Ramona Singer & Luann D'Agostino

Luann De Lesseps Can’t Picture Real Housewives Of New York Legacy Series Without Ramona Singer

Luann De Lesseps is apparently Team Ramona Singer. Ever since Andy Cohen announced that Real Housewives of New York would be splitting into two series, speculation has been running rampant. Andy explained that RHONY would be rebooted, likely with a new cast. There will then be a second series, tentatively titled Real Housewives of New York: Legacy, which would feature RHONY OGs.

Now let the casting games begin! Jill Zarin already told Andy to call her. Dorinda Medley also hinted that she would like to come back to Bravo one day before Andy shared the news. One housewife who likely isn’t on board? Bethenny Frankel, who slammed the idea of a reboot as “boring.” But after a flop of a season, Andy seemed to acknowledged that the current cast of RHONY was nervous. He revealed, “I was hearing from them a lot last year. But I have to say, especially given that this group is usually a group that is very like, ‘When are we starting? What’s the plan?’ You know, they’re aggressive! And they’re Type A.”

But what does the current cast have to say about it? As reported by Page Six, Luann is now sharing her thoughts on how the franchise can’t go on without Ramona. Lu stated, “Listen, I can’t see a show without the Ramona Singer ‘stinger.’ So, I’d be surprised if they didn’t ask her back.” While Ramona certainly has a fan base still, many have called for her firing after her behavior this past season. I mean, Ramona has always been a monster but at least she was an entertaining one. But this time, she might have gone too far after an internal investigation was launched. The investigation revolved around the accusation that Ramona made racist comments about Eboni K. Williams, the first Black housewife to join the franchise. Ramona has denied the claims.

Lu continued, “Love her or hate her, she’s a woman that [many have] grown to love. We’ve seen her on television for so long.” True, Ramona has been on the series since it debuted in 2008. But Luann also wants to be a part of RHONY: Legacy. She revealed, “If they ask me, I would love to and I can’t think of a better scenario than coming back with all the OGs. What fun? I think it’s very hard to fit people into a cast that’s been around for so long.” She’s likely talking about Eboni and Leah McSweeney, who struggled to connect with the longtime cast members. Lu added, “It’s like the square peg in the round hole. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.”

As for who Luann would like to see on RHONY: Legacy, she named Dorinda, Jill and Kelly Bensimon. Which likely makes Lu the only person who would want to see Kelly back. As for Bethenny, Luann said she would “welcome” her back but thinks that “ship has sailed.” Said Lu, “It’s interesting how for somebody that doesn’t ever want to mention the ‘Housewives’ ever again that she’s talking about how ‘boring’ it would be.” And when it comes to who she doesn’t think will be invited back, Lu named Heather Thompson and Carole Radziwill. Luann is confident that Carole, her nemesis, is “not on the radar.” Which isn’t shocking since Carole has repeatedly trashed Andy and the franchise since she left. Luann noted, “I do not [talk to Carole]. I don’t think anybody has a relationship with Carole.”

But until casting happens and contracts go out, Luann is focusing on sobriety and her cabaret act. After getting kicked out of a piano bar for being an annoying drunk, Lu was forced to apologize for her actions. She stated on a recently episode of Watch What Happens Live, “I had a pretty good track record, but people slip. And like I said, I’m only human, and it happened. That’s part of being responsible and moving on, picking yourself back up and doing the right thing.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]