Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 13 Episode 10: Jennifer Aydin Brought Melissa Gorga Cheating Rumor To Teresa Giudice’s Irish Bachelorette Party

At long last, Season 13 of Real Housewives of New Jersey left the Garden State for some much-needed change of pace. As Teresa Giudice’s wedding to Luis Ruelas drew closer, the ladies were ready to celebrate Tre’s last hurrah in Ireland and leave the drama down at the shore. Obviously, we all know what show we’re watching and how well we can expect an international vacation full of Real Housewives stars to go. But hey, at least it was a little something different to watch Tre and Melissa Gorga have the same old fight in a historic Irish castle.

The RHONJ Ireland trip kicked off during this episode and it wasn’t all rainbows and pots of gold. The ladies might have been struggling with what clothes to pack for rural pub crawls, but they did make sure to bring plenty of drama. In fact, I’m shocked Jennifer Aydin even managed to pack a wardrobe at all considering all of the messy receipts she stuffed in her suitcase. Here are five of the main takeaways from the latest RHONJ episode “The Italian Invasion.”

Dolores’ Irish Vacation Fit For RHONJ Royalty

Dolores Catania was inspired to bring her RHONJ co-stars to Ireland thanks to her whirlwind romance with Paul Connell. While Paul and Dolo’s first trip to Ireland was like a romantic comedy, Tre’s bachelorette extravaganza is bound to be more likes The Hangover. Paul’s advice for his lover was to make the ladies drink out of plastic cups to avoid any major disasters. Oh, and maybe they should avoid drinking coffee altogether after the disastrous coffee cup reading.

It’s never easy to plan a trip for high-maintenance Real Housewives but Dolo was especially nervous about bringing the girls to sleepy Ireland. It wasn’t the usual locale for these types of girls’ trips. Her fears were warranted as we saw Tre attempt to stuff her suitcase with flowy beach dresses and bathing suits, only to be horrified when Luis told her to bring rain boots. Dolo booked a 400-year-old castle for the ladies to stay in, which MelGo immediately believed was haunted. Dolores just wanted her friends to be calm and remember that they weren’t in New Jersey anymore. But it’s impossible to hide the Jersey side of a woman like Teresa Giudice, regardless of how hard Dolo wanted to try.

Jennifer Brought The Major Melissa Tea Overseas

Once the ladies made it to Ireland, it didn’t take long for Margaret Josephs to call out Jennifer Aydin for the phony coffee reading. Jennifer admitted to telling the psychic she and Marge had past problems (after Tre threw her buddy under the bus in front of the group). However, Jennifer wouldn’t fess up to telling the psychic about Marge’s old friend Laura who was talking smack to Tre and Jennifer. The Laura word was a trigger to Marge and newbie Danielle Cabral made it her mission to figure out why.

Danielle went to the person most likely to squeal (Jennifer) to get the full story about Marge’s old friend. After protesting, Jennifer sang like a bird. She said that someone who worked for Marge saw MelGo in the backseat of a car with another guy and they were making out. Danielle immediately regretted prying for the information because she put herself dead in the middle of the Tre and Melissa chaos. Girl, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Now that Jennifer finally brought up the Gorga cheating rumors on screen, we know it’s all going to be downhill from here. It’s no shocker that Miss Messy Aydin and Tre 2.0 were the catalysts for some family-ruining gossip.

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Jen Fessler Is RHONJ’s New Funny Girl 

Jennifer Fessler is the latest Friend Of RHONJ who I haven’t spoken about much since the season kicked off. It’s not because she’s a flop. She’s just more of a supporting character. Now that we’ve gotten to know Jen Fessler a bit better, I can confidently see she’s exactly the kind of friend Jersey needed. Fessler is the new RHONJ funny girl. She’s always the first one to grab a plate to eat at an event, so she’s a woman after my own heart. In the latest episode alone, Fessler admitted to sleeping with James Gandolfini AKA Tony Soprano in her younger years to the shock and awe of a bus full of Italian-American Jersey girls. Icon behavior.

Fessler also wasn’t afraid to hold her friends accountable. Margaret may have brought her into the group, but that didn’t stop Fessler from calling out her friend for the way she and Jennifer Aydin act in public together. The newbie also wrote a hilarious limerick about Rachel Fuda’s bad nose job that showed Merriam-Webster Jackie Goldschneider that she’s not the only one good with her words in this group. Fessler might not be as explosive of a newbie as Danielle, but she is providing a nice new dynamic to the age-old group.

Danielle And Jennifer Aydin Are The Best Bachelorette Squad

The first day in Ireland was the kick-off to Tre’s atypical bachelorette party. The RHONJ ladies were used to attending bachelorette trips to Long Island or the Jersey Shore that were filled with strippers, clubs, and bad hotel rooms. Dolores‘ international trip to an Irish castle was quite a sophisticated step up. Half of the RHONJ squad admitted to never having a bachelorette party of their own, like Dolores, so this was a much-needed outing for them all.

The ladies got ready for Night One which was a pub crawl. The entire group wore green while Tre wore a bright white dress complete with a tutu and silver shoes. She claimed it wasn’t even her fancy outfit, even though Tre had the time of her life twirling around in her dress at every second. Jennifer and Danielle made sure all of the ladies were equipped with cheesy sashes and plenty of shots. The episode proved that this messy duo is exactly the kind of hype squad that you would want at your bachelorette party. Honestly, when they aren’t calling people rats, Jennifer and Danielle could have a successful business as bachelorette party hype hosts.

Melissa Gorga’s Patience Is Wearing Nonexistent 

Melissa went into the Ireland trip excited to go on vacation, but not in celebration of Tre and Luis wedding. The Gorgas and Tre did not even speak after their explosive fight down at the Shore. All is well in Ireland until Fessler asked Tre why she decided to make Dolores and Jennifer Aydin bridesmaids in her wedding. The topic obviously went onto the guest list and the fact that Melissa’s mom wasn’t on it. Jennifer Aydin, who thought she was trying to help the situation, made it worse by saying that Melissa was an “obligation” to invite to the wedding. “Why don’t you just sit there and shut up,” Marge said in shocked response to Jennifer’s not-so-subtle dig.

Thankfully, Tre was feeling namaste and called off Jennfier so that she could talk to her sister-in-law by herself. Melissa kept biting her tongue while Tre proclaimed she was the “coolest f–king sister” who “never” throws Joe under the bus. MelGo was trying her best not to ruin Tre’s bachelorette dinner event, but it’s obvious she’s done done done. MelGo was so checked out from all things Tre’s wedding at this point and she had no idea about Jennifer Aydin’s little cheating bomb. Maybe we’ve finally arrived at the good stuff of RHONJ Season 13 and boy am I ready for it.


[Photo Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo]