Everything We Learned About Vanderpump Rules At BravoCon 2023

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The Vanderpump Rules cast brings drama wherever they go, and BravoCon 2023 was no exception. And not just because of that shocking Season 11 trailer. Rachel Leviss, who caused the biggest stir by wearing a TomTom sweatshirt at BravoCon 2022, was nowhere to be found.

But the current cast brought plenty of chaos. Between shady comments, secret hotel suite hangouts, potentially damaged friendships, and a possible Bravo show crossover hookup, a lot went down in just a few days. Here’s everything we learned about Vanderpump Rules at BravoCon.

Scheana Shay & Brock Davies Hung Out With Tom Sandoval

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Is Scheana Shay flip-flopping yet again? Her husband, Brock Davies, certainly has. Brock was all too happy to be on camera when Tom Sandoval showed off the crowd in his hotel room on Instagram. At the panel before that, Brock came to Sandoval’s defense, calling him a friend.

Scheana was also in the hotel room, and her bestie Ariana Madix was put off by it. However, Scheana told Page Six she only went to confront Sandoval about his nasty comments towards Ariana.

We’re with Katie Maloney, who told Us Weekly she found the whole thing “weird.” Obviously we don’t see everything, but in ten seasons of VPR, Scheana and Sandoval never seemed particularly close. Especially since Sandoval literally told Scheana they were never really friends in the Season 10 finale. And does anyone seriously believe he didn’t support Rachel’s restraining order?

Scheana and Katie Maloney Are Still Friends…For Now

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Emo Nite brings people together, apparently. Scheana and Katie’s rekindled friendship is still on. In fact, Scheana claims Season 11 is the first year they didn’t get into a fight. While Katie was weirded out by Scheana and Sandoval’s hotel hangout, she prefaced that by saying she loves the Good As Gold singer. But with this crowd, they could be enemies again tomorrow.

Is Lala Kent Sandoval’s New Ally?

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When Sandoval got booed at the VPR BravoCon panel, an unlikely person came to his defense. It was Lala Kent, months after she called Sandoval a dangerous narcissist like her own ex, Randall Emmett. Lala continued chastising the naysayers after the panel, claiming Sandoval’s suffered enough and everyone needs to calm down.

Who saw this coming? We’re assuming Sandoval’s sobriety bridged the gap, but Lala suddenly coming to his defense is still surprising. Even before Scandoval, she didn’t like him very much. Lala went so hard at the Season 10 reunion, and on social media, it was as if she were the one who got cheated on.

Not that there isn’t precedent for this—Lala went from slamming Brock at every opportunity to being his best pal. But it’s still strange and hypocritical, since Lala keeps coming for Rachel.

Lala and Captain Jason Chambers Got Flirty

Lala had another, much flirtier surprise connection at BravoCon. On day 1, Below Deck Down Under star Captain Jason Chambers called her his dream charter guest. By day 3, the two started posting social media content. Judging by the comments on this Instagram post, Lala and Jason’s fellow Bravo stars are all aboard the ship. Including Kate Chastain, who declared them a “POWER COUPLE.”

Tom Schwartz Is Crushing On Katie Maloney

Absence makes Tom Schwartz‘s heart grow fonder, apparently. When he was married to Katie Maloney, Schwartz constantly took her for granted. After she asked for a divorce, he called her a “monster.” He even kissed Rachel to spite Katie. But lately, there’s been signs Schwartz wants Katie back.

BravoCon was the biggest indicator of that yet. Showing they’re on better terms, Katie and Schwartz exchanged jokey banter from across the VPR panel stage. Schwartz told Katie she looked great, while Katie said he looked like a couch.

In a later panel, Ariana commented that Schwartz seems to have a crush on his ex-wife. Scheana visibly agreed. But Katie made it clear she’s not interested. At this rate, that might make Schwartz want her even more.

Sandoval Is Loving His Villain Era

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The comments defending Sandoval fall flat when he shows no remorse over and over again. On the contrary—despite all the claims that he’s suffered, Sandoval is loving the attention. When he wasn’t getting booed, the VPR villain did a shirtless push-up challenge with James Kennedy and started grinding on Lisa Vanderpump.

As Scheana referenced, Sandoval made some rude comments about Ariana during BravoCon. That’s been his MO ever since they broke up. And Sandoval mocked Rachel with BravoCon attendees. It’s pretty low, especially since Sandoval recorded Rachel without her consent. So, yeah, he is still the worst.

Something About Her Still Has Spon

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Ariana and Katie’s long-awaited sandwich shop still has no official opening date. But it did get a super cute pop-up booth at BravoCon, and a spon con deal with Lays potato chips. Maybe Something About Her will finally be a reality by BravoCon 2024?

The VPR Spin-Off Is Still Happening

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Scandoval opened the door for Kristen Doute, Jax Taylor, and Brittany Cartwright‘s comeback. Even though those three were fired over an arguably worse scandal. VPR fans didn’t react well to the news of their spin-off. But someone must want to watch, because it’s still happening. Despite Kristen claiming days earlier that she had no reason to be in Vegas, all three were back at BravoCon. We’re sure viewers can expect some crossover in the upcoming VPR Season 11.