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Keep your friends close and your former friends turned enemies closer? Guess so! Stassi Schroeder apparently had a terrible time at the Vanderpump Rules reunion where her friends and co-stars turned on her and demanded answers for her rudeness and arrogance. As a result, Kristen Doute who also faced the wrath, teamed up with Stassi to form an unlikely alliance! 

Andy Cohen revealed that it wasn’t just Stassi who took a beating, but Jax Taylor as well. 

“Well Stassi and Jax almost didn’t survive, SURvive, because they were both kind of pummeled by everybody… ” Andy shared in an Ask Andy segment. “Maybe I ganged up on Jax the most… but they all ganged up on Stassi. I almost felt bad for her.”


Kristen, who joins Stassi in longer working at SUR, confessed that she and Stassi joined ranks in standing-up to Lisa Vanderpump! “For the first couple of years I worked at SUR, [Lisa] didn’t even know my name… She used to call me ‘girl’ and that was when I was really good friends with Pandora,” says Kristen, who added that she supported Stassi in confronting Lisa about playing favorites at the reunion. “I don’t bow down to people who think they are holier than thou.” 

Kristen also believes that despite her firing, she belongs on the show. “I think the ratings prove that it works when I am on the show, but I also know I am not a fan favorite.” But after the reunion she isn’t sure if Lisa will ask her to return for season 4. 

Tonight Scheana Marie‘s wedding continues, where Kristen and her boyfriend James Kennedy erupt into major drama over her stalking of Tom Sandoval. Kristen admits her behavior was out of control, but insists editing cut some pivotal scenes from the show. 

Kristen is seen leaving the wedding with another man. Kristen says he’s just a friend – but we know how Kristen likes to get extra close to her male friends…  “I had to walk off because James was getting drunk and I needed a break. He is 10 years younger than most of us and this is his first time being in front of the cameras…the whole summer got to him,” Kristen tells Maria Menounos on the AfterBuzz TV AfterShow.  

“I apologized to James at the reunion…you could tell I still had feelings – and it wasn’t that I wanted to be with Tom – but I wasn’t over the break-up and I wasn’t over him being with Ariana.”  

As for how Scheana Marie reacted to Kristen’s behavior at the wedding, she was furious. Jax says Kristen ruined the wedding with her antics, but Kristen says the two argued over Scheana putting her friendship with Ariana Madix above their friendship – and she’s the one that un-friended Scheana. 

“We do have a scene that I know doesn’t air…we talk about what happened at the reception,” Kristen describes. “I went in saying ‘I do love you and I care about you but you are not a good friend and I am out.'” 

Tonight, of course, the drama at Scheana’s wedding continues. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting so make sure to join us! 


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