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Kyle Richards Attempts to Silence Ozempic Rumors

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is filming Season 13 and I’m starting to get a good idea of what Kyle Richards’ storyline will be. Since January of this year, Kyle has been battling the rumor mill regarding her weight loss transformation. While others are reaching for the needle to shed pounds, Kyle quit drinking and hightailed it to the gym.

But doth she protest too much? I mean, if you address a rumor once, will your answer change if you don’t ignore the subject matter and allow it to die? In Kyle’s case, the answer is no – but now she has an additional explanation to solidify her stance. Page Six has the details.

No needles for Kyle?

Kyle’s drop in pounds has been a hot topic for … some people. It’s becoming the subject that won’t die, regardless of how few folks honestly care about the numbers on her scale. However, we’re currently in an environment where rapid weight loss via a diabetic drug is a thing and Kyle wants everyone to know, AGAIN, she got her hot bod the old-fashioned way.

After posting numerous pics of a toned stomach and slimmed-down physique, she can’t shake the Ozempic gossip. But Kyle has anxiety so she couldn’t possibly use an injection to slenderize herself. “I can say that I have never tried it and I have never taken it [Ozempic],” she said.

“I’m not on any weight loss drug. If you know me, you know I have terrible anxiety so that would scare me to death. I have never, ever ever taken it,” Kyle added. I guess the anxiety goes away when one has … a nose job. Or Botox. Any number of invasive procedures, really. That’s a very handy anxiety to have.

That said, Kyle maintains “grueling workouts” courtesy of personal trainer Cory Gregory are the key to achieving the results she’s so proud of. Kyle’s buddy Morgan Wade hooked them up. “She’s always worked out, but she’s recently been going super hard and we have the same trainer, Cory, so I kind of connected those two,” Morgan shared.

“She’s super strong and she’s dealing with all those people saying she’s on that weight loss drug, but she’s in such good shape and she works out all the time,” Morgan continued.

Hopefully, this will be the last time Kyle feels the need to shut down any pesky allegations of Ozempic use. We get it, bestie. Hang on though, she’s firing up the bus to run over Erika Jayne amid speculation she is Ozemping.

“I don’t know about Erika, I have no idea, but I’m wondering why don’t people talk about her enough, she’s way skinnier than me. I’m like, ‘Why are people talking about me?’ I’m so confused because she’s really lost a lot of weight.”

Thankfully Kyle has no anxiety-related symptoms regarding the mystery of someone else’s weight loss.