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Gizelle Bryant And Robyn Dixon Explain Unseen Moments From RHOP Fight Between Wendy Osefo And Mia Thornton

The green-eyed bandits are always causing trouble on Real Housewives of Potomac, and Season 7 seems to be no different. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon are the best of friends, and partners in both business and shade. Sometimes it’s reasonable, other times, not so much. The latter seems to be even more true if the duo is coming for Wendy Osefo.

It’s unsettling how much Gizelle and Robyn don’t like Wendy. Is it her four degrees that are so intimidating? Or just “happy” and “ness”? Regardless of the reason, it seems unwarranted. The fans noticed the mean-girl behavior toward Wendy reached an all-time high after her Miami fight with Mia Thornton.

Mia literally got physical with Miss Wendy yet the GEB called Dr. Wendy the instigator of the situation. Not to mention Robyn went all TMZ and filmed the majority of the altercation. Gizelle and Robyn recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and had to answer for their unreasonably shady behavior toward Wendy. The two, of course, brought their own receipts to seemingly continue to defend Mia. Oy vey.

Gizelle and Robyn took the classic Real Housewives route of blaming editing for their bad behavior, according to RealityBlurb!  The pair claim they told Mia at the dinner table that throwing the drink was wrong. Robyn even went as far as claiming she was trying to protect Wendy amidst it all. Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what I thought was the root of her rude behavior *not*. “I was trying to tell her to stop because I was really worried about what may happen to her with her job and I did not want her to get physical on TV,” Robyn explained. “I didn’t want her to cause Mia to do something that would require Wendy to defend herself. Sure, Jan. Seems like a classic case of backtracking and rewriting the narrative, but whatever you have to tell yourself, Robyn. 

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Gizelle added that the RHOP episodes didn’t show Mia apologizing to Wendy, which seems like an odd omission if true. “We woke up to an apology text,” Gizzy explained. OK, but did Miss Wendy wake up to her own private apology text for being attacked on camera? Truly, it makes no sense why the GEB are protecting Mia “Connect-The-Dots-Chic” Thornton. Her good friend Karen Huger isn’t even taking as big of a leap, likely because she knows Mia is on her way out of the proverbial door.

Of course, Andy Cohen brought up the different reactions that Gizelle and Robyn had toward Mia versus their opinion toward Monique Samuels after her fight with Candiace Dillard-Bassett. The deflection continued. “It’s apples and oranges,” Gizelle said. She continued to explain that Monique was without a doubt “beating up” Candiace while Mia simply threw a drink. “They didn’t show it, but in another clip, Karen and I were talking and I said ‘Mia shouldn’t have done that. That was totally wrong,'” Gizelle explained. “However, I don’t like Wendy. So I internally kiki’d when it happened.” So Gizzy “internally kiki’d” when one person is attacked yet felt so nervous around Monique that she hired a bodyguard. Make it make sense.

In the end, the Green-Eyed Bandits don’t understand why they’re being criticized for their vastly different reactions to two similar situations. “Why are we the accountability police?” Robyn asked. Well, because you two appointed yourselves to the positions. As the great Kandi Burruss once said — don’t start none, won’t be none.


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