Most Uncomfortable Vanderpump Rules Scenes to Rewatch

Vanderpump Rules
Photo Credit: Araya Doheny/Getty Images

The term “hindsight is 20/20” can certainly be applied to Vanderpump Rules. The cast has gone through a lot of changes in the last decade, from breakups to scandals and everything in between. These changes have made some scenes difficult to revisit.

Here are the most uncomfortable VPR scenes to rewatch:

Ariana & Rachel’s heart to heart (Season 10)

In Episode 14 of Season 10, Ariana Madix and Rachel Leviss had a heart-to-heart that had us cringing from start to finish. In the scene, Rachel, who was having a secret affair with Tom Sandoval, grilled Ariana about her and Sandoval’s intimacy issues. The former beauty queen asked Ariana a series of probing questions, including whether she feels sexually attracted to Sandoval. It’s rough watching Ariana be vulnerable with someone who was hooking up with her boyfriend behind her back. Yeah, we don’t want to rewatch this one anytime soon. 

Katie & Schwartz’s wedding (Season 5)

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s wedding is a tough rewatch for obvious reasons. The marriage didn’t work out and it’s brutal watching the two exchange vows knowing how their relationship ended. 

Lala explains how she met Randall (Season 7)

In Season 7, Lala Kent revealed how she met her former fiance, Randall Emmett. The Utah native spoke about their whirlwind romance like it was a fairytale. A fairytale that included expensive gifts and a role in a movie. Lala now describes her relationship with Randall quite differently. In 2021, she discovered her fiance was not what he seemed. Not only was he cheating on her, but he also lied about being married and gifted her a fake engagement ring. Watching Lala gush over a man who later caused her so much pain is not fun to rewatch. We’re skipping this scene. 

Rachel brings Ariana flowers (Season 10)

In the Secrets Revealed episode of Season 10, Rachel showed up at Ariana and Sandoval’s house with flowers. The gesture would be considered sweet if we didn’t know that the night before she was hooking up with Ariana’s boyfriend. Watching Sandoval and Rachel exchange knowing glances behind Ariana’s back in this scene is next-level wrong. 

Scheana warns Ariana about Sandoval (Season 3)

In the premiere of Season 3, Scheana Shay confronted Ariana with screenshots of texts between Sandoval and Miami Girl. Ariana dismissed the photos, telling Scheana she and Sandoval are “disgustingly honest with each other.” Hmm. We’re not so sure about that. After Scheana pointed out that Sandoval is a “really good liar,” Ariana shot back, “I know when he’s lying.” 

Watching this scene in the wake of Scandoval is so brutal. Ariana stood by her man 100 percent and defended his character to her best friend. Yikes.

Sandoval & Ariana’s rollerskating date (Season 10)

In the Season 10 Secrets Revealed episode, fans watched a deleted scene of Ariana and Sandoval’s rollerskating date, which took place after he slept with Rachel. 

 In the scene, Ariana fawns over Rachel, telling Sandoval, “I said to Katie, I was like, ‘You know, you’re going to have to work really hard to get me to not just absolutely love Raquel. I love her so much and we’ve spent so much time together.” 

It’s heartbreaking to watch Ariana defend someone who had zero loyalty to her.

Kristen’s speech about Tom (Season 3)

After Kristen Doute’s plan to split up Ariana and Sandoval failed, she delivered a surrender speech that in retrospect, was dead on.

“You win Ariana,” Kristen said in a confessional. “You win wondering where the f*** Tom is every night when you text him, you win not ever being sure if he’s telling you the truth, and you win sharing a bed with the best liar I have ever known.”

Woah. She nailed it.

Ariana compares Rachel to Forest Gump (Season 10)

In a Season 10 confessional, Ariana expressed support for Rachel, telling producers she loves seeing her friend find confidence after her breakup.

“You know in Forest Gump when Forest is running down that pathway, and as he’s running, the leg brace [breaks off] and he just goes. It’s like that except it’s like, ‘Run Raquel, run.'”

This scene is cursed in retrospect because it shows how much Ariana supported Rachel. She wanted her to win and thrive but Rachel didn’t return the favor.

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