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Lindsey Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup is proving to be harder than expected for many of these couples. Lamar Jackson feels like he has to hide his relationship with his oldest daughter from Andrea Edwards. What kind of marriage is that? THAT IS HIS DAUGHTER. Sarah Simmons & Michael Simmons are trying to come to some sort of agreement involving custody of their children. However, the idea of Sarah having sole custody is never going to sit well with him.

Scott & Lindsey are ALWAYS at their house, and the isolation is giving me so much anxiety. It’s really adding to the intensity of the drama the two are facing. It really does feel like they are trapped there with no way out. Shavel kicked Quaylon to the curb, so I’m not entirely sure what is left to say about them. Hopefully she doesn’t make the ill advised decision to take him back. Please don’t. The biggest mystery of all right now though is if Destinie is pregnant. Is she or isn’t she?

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Some of the most iconic couples from Love After Lockup are back for a new season of Life After Lockup. The initial phase of connecting after prison is one thing. However, the real test is if the relationship can last following that period. Things tend to get harder for the couples. Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago are back for another round, so hopefully things are better with her mother.

A few of the biggest hot mess couples are also back. There’s so many this time. None of these relationships are stable or solid. Will Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson fight another season about religion? Should Shane be nervous his pregnant wife Lacey will cozy up to John again? Don’t forget Michael Simmons and Sarah Simmons. Will this be the season he finally decides to be a father? Let’s do this!

Lindsey Love After Lockup

This bumpy Love After Lockup ride is coming to an end. What a season it’s been! Heather and Dylan gave me massive amounts of anxiety with her reckless driving and hostile antics. I’m not sad to see that part coming to an end. I can finally breathe again! John and Kristianna had the quickest wedding of all time, and they’ve yet to experience any type of marital bliss. She needs to turn herself into the authorities and fix her life.

It doesn’t make any sense that Scott is still with Lindsey. He uncovered written proof of her plan to con him and use him. Despite that, he’s still determined to make a life with her. It defies all logic, but that’s where we are with that couple folks. Weird. We know. Weird can also be used to describe everything that’s gone down between Shawn and Destinie. Their next source of drama is Destinie meeting his ex, and hopefully nobody dies.

Destinie Love After Lockup

This season of Love After Lockup is almost over, and that’s heartbreaking news! These couples are some of the wildest ones that we’ve ever had on the show. Heather feels like a heartbeat away from becoming the criminal herself. Dylan is in danger and should really find somewhere else to live. She’s either going to get him in trouble or cause him some sort of harm. It’s scary!

Despite Destinie’s likely prison sentence, Shawn is still wanting to make her his wife. They make no sense on paper, but you can’t stop love! He has no idea she plans on dating women, but do these things even matter anymore? True love cannot be stopped. They’re probably not endgame, but it’ll be a fun ride for the meantime. She hates his baby mama, so their eventual meetup is going to be full of fireworks. Kelly has no idea what’s coming.

Chanda Love After Lockup

There’s so much at stake right now for the Love After Lockup couples. The tension has risen to new heights, so the drama is SO HOT. Heather is giving us full on serial killer vibes every week, and we’re concerned for Dylan’s safety. He needs to find a way to live somewhere else so he can escape her madness. Jessica and Maurice are already expecting their first child together, so he needs to stop up ASAP. Find a job man.

The two biggest messes of the season are Scott & Lindsey and Shawn & Destinie. Scott located what he believes to be Lindsey’s master plan on last week’s episode of Love After Lockup. It looks really bad. Like REALLY bad. Who writes that kind of thing down and leaves it around for someone to find? Amateur. Shawn is still living his life on the edge because he has no idea if Destinie will show up to court. It’s now or never for them both.

Lindsey Love After Lockup

The couples on Love After Lockup are reaching their boiling point, and the drama is sizzling. Dylan finds himself in a perilous situation with Heather. She’s next level crazy, and her erratic behavior could cost him everything. He needs to escape as fast as he possibly can. John needs to keep himself in check because he may have lost Kristianna for good. If she doesn’t follow the rules, it’s over for them already.

Scott bought himself a reprieve with Lindsey, but how long will that last? She’s a ticking time bomb, and I suspect she’s full of secrets. We haven’t seen the real Lindsey. That’s glaringly obvious. He needs to watch his back because her plan isn’t over. It’s felt like a long con from the beginning, and he’s fallen for every second of it. This illusion is going to crumble eventually.

Heather Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup is back!! Are you ready for another round with these crazies? Heather gives off the most chaotic vibes ever, and Dylan needs to watch out. He doesn’t have a clue what he signed up for with her. Good luck buddy. Jessica and Maurice towed the line when they violated his parole, so hopefully they can follow through rules moving forward. They could lose their life before it begins if they don’t do things by the book.

The biggest drama heading into this new episode has to be with Shawn & Destinie. She is through with him after catching him on the phone with his ex. Normally, someone could cut ties with their significant other after that and call it a day. However, this is a much trickier situation Shawn has $50,000 on the line here. It’s make it break for him.

Lacey Life After Lockup

Our time is already coming to an end with five infamous Life After Lockup couples. What a four-part season it’s been. These particular Life After Lockup couples know how to pack in the drama in a short period of time. The baptism drama between Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson could send them straight to divorce. If they can’t agree on something soon, this is a marriage that won’t make it much longer.

Speaking of marriages not making it, how surprising is it that Lacey and Shane got back together? Not only are they back together, but they’re having a baby! Love triangles and deceit are absolutely the foundation of a long lasting relationship. Also, watching Brittany Santiago’s relationship with her mother fall apart has been so disheartening to witness. They’ve come so far, and now it’s all crumbling to pieces. What a shame.