There has been much speculation as to whether or not Vanderpump Rules will be Bravo's next break-out show. And like it or love it (or despise it), the ratings are in and they have been consistently strong. In fact the fourth episode, which aired this past Monday, had viewership to rival Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

1.67 Million viewers tuned into see Jax Taylor, the little sweater that could, and his spittle take down the queen, Stassi Schroeder at her Las Vegas birthday party. Compare that to RHOBH which earned 2.04 M viewers. Granted that's on the low end for RHOBH and viewership is traditionally higher, but for a break-out cable show VPR is doing preeeetty well! 

Eager to capitalize on their new little starletts, Bravo has them working overtime. The cast taped a segment for The View yesterday (airing Friday) with HBIC Lisa Vanderpump to oversee their antics. Then they hit-up WWHL where they kept things anything but low-key! Some photos of their appearance on WWHL are below. Andy Cohen could not stop drooling, I might add!


Discussing the drama is male model extraordinaire, Jax! And we all want to know – what's up with Stassi?! Judging by Jax's twitter the two are still very much together, unless it's all a publicity stunt! 

Jax reveals Stassi pushed him to do the show and clarifies the two had "issues" before the cameras started rolling, but their pressence "intensified" the drama. "Stassi is really good at this whole reality game. She definitely knows how to play it really well."

"All the issues and friendships, that's all real," Jax maintains to Reality Wanted. "People always ask if it's scripted and I really wish it was scripted. It would be easier to watch. It's hard to watch. It's that bad or emotional for me."

"We've all been friends for over ten years, it wasn't like, 'Oh let's throw all these people together.' Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz have been my best friends for ten years! We're like the tv show Friends with a little mixture of The Hills in there. All we do is hang out with each other. It's 100% real and I wish was some of it was fake. It would be easier to deal with, it really would, even as a guy." 

Despite all the drama with Scheana Marie (who worked at Villa Blanca prior to the show fiming when she was suddenly brought on board at Sur), Jax says she's a super nice girl. "She was great during filming! I wouldn't consider her my great friend or that close but when we're around each other, we talk." 

Jax also dishes on what Lisa is like to work for, and the answer: tough, but "awesome." No surprise there. "I love Lisa. I almost consider her like a mother figure," Jax reveals.

"Obviously on the show, she's firm but when the cameras aren't around, she's always coming around and asking how things are going. Honestly, she doesn't even have to do that but she does it anyway. She's very sincere and cares about my well being." Awwww… Lisa love-fest. 

And of course Jax says he's already ready for season 2! "I think me, Stassi, Tom, Tom, Kristen [Doute], and Katie [Maloney] really need to sit down and talk. I'm on board."

"It was a great experience," Jax shares. "I just hope things would go a little differently. This is our lives. As far as experience and crew, it's great. Emotionally, though, it's tough." 

Jax also says he hopes his career can benefit from the sudden infusion of reality TV. And his goal is to open a modeling agency!  "I've only been working at the restaurant one day a week. But my goal is to start an agency with a friend of mine. We've been doing this for ten years and we want to specialize in working with guys. It's just in the talking stage and putting away money." And cue his next reality TV venture… 

Photos of the gang on WWHL and from twitter are below! 

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Lisa with all the employees from Sur. [Credit: Bravo]

jax-taylor-stassi-schroederJax and Stassi over the summer [Credit: mrjaxtaylor twitter]

jax-taylor-stassi-schroeder-2Jax and Stassi in Vegas [Credit: mrjaxtaylor twitter]

stassi-schroeder-lisa-vanderpump-theviewStassi, Scheana, and Lisa filming for The View, airing tomorrow! [Credit: Stassi’s twitter]

stassi-schroeder-scheana-marieStassi and Scheana crashing Andy's office! 

wwhl-pumprulesScheana, Stassi, and Andy.

vanderpump-rules-wwhl2Another shot of the cast in the clubhouse. 

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