Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap – While In Thailand, Kim Kardashian Wants To Adopt


On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we saw the final installment of the Thailand vacay. Kim Kardashian continues to believe kids are fashion accessories and momentarily contemplates taking a Thai orphan home. Brody Jenner puts his protective big brother panties on and Khloe Kardashian opens up more about the disaster she once called her marriage..

Things kick off with a group boxing session. Khloe may or may not be visualizing the instructor is Lamar’s cheating a$$. She is a machine. Everyone is impressed and applauds her strength. Brody and Kim feel Khloe should quit kicking the instructors a$$ and just tap his a$$ instead. Kim decides it’s her turn in the ring after all she wants people to clap for her too! Apparently she doesn’t like to get her hands dirty, and instead opts to ding the bell. Everybody claps Kim’s big achievement.

Back at the resort Bruce Jenner is serenading the family. My ears are bleeding. Mid song, Kim announces she has to go and perform her motherly duties. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true, you aren’t fooling us, Kim.


Kris Jenner is micro-managing the list of supplies they need to bring on their orphanage trip. Lord I feel sorry for these children being subjected to this crazy bunch of dysfunction. Did she just say clothes from the Kardashian Kids Kollection? Make that a double on the sorry. Kendall Jenner wonders what living in an orphanage would be like? Oh Kendall you are too late to be adopted by a normal family. You are going to have to give up on the ‘Annie’ orphanage dream and just make peace with the family hand you’ve been dealt.

The family arrives at the orphanage and the kids are so adorable! They are so excited and happy to have visitors. I actually see some of the family have a reality check of how blessed they actually are to live a life with good health, wealth and a family. Albeit, a crazy dysfunctional family. Brandon Jenner and Leah Jenner do an impromptu performance and everyone sings along. The family gift the children with a bunch of presents and supplies. Everyone is playing and interacting with the children. Minus Kylie, who is thinking of what animal she will come back at in her next life. It’s a butterfly if any of you were wondering. #Priorities One little girl called Pink ran after Kim when she was leaving and gifted her with her bracelet. Kim was moved by the gesture, so much so, that she wanted to take her home with her.


The gang arrive for dinner. Brandon and Brody ask if Khloe has heard from Lamar since being on vacation. Khloe reveals Lamar has been M.I.A since moving back to New York. No one can find him. Brandon tells Khloe she is an awesome person who deserves better. Khloe reveals that regardless of what she deserves she still worries about Lamar and his well being. Khloe laments that her marital issues had been brewing for a lot longer than most people knew, it was only when he got sloppy with his side chicks that things started to spill out to the media. Now I have to say, Khloe is my favorite Kardashian but what did she expect? She married someone after 30 days of knowing them. The odds were not exactly on her side. Maybe she would have learned of his drug dependency issues and his philandering ways had she taken a few extra months prior to rushing in to marriage!? I’m still sad for her though.


Brandon, Brody and Bruce are hitting up a Thai boxing ring. The boys discuss Kim’s upcoming nuptials. No one has received an invite. Poor Brody is going to get a shock when he isn’t granted a plus one. The guys decide to be Khloe’s wingmen and bring home a Thai boxer for Khloe to have some fun with. Umm okay. The boys probe Bruce about his relationship status. He is more than dunzo when it comes to KrisZilla. The boys stake out the meat market for Khloe. This is definitely a new form of ‘picking up’ than I am used to.


The next day Kim is still thinking about Pink and the other children from the orphanage. Kim decides she wants to purchase adopt Pink from the orphanage. I don’t think Kim understands children are not handbags – you don’t collect them! Unless you’re Angelina, Brad or Madonna. Kris is concerned Kim isn’t thinking clearly. I think this is the worst storyline and I pray she never said anything in front of Pink that could have gotten her hopes up. The hotel manager comes to talk to Kim about adoption and evidently word must have gotten out about her fake storyline plans, and the Thai community decided to pretend like adoption wasn’t an option, to save poor Pink from the same fate as baby North. Kim is le sad, but not for long.  She decides to donate more supplies and help in other ways. #PraiseJesus


Kim and Brody are laughing about how Kanye flips out at paparazzi. Apparently Kanye was arrested for one of his outbursts and when he was granted his one phone call he decided to call Mr. Chow’s and order take out to be delivered to jail. Ahhh Kanye, you never cease to amaze me. #YeezusLovesMrChows


Kim discusses wedding plans with the Jenners while Khloe grows some balls and decides to take a dip in the ocean. Apparently she hates the ocean and she almost died on that little adventure. Melodramatic much? Kim and Brody applaud her body and her brush with almost death.


The family join together again, to eat of course. The boys discuss Thai boxing and husband hunting for Khloe. They decide to call one of the potential suitors and have Kris pose as Khloe via the phone. Kris gets a little carried away while speaking terrible french and suddenly sets Khloe up on a date.


The gang are headed to a Buddhist temple so Khloe can gain some peace and serenity. No offense, but I think the entire bunch need some peace and serenity. Minus Leah and Brandon, they are mellow yellow. Apparently nothing bad can enter the temple. Does that mean pimp momager dearest had to wait in the car with bratty Kylie? Khloe is all ‘Namaste’ she is loving that no one is allowed to talk. AMEN! I hear you sister.


Silly Khloe leaves the silent zone. #rookiemove  Kim sniffs her out and begins to talk about… You guessed it: Rob. I fell asleep during #RobGate for the millionth time. For someone who basically never films, the group pretty much makes him half the storyline. Kim and Kris return to the orphanage and bring more supplies and donations. I will admit it was cute and I’m glad they made a second trip and donated more.



While Kim and Kris were off being charitable, Khloe and Kendall were pretending to be Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in wedding crashers. They photo bomb a happy couple posing for their wedding photos. After the girls tire of photo bombing, the girls decide to hang with Brody and Brandon at the bar. Kendall and Brody approach the bar and a stranger grabs Kendall’s rear end, lucky it wasn’t Kim’s or his hand may have been lost forever. Brody accuses the patron of touching his sister and proceeds to flip out. Things escalate quickly and security drag Mr Creepy out of the beach bar. Khloe claps Brody’s big brother efforts. This family loves a good applause don’t they? I guess they all need constant validation. #AFamilyThatClapsTogetherStaysTogether ??


Kris organizes a lantern releasing ceremony on the beach after dinner to finish their vacation. She says it is symbolic of letting go. Something that Khloe may especially benefit from. The family discuss all the things they are letting go of. It was a nice end to a very orchestrated vacay.


On next week’s episode the gang are back in LaLa Land. Kourtney is Khloe’s new interior designer. Umm, was I the only one that thought Kourtney’s house looked like an Alice in Wonderland on crack themed disaster? The group travel to the Versace mansion and just as I was missing Scott he seems to be back to his old drunky drunkerson ways.. Oh dear.. Things are looking bleak.



Recap Author: Gina P.

Photo Credit: E! Network