IRS Files Claim Against Erika Jayne’s Husband Tom Girardi For $4.3 Million

Erika Jayne recently did a victory lap about one of her recent cases being dismissed. But her legal troubles are far from over. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star spent the last two episodes gloating over her perceived vindication. But she failed to mention that the case was dismissed with prejudice. And was being re-filed California as opposed to Illinois, where the case originated. Now she’s facing issues with the IRS, thanks again to estranged husband Tom Girardi.

Radar Online has learned that the IRS updated the amount owed to them by Tom in a new court filing. The IRS had previously filed a claim against Tom’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy for $3.7 million. The latest court documents show they now believe they are owed $4.5 million. Additionally, the filing states Tom owes $760k for 2018 and $3.3 million for 2019. Then there is a $50k penalty tacked on, plus additional interest, bringing the total to $4.5 million. And Erika could ultimately be on the hook for it.

In 2020, Tom and his firm Girardi Keese was accused of misappropriating their claimants’ settlement funds. Both Tom and the firm were forced into bankruptcy by their creditors. The total estimated debt against them is $500 million.

While Erika has denied any wrongdoing, she’s being accused of profiting off Tom’s misdeeds. And given her statements on RHOBH this season, she doesn’t seem to care. In a recent episode, she bragged about her expensive belongings and maintained that her $1.4 million were hers until the court states otherwise. In a tone-deaf move, she has continued to wear the earrings throughout the season.

But the bankruptcy trustee asserted that the money spent on those earrings should have been used to pay the victims who were owed their settlement money. Said a lawyer for the bankruptcy trustee, “This is an unfortunate case. The facts as far as I am concerned are pretty straightforward: There was embezzlement fraud from Day 1, not by Erika Girardi but Mr. Girardi. And the facts are laid out in the record. The trustee gets the record the best she can.” Erika was eventually ordered by a judge to turn over the earrings.


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During the fight for the earrings, Erika revealed in court that she was hit with a tax bill of her own that she is unable to pay. Erika’s court documents state,“In approximately late May 2022, my business manager received an Income Tax Due Notice bill from the California Franchise Tax Board [(FTB) dated May 10, 2022, which states that I owe $2,226,985.77 in taxes for tax year 2019.”


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She went on to say that she is “in the midst of trying to figure out the basis of this tax bill with the assistance of my business manager, who is also an accountant.” Erika concluded, “I do not have the ability to pay the FTB tax bill. I also do not know if the FTB is claiming any sort of lien on my assets, which include the diamond earrings.” EJ Global has remained suspended since February.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]