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Daniel Love After Lockup

I have to admit, Love After Lockup is my ultimate guilty pleasure. While housewives will always have a special place in my heart, I’m not exactly embarrassed to admit that I watch it. Love After Lockup? I need to feel people out before actually admitting how into this show I am. I don’t know if it’s the dysfunction or the sheer anticipation of who is going to get used. But it’s quite the combo.

One couple that I just knew deep down wouldn’t make it was Daniel Valentine and Lizzy Copeland. How did I know? Well, it didn’t exactly take a genius to figure it out. Plus, it’s never a good sign when your relationship is reduced to having sex on the laundry room floor. But really, Lizzy seemingly struggled with alcohol and Daniel with drugs. That’s a hard combination to overcome for anyone, much less a newly freed inmate and his fiancé.

Destinie Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup is EVERYTHING this season. Slowly but surely, the couples are finally starting to be reunited in the free world. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode, John took insanity to the next level. He proposed to Kristianna the moment she got out of prison. He has no idea what her answer will be, but he has the entire wedding already planned. That is the kind of crazy stuff that makes this show so good.

In addition to that, it’s really starting to look like Shawn is being catfished. Things just aren’t adding up. Destinie has a lot of question marks surrounding her at this time. He’s not the only one either. Scott may think that he has it great with Lindsey, but that whole relationship screams CON JOB. There’s something about her infatuation with his money, that makes it seem like it’s not real. Scott needs to watch his back….and his wallet.

John Kristianna Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup is back, and last week’s episode did not disappoint. The couples are crazier than ever. LIVING FOR IT. The somehow topped themselves finding these messy new relationships. It’s jaw dropping television the entire episode. For example, Jessica and Maurice have been married for nearly five years. However, THEY’VE NEVER EVEN LIVED TOGETHER. Say what???

The most painful to watch this season might be Shawn/Destinie and Scott/Lindsey. Both of these men are setting themselves up to get hurt. Shawn is definitely being misled by this woman he claims to love. The way she keeps bringing up her weight gain is highly suspicious too. But whatever that’s his deal. Scott’s is hard to watch because he seems to genuine.

Life After Lockup

Season 3 of Love After Lockup is finally here! And with a new crop of suckers!! If you’re not watching this show, I  cannot recommend it enough. It airs on Friday nights, and really, what are you doing during a pandemic on a Friday anyways? This mess is well worth the cable package upgrade, downloading the app, or doing whatever it is you need to do to get the WEtv channel in your home. And if you’re already watching, don’t forget about the follow-up series, Life After Lockup. These shows taught me about love, patience, and how to use graphite pencils as eyeliner (thanks, Tracie Wagaman).

If you aren’t new to the show, then there’s no way you’ve forgotten about the torrid love between Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey. This relationship was on and off for a while. After her release Lizzie wasted no time in helping Scott update his look with a new hair style and some new teeth. Their romance eventually cracked beyond repair, pun intended, when Lizzie found a very illicit looking spork in Scott’s home. Can’t make that shit up. Lucky for Lizzie, time heals all wounds…

Lindsey Love After Lockup
We are back for another messy season of Love After Lockup. It’s so wild to see how many people fall for inmates that they’ve never met. However, season after season, this show delivers. Every time you think it can’t get any crazier, this series ups the ante. We’re getting all new couples which is always so much fun. They start out so in love, and the it goes downhill.

What is it about being locked up that is such a turn on for these people? It’s just such a fascinating concept. Half of the time the people get conned or scammed. It sucks for them, but it’s great TV for viewers. It’s typically such a train wreck to witness, which makes it all the more appealing. There’s no telling what we are in store for this season. Anything can happen. You guys ready for the ride? Buckle up!

Love After Lockup Alums Mary & Dom Dalla Nora Welcome Baby Boy

Congratulations are in order for Love After Lockup alums Mary and Dom Dalla Nora. First off, they are one of the few couples from this show that are actually still together… and I’m not counting the people who aren’t even in a relationship, but still film this show (I’m looking at you Megan J, Michael Simmons, and Sarah Simmons. The same applies to Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey.)

Not only that, but they just welcomed their first child together, which is such exciting news.

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