THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- "Shots and Shade" Episode 1307 -- Pictured: Luis Ruelas -- (Photo by: Dave Kotinsky/Bravo)

Video Released Of Luis Ruelas Crying About Rue La La Clothing Company Ahead Of Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion

Another day, another weird story about Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s husband. Intellectually I understand Teresa’s blind commitment to Luis Ruelas after she has spent so much valuable time defending his actions. But Luis could single-handedly navigate pilots down a foggy runway with the vast amount of red flags he has.

No worries for Teresa though. Until he does something to her directly, and in public, she will remain blissfully ignorant in her love bubble. When that bubble pops, Tre will ask why no one told her how sketchy Luis was in the first place.

Thankfully, Teresa has plenty of loyal sycophantic “friends” to tell her nothing is wrong. Perhaps her friends didn’t think the strange video of Luis naked with other men on a spiritual journey was questionable. Maybe Tre’s chosen family let Luis’ multiple financial issues slide, because… who doesn’t have financial issues? Anyone who cares about Teresa will be advised to ignore allegations of violence from women who have been in previous relationships with Luis because they’re probably “crazy.”

By the time Luis admitted he rolls around in Nonno Gorga’s pajamas at night, Tre’s crew was desensitized to his quirks. That said, they quietly chalked it up to Luis being protective and hoped it would go away quickly. Because loyalty to Teresa is everything and REAL friends lie to your face when things are absolutely not okay.

Luckily for Teresa’s supporters, there’s a new video of Luis and once again he appears anything but normal. But we’ll let Jennifer Aydin and Dolores Catania keep telling Teresa how Luis is a great guy. He could wear a Michael Myers mask riding a unicycle and Dolores would crow from the rooftops about what a lucky girl Teresa is. My eyebrows should be getting paid for the work they do after seeing a new media item on this man.

I can already tell the response narrative will be to shoot the messenger, instead of addressing another wackadoo moment courtesy of Luis. Reality Blurb has the details.

This particular video of Luis has him crying while talking about the Rue La La clothing company. The cryptic video was shared via @bravosnarkside on Instagram. Luis is sitting in a car kind of implying he has insider details about Rue La La. His words have zero context, which tracks for Luis. But I’m not sure this dude can afford many more controversial things coming out.

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There’s speculation the video was leaked by Luis’ ex. It’s alleged it will be considered a “reunion tactic” for both Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs. Apparently, the clip release is in an effort to “hurt” Luis and Teresa before the RHONJ reunion tapes.

I don’t know who needs to say this to Teresa, but Luis doesn’t need Margaret, Melissa, or any of his former relationships to make him look bad. He seems to have a perfectly good handle on making himself look like a creepy uncle no one wants to hang out with. In my opinion, Teresa’s friends aren’t doing her any favors by not calling him out. I still wonder if Dina Manzo did and that’s why we haven’t seen much of Dina at Tre’s wedding festivities.

That said, I can’t wait to hear Teresa’s explanation for this new vid because she will 100% have issued a statement by the end of the business day. In the clip, Luis says, “I was a lost soul, you know, I’m in the parking lot right now. I’m walking into this building, Rue La La, what’s right behind me, and it’s like, why is it [spelled] R-U-E-L-A? It’s a joke, you know, nobody knows that.”

Then he added, “And my last name is Ruelas.” Luis proceeded to pontificate about “the amazing things I’ve done.” He said, “All of it together does not amount to what you’ve, you’re doing to me, and what you’re allowing me to have with you … so special.” Oh yeah, all of this is completely normal. Nothing to see here.

Luis continued, “Some people wake up today, feel like I lost a half a billion dollars yesterday, and I didn’t feel it anywhere in my body.” Was the video perhaps sponsored by Hunter S. Thompson?

Another Insta account @rhonjsource feels the video popped up right before the reunion on purpose and will be weaponized against Teresa. Okay. And? An insider added it was released from Luis’ ex and the intent was “to hurt [Teresa] and Louie” even though the contents of the video aren’t “negative” about Luis – just another notch on his belt of bizarre things.

We’ll have to see what Teresa’s cleaning service does to come in and wipe this one away. Stay tuned for how deceitful and appalling Melissa and Marge are for being on Team Make Luis Look Bad. Even though Luis does a better job looking bad when he’s acting alone.


[Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Bravo]