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The Real Housewives of Orange County We Miss

Real Housewives of Orange County is going into its 17th season! Way back in 2006, who would have thought we’d get almost 20 years of this amazing series and these iconic women? RHOC has had ups and downs over this tremendous time frame, but I’m so glad it’s still here – primarily because Tamra Judge is back! I know I’ll lose points among many of you in the comments, but THAT’S MY OPINION!! Let’s take a look back and remember the women of Orange County we miss.

1) Lynne Curtin (Seasons 4-5)

Lynne Curtin is iconic. She was the first Housewife ever to be revealed to be living a life out of her means. Her daughters answered the door one day, while cameras were rolling, only to be served with eviction papers. Their dad, Lynne’s husband at the time, Frank Curtin, wasn’t paying the rent. It was then we realized these housewives weren’t necessarily living the life they put on for cameras. Thankfully, Lynne’s a talented designer who has been producing amazing cuff bracelets for decades. Check them out, they’re a beautiful ride into 2010!

2) Quinn Fry (Season 3)

Oh yeah, I’m going to deep into the RHOC archives here. Quinn Fry is sorely missed by many of us (by many I mean, one friend and me). Quinn was the original cougar in the OC, dating multiple younger men at a time, and genuinely enjoying all the adventures that came with that. Serious respect to you Quinn, I wish I was that awesome. Quinn also was known for wearing wigs and putting on costumes to spice up her love life. The good news is, Quinn is still Quinn after all these years and we love her for it!

3) Lauri Petersen (Seasons 1-4)

I HAVE NEVER BEEN WITH MULTIPLE PARTNERS IN MY LIFE!!!!” Seriously, the people in Aspen can still hear Vicki Gunvalson screaming this at Lauri Petersen. Lauri appeared as a full time cast member of RHOC the first four seasons of the show. She made an intense comeback in Season 8 when the girls went to Aspen. Lauri wasted no time stirring up the drama and fabricating a story about Vicki. Lauri knew exactly how to get under the OG of The OC’s skin. Bring her back please! Lauri is still living her life, in love with George Petersen.

4) Meghan King (Seasons 10-12)

Meghan King is definitely missed in Orange County. I don’t think I have ever immediately loved and respected a new cast member more than Meghan. She burst into Orange County, all young, spunky, and ready to fight the OG like we’ve never seen before. Meghan – or Detective Meghan – single handedly unraveled Brooks Ayers’ cancer scamming. Meghan – please come back! Especially now that we won’t need to see Jim Edmonds.

5) Alexis Bellino (Seasons 5-8)

Alexis “Jesus Jugs” Bellino better be coming back to the OC, along with Tamra, Bravo! Alexis was married to Jim Bellino, whom she referred to as her “king” long before Yolanda Hadid ever called David Foster a king. Alexis got under Heather Dubrow’s skin almost more than she got under Tammy Sue’s skin. That means, she was a great Housewife. Let’s make it a comeback, Alexis!


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]