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Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 7 Episode 15 Recap: Karen Huger Drops A Bombshell

Last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac kept viewers engaged all hour long, and this week is no different. From even more explosive fights between cast members about secret girlfriends and uncomfortable hugs to accusations about threesomes, the Potomac ladies never miss a beat when it comes to keeping us viewers entertained. Here are the top five takeaways from RHOP season 7, episode 15: “Indecent Disclosure.”

What’s Really Going On Between Karen And Charisse? 

This week’s episode started with Gizelle Bryant and Mia Thornton discussing the events from the previous night. Karen Huger and Charisse Jackson Jordan’s fight was one for the record books and, indeed, the most activated we’ve seen Karen in a while.

But Karen’s beef with Charisse doesn’t make sense to the fans or the rest of the group. Is she upset because Cha Cha acknowledged her at her mother’s funeral? Or is it that she exposed Karen’s alleged boyfriend to the world?

But because Karen is so guarded and calculated, viewers genuinely don’t know the REAL reason behind these two’s beef. And neither does the rest of the group.

Karen Spills The Tea

During a conversation with Ashley Darby by the pool, Karen opened up about how bothered she was by Robyn Dixon’s personal “attack” on her the night before.

During her argument with Charisse, Robyn jumped in to defend her friend by calling Karen fake and a “bulls–ter.” I guess this is the personal attack the Grande Dame was so upset by. Even though she has called Robyn a “dizzy bitch” before, I guess being called “fake” is where we draw the line.

Anyway, because she’s so bothered by her actions, Karen dropped a bomb on Ashley by saying she knows a lot about Robyn — including Juan Dixon’s alleged blonde girlfriend that looks just like her.

Yep. You read that correctly. Karen believes that Robyn has a bone to pick with her because “Juan is attracted” to her. In fact, she shared a story with the entire group during their meal out that a few years ago, after a reunion, Juan apparently “hugged” Karen so tight that her “breasts touched her vertebrae.” From there, she claimed that Juan whispered in her ear that he wants her to be the “third” person in their threesome.

Clearly, no one believed Karen. It doesn’t even sound believable, and quite frankly, no one thinks that would even happen. In fact, when Robyn told Juan what Karen said, he WENT OFF.

And I think it’s safe to say Karen may want to be careful with what else she brings up on camera because Mr. Dixon may not be the one to mess with.

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Robyn Fires Back At Karen

After Karen went off on Robyn about how Juan wanted to get with her, Robyn had tea of her to spill, and boy, was it messy.

For many years fans have heard about “blue eyes” and Karen’s supposed boyfriend(s), that are NOT the Black Bill Gates. And this time, we finally got to see him. Well, sort of.

After claiming that Juan walked the streets of Georgetown with his side chick holding her hand, Robyn pulled out her own phone and shocked the table with a picture of Karen and some other man.

The man in question was dripped out in Redskins gear and supposedly had blue eyes. Karen’s back was turned to the camera, but as the phone was passed around the table, the rest of the cast members confirmed that the lady’s backside was shaped just like Karen’s booty.

Of course, no one can confidently say whether or not it’s actually Karen. But since it’s been such a focal part of this episode, I’m certain we will get a little more of this not only throughout the remainder of the season but at the reunion as well.

Wendy And Mia Move Forward

Since their massive blowup in South Beach earlier in the season, Mia and Wendy Osefo have been at odds with each other. Drinks were flying, purses were swinging, and accusations about each other’s partner were made. All of this led to one of the biggest fights of the season. So big that even Wendy’s mama had to step in to check Mia.

Despite their fight during last week’s episode, Mia eventually ended up apologizing to Wendy again in front of the group and privately in her hotel room.

Wendy explained that Mia’s behavior crossed a line, and throwing a drink is equivalent to someone spitting on her. Mia apologized and surprisingly owned her behavior. And with Wendy being the class act that she is, the pair were able to hug it out and seemingly put their beef behind them.

That is until the reunion happens.

Jacqueline And Mia’s Feud Continued

After Jacqueline Blake and Mia’s explosive argument a couple of episodes ago, things just haven’t been the same for the now-former besties.

Mia dropped the iconic NeNe Leakes line on Jacqueline, telling her to keep her “legs closed to married men.” That tea sent not only the ladies but the entire Bravo-verse into a frenzy. I NEED to know what exactly Mia is referring to here. What tea does she have?

Unfortunately, the friends of 20+ years have fallen out due to their roles on a reality show, and I do feel for Jacqueline here. She’s a new friend in this outspoken group of ladies. And she did have Mia’s back with the cancer scare drama–and this is how she does her?

While the ladies were out at one of their meals in Mexico, Gizelle tried to bridge the gap between them; however, Jacqueline wasn’t ready to talk about it in front of the rest of the group. Mia revealed how tired she was of Jacqueline, stating that she was “exhausting” to deal with. And, of course, this sent Jacqueline over the edge. She stormed off from the table, crying and all, eventually saying how “done” she is with Mia.

Although I don’t believe we’ve seen the exact moment these two fall out just yet, I’m certain it’s coming. The drama and the tension are just too real for the group not to talk about it. Whew. This reunion can not come fast enough.


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