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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 13 Episode 9: Jennifer Aydin And Dolores Catania’s Counterfeit Coffee Chat

The current season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is only getting better as we inch closer to viewing Teresa Giudice’s wedding day. Season 13 has been about the same old fights as always. Tre and Joe Gorga can’t get along. Jennifer Aydin is forever getting on somebody’s nerves. And Melissa Gorga is still embarrassing herself by doing the most to attempt to “beat out” her sister-in-law. Jersey is reliable, that is why we find comfort in it.

The latest episode of RHONJ picked up after a rocky weekend at the shore. Tre and Luis Ruelas left on bad terms with the Gorgas. Luis even sobbed his eyes out on the way out. (No word yet if he went home and put on Nonno’s pajamas for comfort). Danielle Cabral also was still reeling from being run off by the RHONJ Mean Girls squad and was ready to retaliate. Here are five main takeaways from the latest RHONJ episode, “Coffee Talk.”

Dolores And Jennifer Finally Made Peace

After spending weeks of fighting, Dolores Catania and Jennifer Aydin finally became friends again. These two were going at it since the RHONJ Season 12 reunion. They sat down for a lunch during the latest episode to say their “I’m sorry’s” and kiss and make up. Jennifer admitted that her anger causes her to make statements she sometimes regrets, which is the understatement of the year. Dolo was happy to be able to be there for Jennifer amidst her ongoing marriage problems with Bill Aydin. She knows better than anyone what it takes to put a man in his place. Right, Frank Catania?

In the spirit of making peace, Dolores and Jennifer hosted a group event during this episode. Many of their co-stars were surprised, especially MelGo and Margaret Josephs, to see these two frenemies back on each other’s good side. Marge was blunt during a confessional and said that she thought Dolores just didn’t want to fight anymore so she called a truce. “But does she really like her? I mean, does anybody really like her?” Marge said. While I understand Jennifer is no walk in the park all the time, I do really like watching her on TV. The same can’t always be said for you, Pigtails. Regardless, I’m happy to see the underrated duo of Jennifer and Dolores back together to fight Tre’s battles all the way to the altar.

Tre Added More Fuel To Wedding Fire

While the ladies gathered at Dolores and Jennifer’s event hosted at Paul Connell’s insanely nice condo, the new duo revealed some shocking news. Apparently, right as the two were making up, Tre called her two friends with a vision. She claimed that while she was meditating and pictured Dolo and Jennifer walking down the aisle with her on her big day. Jennifer couldn’t help her messy self but blurt out, “So we’re bridesmaids” with glee. Obviously, Melissa’s reaction was the first thing everyone wanted to see.

MelGo was visibly angered by the bridesmaids news. She immediately pointed out that Dolores wasn’t even invited to the engagement party because of her feud with Dina Manzo. In this episode, we learned a bit about Tre and Dina’s falling out. It apparently had to do with a business dealing between Luis and Dina’s husband. MelGo believed that it was “convenient” that Tre had a vision while meditating to replace Dina with Dolores as a bridesmaid. Right after their friendship-ending feud. Dolores couldn’t care less — she’s just happy she beat Dina in the competition of Tre’s friendship. “I’m not talking about Dina. Ever,” Dolores said during a confessional. She’s more excited to invite the ladies on a group trip to Ireland to celebrate Tre’s wedding with the most unconventional bachelorette party of all time. And boy, I can’t wait to watch it.

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RHONJ Will Forever Be A Family Show 

Some major plot points dominated the latest RHONJ episode, but some of the throwaway scenes further reinforce the idea that the show is all about family. Newbie Rachel Fuda spent most of her screen time, when she wasn’t fighting with Danielle, talking about her family. She expressed her desire to adopt her stepson and explained some of the complicated dynamics with his biological mother. It was probably a messy thing for her to bring to the public platform of reality TV, but it is definitely family-oriented.

Dolores also brought it back to the family by giving Paulie the lowdown on her current issues with Frank. It’s obvious from this episode that Dolo and Paul are the real deal serious with their romance. Paul believes that Frank needs to grow up and move on, even though he has his own close relationship with his ex-wife. It wasn’t a conversation that raised any red flags, but it is interesting to see the complications that can come with modern-day blended families, especially with strong Italian-American roots like so many of our RHONJ girls.

Danielle Made Her Point Loud And Clear

Speaking of family, Danielle didn’t want anyone talking about hers. Period. She was upset that she let the ladies run her out of Rachel’s shore party with their prying questions about her fight with her brother. She’s ready to go into Dolo and Jennifer’s event guns a-blazin’ to really let her new friends know she doesn’t back down.

At Danielle’s “vindication day,” she got some food in her stomach before going in on everyone, especially Rachel. She told the ladies that it hurt for them to not just listen and accept her side of the story about her brother without them asking questions. The entire situation triggered her from the bullying she experienced while growing up. Finally, MelGo told her dogs to back down and leave Danielle alone like Jennifer Aydin was trying to say from the get-go. Danielle’s retaliation doesn’t end with a resolution, but rather calling her new friends “guilty insecure b–ches.” I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the new Queen Bee of RHONJ in her debut season.

Another Psychic Reading Gone Wrong

I was waiting for the grand finale to talk about the details of the wacky event hosted by Dolores and Jennifer. Jennifer gathered the ladies at Paul’s house because she didn’t want Marge at her own, to get their coffee cups read by a Turkish psychic. The ladies drank a cup of coffee and the remanents in the mug were supposed to be able to tell their future. However, it’s clear from the beginning that it was a setup.

The psychic started out easy by telling Dolores she sees an engagement in her future. Then, her phony nature revealed itself with Marge. The psychic claimed to see the letter “L” and a knife in the back, seemingly referring to her friend Laura that was talking smack about her. It gets worse when she uses the word “endorsements” while reading Jennifer Aydin’s cup, a word Marge recently threw around during an argument with Mrs. Aydin.

Jackie Goldschneider and co. can’t help but burst out laughing at the absurdity of the situation. “I know I’m cynical, but come on people,” Jackie joked during the confessional. Marge asked point-blank if Jennifer told the psychic any tea before she arrived, which they both denied. However, we didn’t need confirmation to know a hoax when we see one. It’s times like these that I don’t mind the wacky spiritual healing journeys on Real Housewives if they end in comic relief.


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