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Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen Haven’t Spoken Since ‘Reality Reckoning’

Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel is no longer on Bravo. So I guess she figured she would take down the whole network. While the channel provides content needed for one of her podcasts, the “reality television reckoning” is Beth’s new pet project.

She’s been busy as a proverbial bee, hiring lawyers and trying to create a union for unscripted television. In the interim, she snagged a major interview with Rachel Leviss for her other podcast. But now people are wondering what Bethenny’s former bestie Andy Cohen thinks about her current fixation to destroy the hand that fed her. According to Beth, he isn’t exactly holding on line one to have a chat.

Bethenny continues to ramble on

On an episode of Bethenny’s Just B podcast, she kept talking, and talking, and talking about, well, herself. “What a whirlwind. Interviewing Rachel, going viral, breaking the internet. So many rumors, so many press articles, and it’s unsettling, to be honest,” she began. Listen, it was an interview, no one cured cancer here.

Bethenny came under fire because she did exactly zero research about Scandoval before meeting with Rachel. Which annoyed fans immensely. She’s been particularly outspoken as of late about reality stars not receiving residuals amid the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Naturally, people wondered if she bothered paying Rachel for spilling her guts.

Despite claims Vanderpump Rules producers only wanted Rachel back to torment her and exploit her problems, VPR fans accused Bethenny of basically doing the same thing.

While Bethenny wades in the waters of unionization and bashing Bravo, people have asked what Andy thinks about the whole thing. “Some people say to me, ‘Oh, wow, is Andy [Cohen] mad you’re doing this? Have you spoken to him?’”

The running theory is Andy will probably reach out to Bethenny as soon as he talks to NeNe Leakes. She continued, “And I say, I have not, but I’m sure he is. And this is not a target on Andy. This is not a target on Bravo. This is about a systemic issue in the entertainment industry.”

A “systemic issue in the entertainment industry” that she was also heavily involved in for a long time. Hopefully, Bethenny gets what she wants out of her power move. Otherwise, it might look like she’s projecting and Andy will be ready with an IMAX screen for her viewing pleasure.