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Melissa Gorga Says “It Makes Zero Sense” That Teresa Giudice Never Watched Previous Episodes Of Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Now that the trailer for the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 has dropped, fans have finally been able to see the long-awaited teaser of what led to the ULTIMATE downfall of Melissa Gorga, Joe Gorga, and Teresa Giudice. But before that, all three reality stars were out making their own comments about each other before fans even saw so much as a sneak peek.

We knew that Melissa and Joe skipped Teresa’s wedding in the summer. We know that Joe and Luis Ruelas apparently had a few “almost” physical altercations during filming. And we know that there’s a cheating rumor about Melissa that surfaces. During BravoCon 2022, the RHONJ panel had to be split into two different sessions because the drama was so intense they couldn’t even be in the same room.

Around that time, Teresa said she would NEVER reconcile with her brother and Melissa again. And truly, I’m starting to believe her. Back in November, she sat down with Carlos King on his podcast, Reality with The King, and she shared how “heart-wrenching” Joe and Mel’s behavior was and that she “never watched the show because I couldn’t stand watching.”

It’s no secret that Teresa never wanted her family on the Real Housewives of New Jersey in the first place. “DO NOT BRING UP MY FAMILY” is echoing through my head right now. And she always said it was because she didn’t want to fight with them. But Melissa isn’t buying anything Teresa is putting down.

On her own podcast, Melissa Gorga on Display, Melissa said that she “doesn’t believe Teresa never watched the show,” per heavy. If you’re an OG Housewives fan, then you’ll remember the blogs the cast members used to write after each episode. In fact, they even became a point of discussion during one RHONJ reunion… maybe Season 4?

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Anyway, Melissa referenced these, and it makes sense. “We would have to recap the whole entire episode, word for word,” she said. “She [Giudice] recapped everything. I don’t know who was writing her blogs, then, if she never watched any of the episodes – it makes zero sense.” I remember the cast did question her on if she wrote her own blogs, mainly because she couldn’t spell the word “napalm.”

Melissa told Margaret Josephs, who appeared on her podcast as a guest, that she believes Teresa’s “digging” and “reaching for anything, because you have nothing to be mad at.”

“I would respect more saying, ‘Listen, I just don’t want you in my life. I don’t have to make up a thousand reasons as to why you’re a sh–y person, and why I don’t like you, and why I’m hurt,'” she continued. Melissa even added she’d like it if Teresa would “be real.”

“Why do we have to hurt each other and say bad things? That’s what I don’t get,” she said. Hmm, that’s my question too. I mean, it’s not like you came on RHONJ Season 3, and your husband started a massive brawl or called his only sister “scum.” Yeah, why do you have to say bad things?

Truly, I have no idea. But what I do know is that every Housewife fan will be watching this season very closely. Melissa, don’t let there be any inconsistencies because the way the Bravo fandom has been eating you and Joey up online is NOT pretty, and I can only imagine what it’ll be like once the show is airing. In the meantime, I’m preparing for RHONJ Season 13 by rewatching some of the earlier seasons to be refreshed on the Gorga/Guidice family feud.


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