Real Housewives Of Atlanta Producer Explains Why Long Term “Friend” Marlo Hampton Still Doesn’t Have A Peach

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If Marlo Hampton ever got out of Bravo purgatory, have you wondered what her tag line would be? “I did my time, now I’m only on the run from the Fashion Police” or “The only escorting I do is taking my wallet to the bank, Google Marlo Hampton LLC”. That actually could be a fun hobby. Anytedturner, the Real Housewives of Atlanta have played host to Marlo for 800 years now. She first showed up in Season 4 as a potential foe for NeNe Leakes. But the two found themselves developing a friendship over the years and Marlo really never went away.

Here’s the thing about Marlo, she is good television. Whether you like her or not, she is the one who has zero qualms about confrontation or bringing up sensitive subject matter. At this point even Webster’s Dictionary has Marlo’s photo listed with the definition of “that bitch”, [th at bich]; noun; 1. Will check you 2. Will check you in Chanel. For YEARS viewers have wondered what the hold up is in giving Marlo a peach when other cast members Cynthia Bailey barely have a storyline. RHOA producers addressed Marlo’s lack of fruit at BravoCon and shared an update on if she has a future with the show.

Right, so we all know Bravo generally doesn’t have a problem with hiring felons and supporting them mercilessly. That said, it would almost be unfair to hold someone’s past against them, seeing as A. no one is perfect and B. sometimes good characters have mug shots. And in the interest of keeping it real, Bravo isn’t the most conservative channel.

Literally, the majority of the network’s lineup consists of drunk women behaving badly. Which in “reality” tends to be a poor look for females, especially when their families fall apart as a result. So all of this really does make you wonder why Marlo hasn’t been pulled on board as part of the official cast. Well, Marlo’s “past” isn’t just DUI’s or probation violations. Unfortunately, Marlo was involved in a very violent incident in 1998 and it could be why she has been permanently friend-zoned.

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Not that you will hear that from production, however. It is the question that will never go away and one fan challenged RHOA producers to answer it at BravoCon. Bravo’s The Daily Dish has details. During a panel with Bravo producers, an audience member asked if we will ever get that Marlo tagline. Producer Lorraine Haughton Lawson said, “Marlo is a very important part of everything that we do. She is the one.” Yeah, she is the one without a peach, Lorraine. But WHY?

Then we got what appears to be Bravo’s new stock phrase when they have no idea what’s going on. Lorraine also shared, “And you will never say never. She [Marlo] may get a peach one day. I think up until this time, it just hasn’t been the right time, but that doesn’t mean this time won’t come.” Lorraine, no one asked you if Santa is real. Help us out and answer the question.

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Let us not forget, Marlo also tags along on every cast trip. And let’s face it, right now she is the only friend that will film with NeNe has. Lorraine continued to add to the mystery, “And you should watch this season because she’s a very big part of it. The conversation is always being had about Marlo, and it will continue to be had.” Yes, Lorraine, we get it. The conversation will also continue to be why Marlo is not a Housewife.

While this was basically answering the question without answering the question, what we do know is Bravo has an established relationship with Marlo Hampton LLC. It remains to be seen if that relationship will flourish into something more meaningful or if Marlo continues contributing a four-course meal when she is treated as a side-piece.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]