The Most Down to Earth Real Housewives

Tamra Judge Gina Kirschenheiter Real Hosuewives
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The Real Housewives franchise is that of wonder to those who love and breathe the Bravoverse. Some stars come across as entitled, snooty, and out of touch with reality. Some women are exhausting to keep up with, whether it is owning a villa with swans, launching a D-list singing career, or buying the next designer piece.

But there are the few, the hilarious, the honest, who allow Bravo cameras to capture them as they are. This trait enables fans to really bond with certain housewives, leaving no other option but to consider them down to earth. 

Margaret Josephs

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It isn’t hard to imagine any Bravoholic daydreaming about befriending one of their favorite Real Housewives. Personally, I see my new best friend as the Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs. She is one hell of a businesswoman, witty, educated, and a girls girl. For me, the blonde in pigtails is one of the most down-to-earth personalities you will find throughout all of the franchises. Not to mention, Margaret has been through real-life issues like divorce, child-rearing, and dealing with catty women.

The Macbeth Collection founder also has a quirky sense of style that transcended times. Margaret often stands up for what is right and is not afraid to go head to head in a verbal sparring match against a bully. She is a real Jersey girl who loves to bust the balls of those around her, which translates to relatable from where I come from. 

Garcelle Beauvais

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The Coming to America actress comes across as pretty grounded, especially as she raises her two teenage sons. Unlike some of her co-stars, Garcelle Beauvais has real fame but hasn’t let Hollywood go to her head. There is no denying that Garcelle has had an incredible life, but she also remembers her humble beginnings in Hati. The mother of three knows how to live within her means and is honest about her family and love life. 

Only recently did Garcelle buy her first (used) Birkin bag, with cameras catching her balking at the price. The latest season showed Garcelle building her beach house, which was considered small by most of her counterparts, but she was incredibly proud and knew she had worked hard for this goal. Even if you think Garcelle is dull sometimes, she brings a relatable quality to the show. 

Crystal Kung Minkoff

Crystal Kung Minkoff/Instagram

Without a doubt, Crystal Kung Minkoff has multiple down-to-earth qualities. Between cooking at home, casual dress, and very little, if any, plastic surgery like Botox or fillers, Crystal is the kind of girl you can just be yourself around.

Recently, she shared a story about going makeup-free and trying to embrace the smaller moments of life. Not to mention Crystal’s kitchen is full of Costco products, and she has talked about shopping at outlets multiple times.  

Gina Kirschenheiter

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The transplant from Long Island sure made waves on the Real Housewives of Orange County, but in a breath of fresh air-type way. Gina Kirschenheiter didn’t just get on the show thanks to riding the tails of a rich husband. In fact, she went through a traumatic divorce that was not only relatable to many viewers but was also inspiring.

Gina brings her vibrant personality and strong work ethic to the OC, even making sure to call out some OGs who come off as annoying. Gina is all about cultivating friendships and not having any snakes in the grass, which everyone can agree is a great personality trait. 

Jenna Lyons

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for POPSUGAR and Reed Exhibitions

Even though Jenna Lyons may have had an outstanding career and rubbed elbows with the A-list, she still is one of us. During the Real Housewives of New York City reboot, Jenna revealed how nervous she was to hang out on a girl’s trip with no escape plan.

We have all been in the same boat of committing to a plan than instantly wanting to back out. Jenna has also been candid about her genetic disorder but still maintains her humor about having to wear dentures when she was a kid.