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Nick Viall Finds Lala Kent’s ‘War Path’ Against Ariana Madix ‘Shocking’

Nick Viall has a lot to say about the storylines found on Vanderpump Rules. It’s fine because he’s got a podcast, so it’s kinda his thing. Luckily for him, the Scandoval nightmare gifted him with a ton of new material to cover. In addition, his platform has hosted multiple cast members as of late, each eager to tell their side of the story.

Now, he’s putting Lala Kent in his verbal hot seat. He’s finding her current anger to be quite high. In fact, he thinks that her “war path” against Ariana Madix is pretty shocking to take in.

Nick’s not here for the rage

On a past episode of Nick’s podcast, The Viall Files, he called out Lala and Scheana Shay for their “performative anger” this season. He’s not done expressing his thoughts on this though. On his latest drop, he delved even further into his opinions of this.

“I don’t agree with anything they are saying or doing this season,” he began, right before shifting his focus to Lala alone. “You look at Lala right now, it’s kind of shocking how much she is coming at Ariana. Like, she’s going hard at the pain. She is on a war path.”

Nick then added, “I think what’s so hysterical about Lala and Scheana is like, what seems to upset them the most is just how little Ariana tries.” I laughed at this because it’s true. We’ve seen Katie Maloney loudly supporting Ariana, and we’ve also been bombarded with their costars podcasts and posts on Scandoval. Yet, for the most part, Ariana’s remained quiet.

“Lala was out, I think on her podcast, pointing out to the audience that Ariana wouldn’t have a storyline if it weren’t for Tom Sandoval, as if anyone really cares. Like, the reason Vanderpump Nation or Bravo Nation have endeared themselves to Ariana, is they saw themselves in her. They love how little she tries,” Nick expressed.

To close, Nick wrapped things up rather nicely. Here, he explained that Lala, Scheana, and Tom all take their job as a character on VPR way too seriously. In contrast, Ariana doesn’t, and Nick thinks that this drives them all mad. Even though she’s not giving much, Ariana’s still getting the main character cut, while they simply are not.

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