What We Learned From Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Secrets Revealed

What we know from the Pump Rules Season 11 Secrets Revealed episode.
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Vanderpump Rules Season 11 primarily focused on the fallout of Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss’ affair. When discovered, this wildly hidden secret ended up destroying this longstanding group of friends. For Ariana Madix to process her feelings in the months that followed, she set healthy boundaries for herself. In turn, many of her VPR costars struggled on how to proceed, minus James Kennedy and Katie Maloney that is.

As Katie says, and James behaves, these two always “call it like” they “see it.”

Overall, Vanderpump Rules Season 11 was a backstabbing mess, and very few light scenes emerged. Thankfully, Peacock released a Secrets Revealed Episode, and in this, so many golden nuggets were found. And no, not the Golden Nugget from the peak days of VPR.

Here’s what we just learned from these originally cut scenes. And also, I wish that at least 2-3 of these had made it into this season. We deserve nice things, Bravo.

Sandoval’s bills

To kick things off, Sandoval’s sweating it out in his home gym. Ann Maddox enters, still underneath his chain of command at this moment, to talk about his bills. Now that he and Ariana have broken up, Ann has to ensure that everything is “even and balanced” between the pair. “Roughly, each person” owed “$8,314, and that didn’t even include their mortgage.”

When talking about money, Sandoval gets paranoid. He asks production if Ariana is home, and if she can hear him. They assured him that he was safe.

Sandoval then brings out his phone, reading off an email that he had sent to Ariana. In this, he says that he offered his ex “$600,00 cash,” which “based on the math, this is a buyout that is equivalent to us selling the property for $3.1 million, which is way about Zillow and Redfin value, and definitely above market value.”

Sandoval then notes that by the time he pulls her name off of their loan and refinances their formerly shared home to be just his, it “goes from being a $10k a month payment, to like, a $20-plus-thousand dollar payment.” We then learned that he could only afford this for about six to eight months. He also wishes that he could go back in time, to avoid this mess.

We all do, buddy.

The three best babysitters in town

Scheana Shay was open this season on her anxieties felt as a parent. In the Secrets Revealed Episode, Lala Kent, Katie, and Ariana show up for their stressed-out friend, offering to watch Summer Moon for the evening. Naturally, we also learned that even when her own friends are involved, Scheana still has cameras set up everywhere, but hey, “baby steps” are still steps.

Once Summer wakes up from her nap, Lala grabs her, and the ladies all sit down to play with Play-Doh. It’s precious. Long live The Babysitters Club Coven.

Sometimes, it is about the pasta

James and Ally Lewber are rightfully proud of their new home. Equally proud, but of them, is Lisa Vanderpump. She heads over to their pad, where James has cooked for Lisa, using “the most expensive ingredients” for his “queen.” LVP responds with love, gushing about how happy she is for the DJ, as James’s emotions threaten to overtake him.

After a quick tour, they sit down to eat, and “Tonight, it is about the pasta,” James jokes. Lisa loves it, and James begins to speak about how his visit with Sandoval in his practice studio sucked. Lisa just wants everyone to “have empathy,” but when Lisa learns that James had also peed on Sandoval’s bush, she laughs, saying “Just when I thought you’ve changed…”

The Happily (n)ever afters

In two concurrent scenes, Tom Schwartz tells Jo Wenberg over a takeout salad from Olive Garden that he’s not ready to commit. She stays anyway to watch a movie. Afterward, Ariana tells Scheana that Schwartz is displaying f*ck boy tendencies. Scheana agrees.

But, they are also talking about Ariana’s then-upcoming stint on Dancing with the Stars. We already know that Scheana’s sad she wasn’t asked, but in Secrets Revealed, she admits that she’s used to coming in second or third place within this cast. Sads.

May this dream one day be realized, She-shu.

Lala’s an influencer, Sandoval’s a giver

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Lala is now sober. Thanks to her journey, her brother Easton is also now sober. In one cut scene, he, Scheana, and Lala enjoy a tequila replacement tasting. In this, Scheana asks Lala how her visit to TomTom went.

The scene then cuts to TomTom, where Lala and Lisa are sitting at the bar. Lala jokes that the only good thing that comes from straight men is their c*m. Cue Sandoval, asking “Do you want my c*m?” We then learn that he has “healthy c*m.” Listen, I just report this stuff, I do not necessarily condone it, okay?

Cool, cool, cooollll.

The hunt for a house is on

Schwartz is living like a bachelor, and Sandoval cannot afford his house without Ariana. In Secrets Revealed, Sandoval tells Schwartz that Ariana finally bought a place, so he will “officially need a new roommate.” Then, they start house hunting. They find a gem in Studio City, but the total mortgage would be around $15,000 a month, which sets Schwartz on edge.

All of that said, we then learned that zero houses had been bought by these boys. Yet.

Ally’s sharing some, but not all

We know that Scheana shares locations with her friends. Ally’s not into this. Therefore, at some point during filming, she unshared her location with Scheana. Right away, Scheana’s phone gets a notification, but on this, Scheana says nothing, at least in front of the cameras.

In the next scene, Ally’s on stage, singing. James notes that they’re both musically inclined, joking that they might be the next Sonny and Cher.

Tori chose Katie

At an obligatory Vanderpump Rules pool party, Tori Keeth approaches Scheana, where she admits that she’s chosen Katie. On Schwartz, she’s “done.” Katie approaches and asks what’s going on, and Tori shares how she feels. The two girls kiss. A few times.

Sandoval’s dating journey

On a guys’ night out, the Toms talk about how they’re liking Lala as of late. Sandoval then jokes that maybe he should ask her out. Then, his body count post-Rachel comes up. Sandoval pauses, pondering aloud if he should be honest about this.

It’s three. Allegedly.

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