Marlo Hampton Slams Kenya Moore For Betraying Cynthia Bailey

Marlo Hampton is certainly trying to make her mark. The longtime “friend of” was finally upgraded to full time housewife on Real Housewives of Atlanta this season. But according to Marlo, not everyone on the cast is happy she’s finally holding a peach.

As reported by Reality Blurb, Marlo is accusing veteran Kenya Moore of not being excited for her. Said Marlo, “It’s just sad. I deserve this seat at the table.” She added, “You know what? It’s my season. I came in here as the hero. I think Kenya’s a little delusional.” Meh, delusional is thinking that you’re immediately the hero after spending 10 years on the sidelines.

After patching things up with Kenya at the end of last season, Marlo said she was ready to continue the friendship. She shared, “I came right into this season being an amazing friend: 10 toes down, being a friend, that’s supportive, going above and beyond.” Marlo said that they even “unblocked each other” on social media but now, they keep each other at a distance.

Marlo stated that she saw Kenya in a different light when she was featured on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. She elaborated, “One thing Granny always said, ‘You can’t hide your authentic self,’ the real Kenya is going to shine bright, like a diamond.” Marlo continued, “The same way she poured that drink on [Ramona Singer], the same way she back-stabbed [Cynthia Bailey], who’s so sweet and has rode for Kenya for years? For her to betray Cynthia, I know you’re not the friend for me.”

As we saw in the premiere, questions about Marlo’s finances are coming up. Something Marlo doesn’t appreciate coming from Kenya. Said Marlo, “It’s embarrassing. I’m getting paid, if they don’t know when I post, I’m getting paid on the platform I’m on, that’s OK. I don’t live above my means. I live in a townhome that’s paid for. Do you think, I’m just broke? Like, I wasn’t smart enough to have investments or properties and different streams of income? It’s insulting.” As for the allegations on having a sugar daddy, Marlo asked, “It’s been a decade. Where are your receipts?!”

Finally, she concluded with a major dig, “Kenya is rusty, dried up and tired, and a has-been, and I want her to stop worrying about where my money comes from. She needs to worry about making her some money.” Truly asking, how can one be a “has-been” when they have been a main cast member on RHOA for 10 years? Just in the last year alone, Kenya was on Dancing With The Stars and RHUGT, where she was a fan favorite. I would like to see Marlo’s resume, please.

Love her or hate her, Kenya has proven her worth as a housewife. Marlo is just getting started. So let’s see what she brings to the “Le Table.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]