Brandi Glanville Allegedly Involved In Two Lewd Incidents During Filming Of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip

More details are slowly coming out regarding the drama between Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo. Right now I’m going to ask y’all to become real familiar with the word “allegedly” because you are going to see it approximately 823 times in this article.

During the filming of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in Morocco, Brandi ALLEGEDLY drank too much and groped Caroline in a locked bathroom. Other cast members were there and witnessed the reported event. As you might know, cameras are not up in a restroom situation.

One has to assume the ordeal had some legs because immediate action was taken and Brandi packed her bags. It must have been bad because it’s rare production jumps on an ALLEGED “rumor.” Caroline was moved to a hotel but ultimately left because she was so freaked out. The production company behind RHUGT also released a statement saying an investigation had been launched.

Now we are learning of a second incident involving Brandi and someone else. But here is where the specifics start getting a little weird. According to Page Six, it’s starting to sound like Brandi was removed after two ALLEGED lewd episodes. Interesting. Was Caroline’s situation not bad enough on its own?

Apparently Brandi reportedly “loudly addressed” an RHUGT producer by name and said, “Do you want to f–k me tonight?” This was done in a room full of people including cast and crew. It also happened after Brandi ALLEGEDLY assaulted Caroline by touching her breast and vaginal area in the bathroom.

According to sources, the producer and Brandi are longtime friends who both understood the comment to be in jest. The producer ALLEGEDLY didn’t want Brandi to get in trouble and did not officially report the comment. Sure, Jan. So is this basically full admission that production protects shitty behavior? Also interesting. Keep reading.

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The SECOND incident only raised eyebrows AFTER staff reviewed tape and interviewed those in the room at the time. This was done as part of the “investigation” into the ordeal with Caroline. The next day, executives pulled the plug on Brandi. Here’s where things start to get muddy.

Brandi has a very defined history with alcohol. It’s on film. It’s in photos. She also seems to enjoy making alcohol her whole identity. She has two books: Drinking and Tweeting and Drinking and Dating. Any questions?

Her drinking was front and center for years on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She had repeated clashes with co-stars as a result. Brandi is a liability but still gets hired because we aren’t dealing with a network embracing class and manners. It’s also no secret vast amounts of alcohol are provided to encourage acting a fool when filming is in progress. What you might not know is The Traitors had a one-drink limit, which could very well be why Brandi was more tolerable.

But get this. Now “sources say” Brandi and Caroline “had at least four tequila shots each and began making out.” This struck me because I feel like the entire time Caroline was on Real Housewives of New Jersey, she (checks notes) actively avoided alcohol like the plague. Sure, things change but it’s also possible a company that: 1. Rewards bad behavior 2. Protects bad behavior, and 3. Repeatedly hires known trouble, is now 4. Trying to avoid being held negligent in a potential lawsuit.

We’re hearing sources connected to Brandi are saying after the ALLEGED touching incident in the bathroom, Caroline said, “I’ve been kissed by women before, but I’ve never kissed back [until this evening].”

Caroline’s camp is saying she has no memory of saying those words. I suppose that would track after four tequila shots or if it was a totally fabricated, made up lie. Brandi issued a cryptic Tweet that may or may not be a denial of the incident. Peacock has declined to comment – but I will! Someone in an executive office might be a little worried that their policies and procedures, or lack thereof, are about to get them in hot water.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]