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Lizzy Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup continues to be the GOAT of reality TV every week. On last week’s episode, things got even crazier. Angela officially received word that Tony has been arrested. Her fairy tale dreams are coming to an end. She ignored every red flag, and this is the end result. Following last week’s incident with Amber’s friend, Vince has a lot of explaining to do. What’s his end game?

Speaking of endgame, what is the deal with Lacey? Who will she choose? Does she even want John or Shane? Is this an elaborate game? Until John gets out we might not know. She needs to decide soon though. These men are undoubtedly growing impatient with this. FIX YOUR LIFE LACEY.

Lacey Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup is having its best season yet. On last week’s episode, things get crazier than ever. Lacey finally worked up the nerve to talk to John. The only question remains is how he will react to the truth about Shane. Hopefully, Angela gets some answers about Tony in this episode as well. She’s going crazy in her quest to locate his whereabouts.

The biggest surprise of the season has been the introduction of Glorietta. This woman is a whole mess. She’s so infatuated with Alex, and this will probably lead to major heartbreak. This season is great though. If you watch for drama, there is no shortage of that. Every episode has at least one major jaw dropping moment. It’s a safe bet that this episode will be no different.

Andrea Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup was insane last week. Every moment was jaw dropping. It would be nearly impossible to pick one moment to be the craziest. This week is sure to be no different. Andrea is SNAPPING now that Lamondre isn’t getting out of prison. Cheryl and Josh might have a chance if they can avoid his mother. That theory applies to Lizzy and Daniel too.

Lacey and Vince are the two biggest question marks of the season right now. She is playing in a dangerous game with her love triangle. It’s only matter of time before it blows up in her face and becomes too overwhelming. Then you have Vince who is the definition of unstable. HE ADOPTED HIS FIANC’S PRISON WIFE? This Love After Lockup episode should be so good.

Glorietta Love After Lockup

What a season it is so far for Love After Lockup. The crazy train has arrived at the station and brought us our most dramatic couples yet. The Lacey love triangle gets more intense every week, and the web of lies is so large. She can’t keep the charade going for too much longer. Also, poor Angela has a fiancé on the run! Tony is missing, so the love of her life might be heading back to prison.

The drama between Lizzy and Daniel’s mom is likely to continue in this Love After Lockup episode as well. There’s no hope for these two by the looks of it. They’re destined to clash which could spell trouble for the happy couple. In addition to all of that drama, Vince and Amber’s awkward union continues. She’s just not that into him, but Vince doesn’t have a clue. Can it get any weirder?

Lizzie Kommes Love After Lockup Life After Lockup

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Love After Lockup Recap: The Mother Of All Surprises

Love After Lockup is getting INSANE this season. The storyline with Lacey, John, & Shane is so wild. How long can she keep playing both of these men? It’s going to be so bad for her when one or both men catch on to her scheme. Train wreck television at its finest ladies and gentleman

Lacey isn’t the only one stirring up the drama this season though. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode Angela also found herself having to choose between two men. I still can’t believe her close friend proposed to her. These people treat weddings like they’re the most casual thing in the world. We don’t know the fate of her and Tony’s relationship yet, but he doesn’t seem that interested. Maybe that will all change in this episode. 

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We can’t cover every news story ourselves. Fortunately, there are a lot of great sources for reality TV news and gossip. Check out this links from some of our favorite sites in the September 13, 2019 edition of Friday Morning Tea.

Andrea Love After Lockup

I didn’t think it was possible, but this season of Love After Lockup is the best yet. Lacey is doing what Michael Simmons did last season and taking it to the next level. I love a messy love triangle, and she’s giving us messy and shady in spades. LIVING for her cringe double life between Shane and her fiancé John. She met him on last week’s episode, and that changes everything.

I’m also living for poor Angela and her man Tony that clearly doesn’t love her. I hope things work out for her, but the deeper she gets into this the worse it’ll be. As far as Andrea and Lamondre, are we ever going to actually meet him? Does he really exist? He’s really disrespectful to her, and her entire family hates him. It’s going to be tough to get past that.