Bravo Fan Favorites Who Became Villains

Lisa Rinna
Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

Bravo stars can usually be sorted into two categories-heroes and villains. There are some cast members viewers root for and some they root against. While many fan favorites have remained in public favor, others have fallen from grace. After all, there’s only so much room at the top.

Here are five fan favorites who became villains.

Monica Garcia (Real Housewives of Salt Lake City)

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Monica Garcia joined the cast of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City for Season 4 and quickly became a fan favorite. Fans liked that she was relatable, funny, and unafraid to go head-to-head with the OGs. She seemed like a perfect new addition, and we fully expected to see her next season. But Monica was not how she appeared. In the jaw-dropping finale, Heather Gay revealed that Monica was the mastermind behind the notorious Instagram account Reality Von Tease. Once Monica was exposed for running a troll account, her days on the show were numbered. She fell out of favor with many fans and became the villain of Season 4.

Lisa Rinna (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)

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Lisa Rinna has always been a controversial figure on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—some fans like her, some fans don’t like her. She’s always caused division within the fanbase, but after Season 12, fans seem more united than ever.

Rinna caused quite a stir after she said that Kathy Hilton had a meltdown behind the scenes during a trip to Aspen. Rinna claimed that Kathy made a number of insulting remarks, including calling their co-stars “idiots” and saying she wants to “f***ing ruin Kyle [Richards].” Kathy denied the claims, suggesting Rinna just needed a storyline.

Many fans criticized Rinna for bringing up something that happened off-screen. The actress even got booed at Bravocon in 2022. The drama resulted in more people seeing the RHOBH star as a villain.

Gizelle Bryant (Real Housewives of Potomac)

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant was an instant fan favorite. Fans loved her sense of humor, her thirst for drama, and her feud with fellow fan favorite Karen Huger. We thought Gizelle’s reign as the people’s princess would last forever, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The 53-year-old lost a lot of support after she made claims about Candiace Dillard Bassett’s husband, Chris Bassett. The RHOP star said Chris made her feel uncomfortable during a private conversation in a hotel room following the Season 6 reunion. 

“Many a married man have tried me and I felt like it was a situation in which he was tryin’ to see if I was with it,” she said during a conversation with Robyn Dixon in Season 7“He was complaining about his wife. So he was letting me know he was unhappy. Maybe I was supposed to say, ‘Oh, I can make you happy.’ Like, get out of here.”

Chris denied the claim at the reunion. Candice and her husband have both been open about how the claim has affected them personally. Many fans sided with Chris and Candiace and felt Gizelle was out of line.

Robyn Dixon (Real Housewives of Potomac)

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Robyn Dixon is in hot water with fans right now for the way she handled her husband, Juan Dixon’s infidelity scandal. Fans think Robyn is covering for her beau and not sharing the whole truth.

Juan made headlines in January 2023 when an influencer claimed he received a DM from a woman who claimed she dated the basketball coach for a year. The woman submitted a hotel receipt with Juan’s name on it as evidence.

While Robyn admitted Juan talked to the woman over Instagram, she said her husband never met up with her. Unfortunately for them, fans aren’t buying it. The drama has lost her some points with viewers.

Tom Schwartz (Vanderpump Rules)

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Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz has been losing popularity for a few seasons but Season 10 really sealed his fate. Between covering for Tom Sandoval and insulting Lala Kent’s appearance on beach day, it was not a good season for the bar owner. Not to mention he broke the one rule Katie Maloney asked him to comply with. Come on, Schwartz. You had one job! After Scandoval, fans were ready to revoke Schwartz’s fan favorite status but we think he could still redeem himself in Season 11. The 41-year-old will likely have to do some serious a**kissing to get back in the good graces of fans.