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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 12 Reunion Recap Part 3: Kathy Hilton Takes On Lisa Rinna

Last week on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Lisa Rinna addressed claims that she was using her grief over the death of her mother, Lois Rinna, to excuse her bad behavior.

Now this is the main event. Kathy Hilton is joining the RHOBH reunion to take on Rinna and Erika Jayne. She arrived in her robe and slippers, and she has her brand of tequila. Of course! Meanwhile, Rinna is pacing the stage, repeating, “All I have to do is tell the truth. That’s all we’re doing-just telling the truth.”

Erika’s Lit New Life

Erika has friends with benefits-more like “a roster.” You go, girl! Next up is a package of Erika being “lit” and telling Garcelle Beauvais’ son Jax to “get the f*ck out of here.” Erika owned that her drinking was an escape and that she was “numbing” her pain.

Garcelle started to worry about Erika’s drinking when she saw the clip of Erika swearing at Jax. Garcelle called out Dorit Kemsley for not speaking up at the time.

Kyle Richards, her husband Mauricio Umansky, Dorit, and her husband, PK Kemsley, all laughed about it. After Kyle watched the clip, she felt awful. Garcelle pointed out that if she had done that to one of their kids, it would have been a totally different reaction. Exactly!

Erika’s Lack Of Empathy

Erika was cleared in a fraud lawsuit. Sutton Stracke was the first person to text Erika and say that she was happy for her.

The singer said that she doesn’t have a responsibility towards any of the victims, and she is in a complicated legal situation. Dorit called out Erika for her delivery. Erika admitted that she has been “disappointed” by her behavior this season.

Kyle said that she was upset in Aspen when Erika didn’t show empathy for the victims. Erika stated that she was angry, and she was speaking the truth. Kyle pointed out that she takes heat for being friends with Erika. Erika insisted she has shown empathy, but host Andy Cohen noted that “it’s not landing.”

Erika Wants Her Earrings Back

Andy asked if Erika is trying to get her earrings back. “We are on appeal-for legal reasons,” Erika repeatedly told Andy. When asked if any of the other ladies would have kept the earrings, Garcelle, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and Dorit immediately said they would not have. Erika claims she never “whined” about losing her previous life.

Here Comes Kathy

Kathy settled in next to Kyle. Buckle up! Now we are reviewing the Aspen trip and Kathy’s meltdown. When the recap shows Rinna saying that Kathy threatened to “destroy” Kyle and her family, Kathy remarked, “You want to swear on your life on a bible?” Wow!

A viewer questioned why Kathy wasn’t allowed to promote her tequila like the other ladies promote their brands. At Kemo Sabe, Kathy thought that Kyle had arranged a tasting at the bar. She copped to being mad at Kyle, not Rinna. Rinna ordering her friend Kendall Jenner’s tequila simply aggravated her. Rinna said that she promoted Kathy’s tequila other times during the season, and Kathy agreed. Kyle started to cry, saying that everything is always her fault. Kathy accepted responsibility for being upset at Kyle.

Club Catastrophe

At the club, Kathy explained that the DJ didn’t see her. She asked a manager to put some songs on and offered to pay him. He asked where she was from, and he told her to “go back to LA.”

Kathy wanted everyone to leave and yelled at Kyle. Erika said that she saw Kathy coming from the dance floor, and that Kathy allegedly called the DJ a slur. Kathy denied it, and Erika insisted that she was telling the truth. Kathy also said that she has “a little more credibility” than Erika. Yikes!

Andy said there was a human resources investigation, and it came down to a “she said, she said.” So, no conclusive result.

Rinna took Kathy home in the sprinter van. Kathy admitted to venting and felt she could talk to Rinna off-camera. Kathy claimed that Rinna said, “I get it. I get it. You’re preaching to the choir.” Rinna doesn’t remember those words exactly.

Andy gave a run-down of everything that Rinna reported that Kathy said about the other ladies. Kathy told Rinna that Rinna is going to take a lie detector test. Shades of Lisa Vanderpump taking a lie detector test during “puppy gate.”

Kathy denied all of it. She said that Rinna is “having problems.” Kathy accused Rinna of making up the text about staying silent because it wasn’t on her phone. But Andy saw it on Rinna’s phone.

“You were having a psychotic break,” Rinna said. Kathy replied that she said other things, like Kyle really hated her sometimes. Kyle was upset that it got out from the group to the press, which made it difficult for her and her sister. Erika said that her publicist also represents Nicky Hilton. Kathy didn’t think that he would do it. Erika said she wanted it all to be discussed at the reunion.

Is Kathy Saving Rinna’s Job?

Kathy apologized to Kyle on camera to make things right. Then Kyle wanted her to apologize to Rinna. Kathy said that Rinna wanted the apology on camera to save her job. She said Rinna “fights with everybody.” She added that Rinna drove Lisa Vanderpump off the show. Kathy referenced what Rinna did to her sister, Kim Richards, and how she had issues with Camille Grammer.

Kathy called Rinna “the biggest bully in Hollywood and everyone knows it.” Kathy added that Rinna is “mean and you don’t tell the truth.” Kyle’s sister wanted to know why Rinna didn’t say something to her that night, and then left it between she and Kyle.

Rinna alleged that she was “abused” by Kathy yelling at her. Garcelle pointed out that if it is between Kyle and Kathy, then Rinna should back out. And Rinna is hurting Kyle, her supposed friend. Rinna “lets it go” and wished both ladies the best. A moment later, Rinna stated she was “traumatized” by Kathy’s behavior. Andy remarked that Rinna has seen some stuff on RHOBH.

“I saw the devil. You are a f*cking monster,” Rinna remarked. Well, I’m glad that she let that go!

The Blame Game

Kyle started to sob and can’t speak. She told Erika and Rinna that she is the one who gets hurt and that she was also wounded by her sister. Kyle is tired of the stress in her family. She needs to be in a better place with Kathy, but her sister shut it down. Kathy was upset with Kyle and accused her of acting like “a martyr.” Kathy gets ready to leave the stage and claimed that Kyle didn’t “say two words.”

Kyle was upset and told Garcelle and Sutton she didn’t want to do the toast. Kyle asked Andy if she could skip it. Andy asked if the sisters can move forward, and Kyle whispered, “I hope so.” All the ladies except Kyle did the toast. Andy hugged Kyle. Dorit went into Kyle’s dressing room and gives her a pep talk. Kyle fears that this time, her bond with Kathy cannot be repaired.


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