Little Women: Atlanta recap

On Little Women: Atlanta, we are slowly but surely switching from baby fever to bridal fever. With Monie Cashette’s wedding planning in full swing, the girls have no choice but to come along for the ride and see how the friendships play out with the Bridezilla that can’t budget.

Monie has been keeping herself busy with anger management classes and delusions of wedding grandeur. Poor Morlin is stuck not only trying to keep Monie’s temper in check, but her spending too. Good luck with that, buddy. One way he has suggested they cut costs is by supplying their own alcohol at the reception and Monie tentatively agrees, provided she can still get “the fancy stuff.” I was busy wondering when Monie got so high maintenance until she makes a bee line for the Moscato, stating that she only deserves the best. The best being a $16 bottle of wine.


Don't Be Tardy recap

With six kids, a chef, and more dogs than I can keep track of, it’s safe to say that Kim Zolciak Biermann and Kroy Biermann like to live in excess. Last night’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy highlights, underlines, and throws a bunch of exclamation points on that excess as we watch Kim continue to push for one more kid, but maybe settle for a puppy instead.

The idea originally pops up thanks to resident daughter/assistant/unofficial Fit Tea sales rep, Brielle. While Kash and KJ adorably wreck the kitchen in an attempt to cook something, Brielle, who previously stated that their house was like a daycare, mentions that it’s time for another dog. Brielle’s highly interested in cross-breeding two dogs until Tracey points out how many dogs are stuck in shelters and need good homes. Brielle doesn’t seem thrilled but will take what she can get and production Tracey pulls a few strings to arrange for the family to volunteer over the weekend.


Little Women: LA recap

Since the season began, Christy McGinity has spiraled down into a pit largely of her own making. Now that she has no farther to fall, it’s time for the rest of these Little Women: LA ladies to start turning on each other! Which is just what happens this week when Jasmine Sorge decides she needs to confront Terra Jole about whether she’s a true friend or not. Because she’s not a pet owner. If you’re still scratching your head over that one, well, so am I.

Before we descend into total madness, we travel to the plastic surgeon’s with Elena Gant, who’s brought Terra along for support. Elena wants to get her a$$ stretch marks lasered off, which is rich considering she inserted implants into her butt before getting pregnant. I guess it’s reality check time. Elena tells Terra that she was unhappy with Preston’s surprise party, especially because she didn’t want to be around that level of drama on her birthday.


Survivor recap

Love was in the air this week on Survivor, but for one contestant, there was nothing but heart-break in the end. I guess that beats having a heart-attack, as another castaway was feared to have suffered tonight. Yes, there is a lot to cover, and we will be talking about much more than puppies and butts when we dive into Episode 2 of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X. Let’s do this!

As always, I’ll try to keep these first two paragraphs “spoiler free,” so only read further if you have already seen Episode 2, or if you don’t mind it being spoiled. You’ve been warned!



I will never forget Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X.  It was on the day of the premiere episode of Season 33, when my first born child, my son Clayton, was born.  Perhaps it’s because of this that I may have watched last week’s premiere episode through rose-colored glasses.  I was ecstatic, I was pumped (I was on very little sleep).  But I felt excited for the premiere, and excited that I had a “Survivor Baby,” born on #whitericewednesday.  Maybe one day this little dude will compete on Survivor, or maybe at least curl up next to dad to watch the Season 45 premiere.  He’s already been bought a “The Tribe Has Spoken” onesie, so there is little hope that he will not become enamored with Survivor as his dad is.

But Episode 1 is now behind us, a solid episode overall that introduced several seemingly likable players, and what appears to be a pretty interesting overall theme.  We now pivot to Episode 2, airing tonight, to see if this season can begin creating some momentum moving forward.


Below Deck recap

Is the glass half empty or half full? In Trevor Walker‘s case, the glass totally missing. Last seen, Trevor was left with no drink in hand, courtesy of Ben Robinson flinging it away from him after a crew night out that saw Trevor turn into a drunken, slurry fool. But will the crew of Below Deck even be able to handle Trevor for one more charter? Answer: No.

When Captain Lee Rosbach gets wind of Trevor’s latest antics (and his awesome hair modeling #skillz), the tides shift. But – wait – there’s suddenly a new crew member to hate on now! Sierra Storm, who has been flying under the radar thus far despite her increasing ineptitude as second stew, butts heads this week with Ben when she can’t seem to scrape a simple salad together. Ooh! And there’s a love triangle taking shape as well. (Finally!) And it’s not the trio I expected. (Was it yours?)


Dance Moms recap

Is ninety-minutes of Dance Moms really necessary, Lifetime? How much footage could you possibly have? The season is already going to be at least a hundred episodes long, so do we need to be subjected to super-sized episodes each week? Oh well. More air time for Abby Lee Miller at least!

As last night’s episode begins, the mini moms are excited to enter a quiet studio. However, they are quickly bombarded by the veteran mothers who tease them about fighting over a plastic crown during last week’s episode. Jill condescendingly compliments the mini team as “cute.” After some strong duets, the veteran moms are feeling confident in the pyramid. Of course, they are confused when they see so many pictures as part of the weekly round up. Are the minis part of the pyramid as well? Say it isn’t so!


Kelly Dodd's marriage is a mess

We’re moving on, we’re moving backwards, and we’re moving into straight crazy territory on Real Housewives Of Orange County. Who isn’t on the edge of their seat after that preview for the rest of the season? In a war between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge, it was always a toss-up, but then Tamra found Jesus through jumping jacks and Vicki got ‘duped’ by her own desperation, so now I don’t know… It’s probably still a toss-up!

Apparently Bravo is using Tamra as some sort of Kelly Dodd reflecting pool. Like, ‘Oh remember way back when when Tamra was an irascible ‘naked wasted getting’ bitch throwing wine in her friend’s faces? But now that she’s found the ever-supportive Eddie, she’s calm and centered.’ Like Kelly could be that too if she divorced Michael. I don’t know. Crazy is as crazy does, and crazy takes advice from Tamra and Vicki!