screams at them several times in the trailer, including awkwardly in a sauna. She and Twirl also get in each other’s faces, which is exactly how I would expect this showdown to happen. The peace between these two firecrackers could only last for so long.

It’s fun to see Kandi have beef with someone that’s not Porsha Luther King or Phaedra Parks. That was too heavy, but her feud with Marlo seems like good old-fashioned drama.  Speaking of Phaedra, even though Kandi will never let her back on RHOA as long as she’s holding a peach, her ex makes a comeback. Apollo Nida is shown meeting up with She by Sheree to talk about her prison boo Tyrone Gilliams. Sheree’s issues with her man will be major this season, and the trailer shows her breaking down in tears about their situation.

Sheree is back and this time, she’s FINALLY brought some She by Sheree joggers with her. After years of waiting, the clothes have finally materialized. Someone call Dwight Eubanks, he needs to see this. Sheree will not only have issues with her man, but she’s seemingly going to put the cocky sophomore Drew Sidora in her place. We LOVE to see Sheree teach a newbie how it’s done.

Sheree and Drew go at each other in the trailer. Drew even tries so hard to have a moment by throwing a dog bone at the bone collector. It’s a cute attempt, but I know whatever clap back Sheree has will be 10x more entertaining. I don’t make the rules.

Yes, Drew is back. Good for her. I don’t particularly love her, but whatever. She still has Ralph Pittman hanging around and acting shady behind her back. Sigh. These ladies need to get rid of these men who aren’t worth anything. Let him go sis. Drew has a partner-in-crime with newbie Sanya Richards Ross. Sanya is an Olympic gold medalist who likes to party. She’s a proud Jamaican and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, which we see a glimpse of in the teaser.

Kandi and Todd Tucker also are going through growing pains. If you’ve been watching Kandi and the Gang, this should come as no surprise. As the Kandi Koated empire expands, there’s a lot of tension that comes with it. When there’s tension with Kandi and Todd, there’s Momma Joyce right there to make things worse. Or to at least scream, “nobody controls my vagina but me” in the trailer.

The only appropriate way to wrap things up is with my own personal favorite moment from the trailer. The ladies are gathered at some sort of event for children. They’re at a table when Kandi is yelling about a rumor that she was “sucking dick in a locker room.” Sounds like an average kiki. Some woman comes by screaming at the ladies for being vulgar at a kids’ party, and Marlo has the best response. “Kenya don’t invite your white friends don’t get it,” she snaps back. I missed my ATL peaches, who will be back on Bravo on May 1.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]