Vanderpump Rules
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Top Five Most Dramatic Vanderpump Rules Fights

From Scandoval to Stassi Schroeder backhanding Kristen Doute, Vanderpump Rules fans have witnessed a fair share of memorable fights since the show premiered in 2013.

In honor of Vanderpump Rules celebrating 10 years on the air this year, here is a look back at some of the show’s most dramatic fights.

5. Jax & Frank Vegas Fight (Season 1)

Let’s set the scene. The SUR staff was in Vegas celebrating Stassi’s 24th birthday when her ex-boyfriend Jax Taylor showed up to crash the party. The birthday girl and her post-breakup fling Frank Herlihy weren’t too pleased to see Jax show up in Vegas and the two started yelling at the party crasher.

The fight turned physical after Tom Schwartz called Stassi a b****, which resulted in Stassi throwing a drink in Schwartz’s face. The fight escalated from there, with Jax and Tom Sandoval following Frank outside to try and fight Stassi’s latest fling. Jax ripped off his knit cardigan and rushed at Frank, who was trying to leave the scene in a taxi. Sandoval also took off his shirt. Kristen Doute said it best, “Testosterone levels through the roof.”

4. It’s Not About the Pasta (Season 6)

“It’s not about the pasta!” In Season 6, James Kennedy and Lala Kent got into a heated argument about James’s then-girlfriend Raquel Leviss.

The iconic fight started after Lala admitted to eating Raquel’s pasta on a night out. The confession apparently upset James, who spat back, “You’ve always been a b**** toward Raquel.” He then made a dig about Lala’s relationship with her then-boyfriend Randall Emmett.

Lala left the restaurant upset and James chased after her. The two continued their spat outside, where James uttered the iconic Vanderpump Rules line, “It’s not about the pasta.”

3. Stassi Backhands Kristen (Season 2)

The news of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’s affair took the internet by storm but longtime Vanderpump Rules fans remember that Scandoval isn’t the first time the cast has … mingled.

In Season 2, during a drunken night out, Katie Maloney let slip that Stassi’s close friend Kristen, who has dating Sandoval at the time, had slept with her ex-boyfriend Jax. Jax and Kristen initially denied having any physical involvement but Jax later came clean, telling Stassi he had slept with Kristen two times. Jax confronted Kristen and Sandoval about the “rumor” in front of Stassi. Kristen continued to deny sleeping with Jax, which resulted in Stassi calling Kristen a liar and hitting her with the back of her hand. Ouch. Kristen later admitted to the rendezvous with Jax.

2. Sex, Lies, & Audiotape (Season 6)

“Rawt in hell.” In Season 6, Episode 5, chaos ensued after an audio recording had the whole cast up in arms. During the episode, Jax and Brittany Cartwright were in the midst of repairing their relationship after Jax cheated on Brittany with SUR employee Faith Stowers. Turns out, Faith recorded a conversation she had with Jax in which the reality TV bad boy said he would never marry Brittany and that he didn’t want kids.

Lala showed up to a house party with the audio and played it for Brittany. A visibly upset Brittany called out Jax in front of everyone at the party, telling him to “rot in hell” in her classic Southern accent.

The party then split into two groups with the boys comforting Jax and the girls comforting Brittany. The blowup stretched between two episodes and everyone got involved. Jax threw his phone, Tom yelled at Ariana Madix, Stassi screamed at James, and so on.

Tom & Ariana: “I Regret Ever Loving You” ( Season 10)

On the Season 10 finale, which aired on March 17, Vanderpump fans finally saw the aftermath of the Scandoval affair. News of the affair first broke in early March 2023 after Ariana found a screen recording of Tom and Raquel on FaceTime while she was attending an event at TomTom in West Hollywood. In the first scene of the finale, a heartbroken Ariana confronted Tom about his seventh-month affair with her friend, Raquel Leviss.

The ten-minute scene was intense and both Tom and Ariana got teary-eyed. At one point, Ariana told Tom, “I regret ever loving you.”

“I regret every moment that I stood up for you, defended you, supported you. You’re worth nothing,” she said in the drama-filled opener.