The Most Immature Vanderpump Rules Cast Members

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Maturity is overrated when it comes to reality TV. That being said, it can sometimes be more frustrating than entertaining. When Vanderpump Rules began, the cast members were all servers in their early to late 20s. But now most of them are pushing forty, and it’s shocking how little they’ve matured.

Some have shown emotional growth but still have a ways to go. We’re not sure any of them are successfully adulting, but here are our picks for the most immature Pump Rules cast members.

Scheana Shay

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You’d expect an 8-year-old to whine, “but they’re my best friend,” constantly. And to have new best friends every day, seemingly out of thin air, and based on nothing. But a 38-year-old woman like Scheana Shay? We’ve simply never heard an adult say “best friend” that much.

We wouldn’t be shocked if she still pinky swears and triple dog dares people. Scheana also breaks down in tears over basically everything and never seems to learn from her mistakes.

Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval/Instagram

Tom Sandoval‘s immaturity has been on full display this past year. But he didn’t act much like an adult before then either. Long before the infamous “I NEED A BREAK FROM FILMING” meltdown, the bartender was known for throwing so many tantrums on this show. Remember when he caused a public scene over Stassi Schroeder‘s book signing? Or his petulant attitude about Ariana Madix‘s first cocktail book deal?

And let’s not forget that his definition of “quality time” included doing mushroom and skydiving. Plus, his favorite things are friendship bracelets, galaxy lights, absurd costumes, partying all night, and pretending to be a rock star. Speaking of that cover band, how childish was it for him to change the lyrics at his shows to get back at his fellow immature Vanderpump Rules co-stars?

Sandoval made a mature decision by becoming sober. But if anyone had hopes that he’d grow up beyond that, well, keep dreaming. His tantrum after Rachel Leviss blocked him was embarrassing, especially when he called it “immature” (pot, meet kettle). Just recently at BravoCon, Sandoval called Ariana “stankface.” That’s the behavior of a preteen boy, not a 41-year-old man.

Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz Vanderpump Rules

It’s not just that Tom Schwartz parties like he’s still in a college fraternity, although that’s certainly a big problem. He speaks in a baby voice, loves to play dumb, crumbles over the tiniest bit of pressure, and refuses any form of responsibility. No wonder Katie Maloney got tired of parenting him. Her Season 10 fling, Satchel, was in his 20s, yet he still seemed way more mature than her 40-something ex-husband.

Jerry O’Connell was right to call the Toms boys not men. It’s actually a bummer he took that back on Sandoval’s podcast. Both of the Toms are grossly sophomoric, and they get away with everything, which won’t help either one grow up, especially when Lisa Vanderpump coddles them every step of the way.

Rachel Leviss

Tom Sandoval Rachel Leviss Vanderpump Rules
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It may shock you to learn that Rachel Leviss is 29-years-old, and was 28 throughout her affair with Sandoval. Especially since her former co-stars spent years treating her like a toddler. That’s why it was so refreshing when Kristina Kelly called it out.

Certainly, Rachel and Sandoval shared many of the same immature interests. They even had the affair equivalent of a matching best friends necklace. Again, as Kristina Kelly said, “I know one other person who has a galaxy light, and it’s a three-year-old girl.”

Even now, lots of fans coddle Rachel. Maybe it’s her Bambi eyes, or childlike voice, or the way she dresses. However, Rachel is not a child, and her immature behavior was hard to watch in Season 10. Especially her high school mean girl treatment of Katie Maloney, and disrespect towards Katie’s mother, all over a pretend interest in “making out” with Tom Schwartz. Every time Rachel was confronted over her behavior, she either pulled faces, screamed that others were just jealous, or cried.

We hope that, in the long run, Scandoval will help Rachel grow and change. A woman in her late 20s is old enough to know right from wrong, and that her actions have consequences. She’s already made progress moving on from Sandoval. But she’s got to mature even more. Maybe more time out of the spotlight—and away from the other immature Vanderpump Rules cast members—will do her good.

James Kennedy

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Was there a better display of James Kennedy‘s immaturity than the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion? The DJ did call Sandoval and Rachel “poo poo heads,” after all. When Andy Cohen talks to you like one of his toddlers after you’ve joked that he’s sending you to a time-out, you know you’re immature.

James’ childish antics and insults made him the number one obnoxious guy in the group, amongst fans. And Lisa babies him even more than the Toms, which says a lot. So, as with all of the immature Vanderpump Rules cast members, we’re not holding our breath for James to ever grow up.