Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 13 Recap: Sandoval Brings up Scheana’s Past Indiscretion

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Welcome back to the Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 13 recap. Last time, the cast reacted to Rachel Leviss spilling her truth on a podcast. This week’s episode, “Jax Attack” features Jax Taylor finally coming face-to-face with Lisa. Here’s everything that you need to know about Pump Rules, Season 11, Episode 13!

“Jaxy Boy” is back!

James and Ally were hanging out when a neighbor dropped by. It’s Jax! One of the first things he pointed out is the planes flying overhead. Classic Jax.

“Jaxy Boy,” as James calls him, is hosting a brunch at SUR with James. When Jax found out that Katie was attending, he wasn’t thrilled. According to Jax, Katie spread rumors that he cheated on his wife, Brittany Cartwright. Let’s face it, cheating is on-brand for Jax, so it wouldn’t be a shock. James would believe Katie over Jax.

“Is she that pissed off that she can’t f*ck any more of her ex-husband’s friends so she has to like come after me?” Jax ranted. Oof. And Jax doesn’t know where he stands with Lisa.

In a flashback from 2019, Jax told Lisa, “This is why my show is successful.” Lisa replied, “It’s actually my show.”

James warned him that he needed to respect Lisa. But Jax will be Jax. “I’m not going to bow down to her,” he said. Well, you could appreciate the fact that she gave you a role on the show.

Scheana and Brock’s struggles

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Brittany visited Scheana to catch up. Brittany is Scheana’s closest friend who understands her mommy and marriage issues. Scheana confided in Brittany about her marital struggles. She and Brock have been fighting a lot lately. They were planning a big get-together for their anniversary, but it didn’t work out. They have argued in the past about going out on dates and spending quality time together.

Scheana also shared about her struggle with anxiety. She went on Zoloft for a month, which helped her. But she discontinued it because it made her too tired. Her postpartum OCD is causing more intrusive thoughts.

In fact, Scheana is worried about Lala and Brock’s friendship. She didn’t think that Lala and Brock would cheat, but her anxiety pushed the thought into her mind. Part of the reason that she is reluctant to hire a nanny is her fear of losing Brock. Scheana cried while Brittany reassured her that she would figure it all out.

Meanwhile, Brock vented to his friend about the nanny situation. Scheana doesn’t want a stranger in the house taking care of their daughter, Summer Moon. There is also tension because Scheana is the breadwinner. He wants to contribute to the family, but he hasn’t been able to look at any work opportunities.

A big jump forward

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Schwartz and Katie took a big step forward in their relationship. They met up for lunch! Now Katie wants to try having a friendship with Schwartz.

Schwartz was excited about his life. He’s sporting his platinum-blonde tresses. He is getting a tattoo the next day. But Katie was still hung up on why and how this hair change happened.

She questioned if a photo posted on social media with Jo Wenberg was launching their relationship. Schwartz claimed that he posted the photo for the hair salon and that he did not want to be in a relationship. He also revealed that he and Joe stopped hanging out. Katie was blunt. She told him that it was his fault for not being clear with Jo.

Then they detailed their dates with Tori Keeth. Schwartz got a peck, but Katie got some French action. She is pretty confident that she is Tori’s favorite. It is kind of fun seeing the ex-Bubbas hanging out in a relaxed manner.

A second-anniversary dinner

Brock and Scheana went out for their second anniversary. She admitted that they need quality time together. Brock wanted to get back to work to take pressure off Scheana, but she appreciated that he was there with Summer when she worked. “Have you ever thought that maybe this is your second chance at being a dad and you’re going to be the best f*cking dad to this kid?” Scheana asked.

Brock started to cry. He hopes that someday he can restore his relationship with his older two children. Their dinner ended with a sweet kiss.

Meanwhile, Schwartz and Sandoval were cruising around in a convertible trying to look like they were in their 20’s. Spoiler alert: They don’t. Please stop.

Schwartz is getting a tattoo of his dogs, Gordo and Butters, on his shoulder. The duo is stoked that Kyle Chan has a release party for his whiskey in San Francisco. The entire group was invited.

Sandoval was still trying to convince Schwartz that they could be roomies in the house. Schwartz can’t afford it and is wary of any risky money moves. While making his pitch, Sandoval leaned back and fell out of his chair.

Brunch with Jax and James

At SUR, it’s time for brunch. Lisa was confused as to why Jax was hosting this event. She was peeved because of how disrespectful he had been. Lisa learned that Jax had been asking both James and Guillermo, Lisa’s business partner, about hosting something at SUR.

Speaking of Jax, he strutted up to Lisa’s table and asked if he could sit. She said that she didn’t want him in her restaurant.

She slammed him for going on a podcast and saying that she was merely “a prop” on VPR. Then Jax claimed that for the last three years, Lisa never checked on him and Brittany. “You’ve wrote me off,” Jax said. Lisa called him “a f*cking hypocrite.” Well, this is going well.

Finally, Jax issued a blanket apology. Before leaving the table, Jax told Lisa that he loved her and hugged her. Awkward!

Jax joined the crew at their table, and Katie couldn’t stand him. She knew that he hadn’t changed a bit. Then Jax informed Ariana that Schwartz might be moving in. Flashback to a few minutes earlier. Schwartz told Jax that he was considering it, and Jax promised not to tell anyone.

Another pool party from hell

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The ladies were discussing how Ally was at her best friend’s wedding in Ohio, and now James won’t go because his brother can’t watch Hippie. Poor Ally has to sleep in the guest room to cuddle with her cats. James needs to compromise, too.

Katie asked James if he would consider letting someone else watch Hippie. James is terrified of losing Hippie again.

An unlikely conversation

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Hold up! Schwartz and Ariana were talking. She told him that Jax let the cat out of the bag. Schwartz revealed that after Sandoval refinances the house, the loan will be huge. Schwartz can’t afford it. He asked if she would be upset if he did move in. “No,” she replied, shocking Schwartz.

Meanwhile, Scheana was itching to get home. Brock, who was floating around the pool, begged her to stay longer. Scheana wanted to put Summer to bed, and Brock insisted that the nanny could do it.

Sandoval doesn’t like Scheana’s Apples

Then Sandoval and Kyle came over to chat about San Francisco. Sandoval listened to Scheana’s song, Apples. He feels like he has had to deal with Scheana talking non-stop about Scandoval. “What you two did to Ariana it f*cked me up in more ways than one,” Scheana told Sandoval. Still, Sandoval wondered why Scheana seemed angrier than Ariana.

She reminded him that all he had to do at the reunion was stay quiet. Instead, he claimed that Scheana told him that she “punched” Rachel in the face.

Then Sandoval told Scheana that the situation didn’t involve her. After all, Rachel didn’t have an affair with Brock. When Scheana brought up the restraining order, Sandoval stated that she was “acting like the biggest victim in this whole scenario.”

Scheana told Sandoval that she now has worries about Lala, who is one of her besties, hooking up with Brock. All because of Rachel and Sandoval’s betrayal.

Lala, Katie, and Ariana were sitting away from Sandoval and the drama. As Scheana turned to go, Sandoval said, “You’ve been the other woman in a f*cking relationship.” Scheana turned and pointed her finger in his face. “F*ck you!” she screamed.

“Hell no!” Lala shouted. Brock got between his wife and Sandoval and reminded him that she was in her twenties when that indiscretion happened, while Sandoval was 40 years old.  

Once again, Sandoval did a masterful job of showing that he hasn’t changed.

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