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James Kennedy Says He “Dodged A Bullet” After Split From Raquel Leviss; Shades Raquel For Drinking

Vanderpump Rules has finally ended its painful ninth season after several boring episodes culminated with a reunion that was more exciting than the entire season. Truthfully, the only reason it was so interesting was that we got to hear the ins and outs of Lala Kent’s split from dirty dog Randall Emmett. Oh, and watching Raquel Leviss give James Kennedy back her engagement ring on stage was pretty insane too. We got to see the shocked faces of their co-stars/friends (especially Tom Sandoval, who basically funded the opulent engagement) who had no idea they had called it quits. Without those moments, the reunion would have barely been worth tuning into.

Raquel and James were being pretty mature following their split. Key word: WERE. The two were being mature and not slinging mud, Lala style. But since then, things have started to crumble. James has been spotted with another woman that’s making his VPR stars pick sides, also akin to Lala’s vibe these days. Raquel also isn’t so happy that James didn’t rule out trying to date Lala now that they’re both single. But Raquel has moved out and is living her best single life. It’s only fitting after James and Raquel had SEVERAL parties to celebrate their engagement that she had some event to commemorate the breakup. Her “unengagement” party is apparently rubbing James the wrong way, only furthering the divide between the once amicable exes.


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Instagram account @pumprules captured a since-deleted comment from James that is super shady toward his recent ex. If you remember, James was very against Raquel celebrating a bachelorette party that was complete with penis-shaped decorations. So for the unengagement party, Raquel threw shade by posting a photo watching the reunion while drinking alcohol out of penis straws. James decided to absolute blow up about the whole thing, to no surprise. “Drinking every night and sucking on penis straws….. Looks like I’m the one that truly ‘dodged the bullet,'” he wrote. OK not cool for James, who knows how touchy sobriety can be, to shame someone else for drinking. The only reason he wrote that is that he obviously can see that RAQUEL dodged a bullet after watching his behavior last season.

James completed his comment with a message to the haters: “And let’s not get it twisted, it’s always MY year.” Alright. Honestly, I hope so — I want James to be a better person and stay strong in his sobriety. But making condescending remarks to your ex-fiancé who helped you to stop drinking is absolutely not the way to go. Lala, come get your man. He’s making a fool of himself again.


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