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Lauren Manzo Calls Teresa Giudice a ‘Monster,’ as Caroline Manzo Reflects on Former Friendship

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo decided to wake up and poke the bear. It was definitely a choice decision because the bear’s name is Teresa Giudice.

Caroline and her daughter Lauren Manzo appeared on Page Six’s Reali-Tea podcast event for Mother’s Day. Together they joined forces to reflect on the good old days of RHONJ and the impact of fame on certain people named Teresa.

Was fame the name of Teresa’s ego change?

According to Caroline, “fame” is what changed Teresa’s personality so drastically. “I miss the days of Season 1 Teresa. I do … that’s what makes me so sad because we had belly laughs,” she said.

Caroline added, “We were there for each other. We were on this journey.” Unfortunately, once the ladies started getting noticed in the grocery stores, things got dicey. “Fame is a very very dangerous thing, and if you are not completely grounded in who you are, you believe the bullsh-t,” she explained.

Lauren enters the chat

“The fame got to her head, and I will stand here to this day — to this moment — in the fact that I have always defended her,” Caroline continued. Lauren shared her personal view as well. She said Tre is a “monster” who would “step on anybody to get ahead.” Prior to smoothing over their friendship, Jacqueline Laurita might have been inclined to agree.

Considering how Teresa and Caroline ended their relationship, it’s clear why Lauren feels that way. Caroline and Tre had some pretty memorable fights toward the end of Caroline’s run on the show. Saying it out in public is another thing entirely, so expect Tre to respond back once she gets wind of this interview.

While it might not be the nicest thing in the world to say, Tre isn’t the only member of the Real Housewives franchise to be accused of letting fame impact their ego. One might also consider it takes a pretty big ego in the first place to appear on a reality television show.

But there is no doubt Teresa has evolved from the person we met back in 2009. She’s had children, been to jail, gotten divorced, and remarried. We’ve also experienced approximately 837 years of her fighting with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga. So yes, she’s “changed.”

It doesn’t appear a reconciliation between Caroline and Teresa will be forthcoming after these particular statements. But Bo Dietl might be getting another assignment.

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