Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards Is Ready To Retire Doing The Splits And Claims She Has Other Party Tricks Up Her Sleeve

I think all Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans collectively breathed a sigh of relief once Season 12 ended. It was dark, messy, and proved that Bravo needs to take out the trash when it comes to some of the mean girls’ crew. Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne showed their true colors at the reunion, and Kathy Hilton held nothing back in exposing them. Meanwhile, Kyle Richards made herself the victim and, once again, sided with her fake TV friends over her sister. It was all hard to watch.

The RHOBH fandom is seeing through Kyle’s B.S. once and for all. She’s been around the block when it comes to exploiting fractured family relationships for TV. And what does she give us in return? Sure, Mauricio Umansky is amusing for the show, but not a reason for Kyle to stick around. All she knows how to do is stir the pot and do the splits. It looks like Kyle is ready to retire one of those things once and for all.

According to PeopleKyle revealed at Bravocon that she’s ready to “retire” doing the splits at parties. She attributes her affinity for showing off the trick to having one too many margaritas. Sure, or an insatiable thirst for attention. “It was my only party trick at the time, but now I have some other ones,” Kyle claimed. Sure. Unless those tricks include making Sutton Stracke cry and yelling at your goofy sister for wearing her pajamas to the airport, I’m not buying it. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Kyle had to make her story about retiring the splits a little more interesting so she did was she does best — leaned on Lisa Vanderpump. She recalled the first time she did the splits on camera. “When I saw it on the show, I had my legs up toward the roof of her car,” Kyle said. “She called me the next day and was like, ‘You were soooo funny last night.’ So that’s always fun.” Was the point of this story just to remind people that, at one point in time, the Sniper from the Side actually thought Kyle was amusing? It’s a cute attempt but I see right through it.

[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images]