Many have wondered – especially me – just how much money do the ladies of Real Housewives get to act like such loons on national television. Oh, whoops – I meant: How much do they make to act like such classy examples of wealthy American women. Freudian slip!

Anyway, RadarOnline seems to have the answers I’ve been looking for. According to the sometimes right usually not site, Vicki Gunvalson – the OG of all Housewives everywhere – earns a whopping $450,000 per season to obsess about working and have various meltdowns.

I will say, like her or not, Vicki has more or less remained her same wacky self throughout the years and I don’t think she’s acting for the cameras… unlike some of the other grossly overpaid high earning reality stars! Like NeNe Leakes, for instance! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is reportedly the highest paid of all the women in the franchises – commanding an insane $750,000 per season.


And according to sources if she signs on for season 5 – which she has already revealed she will – she may possibly be earning a $1M. Sheesh – she really is rich by Housewives standards! She by SheBroke should have switched her alliances…she’d be cashing some checks too instead of bouncing them! I wonder how much Kim Zolciak got paid to rip off her wig on television?

Apparently the ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County aren’t doing too shabby where earnings are concerned. Tamra Barney reportedly makes $350,000 per season, with Gretchen Rossi earning $300,000. Even Alexis Bellino isn’t doing too badly – she pulls in about $200,000 per season. Which is more than enough to live within your means! And buy a trampoline or two.

Luckily for Heather Dubrow it does not appear she needs the money unlike most of these broads because the source claims she is only earning $30,000 this season! That’s pretty pathetic – no wonder she’s continued behaving so classily. They need to pay the girl more if they want her to drop the pretenses and get “wackadoodle” as Gretchen likes to say.

Earning a considerably higher salary is Lisa Vanderpump, who recently also earned a Bravo spinoff; she apparently makes $250,000 all of which she probably spends on Giggy‘s wardrobe. Kyle Richards and Adrienne Maloof are  the next highest earning Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars; they both receive $200,000 per season.

Poor Taylor Armstrong whose drama was the subject of last season’s rather unfortunante storyline only earns $175,000 – which is barely anything considering what she spends on birthday parties. Brandi Glanville, who has been promoted to an actual Housewife earns $125,000 according to the source. And tying for last place in the earnings race are Kim Richards and newcomer Yolanda Hadid, who both make $100,000 per season.

Maybe if Kim showed up to film more often she’d make more money, but then again, look at Taylor! She’s everywhere.

No word on how much the ladies of Real Housewives of New York earn, but Simon van Kempen recently told WetPaint that Alex McCord earned about $300,000 for appearing on the show. Also, rumors circulated a while back that Ramona Singer and LuAnn de Lesseps got a huge raise this season and would be earning $500,000 as the only original castmembers.

Yep, ok… so that’s a lot of money, but if you’re already supposed to be so rich is it really worth it?


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