Stassi Schroeder Admits To A Solo Sex Tape; Leaving Vanderpump Rules For Her Own Podcast?

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Stassi Schroeder has a secret sex tape! On tonight’s Vanderpump Rules reunion she accuses Scheana Marie of trying to make it a storyline on the show – and being behind an unsuccessful plot to expose the “self-pleasure” sex tape to the media! 

Stassi has made no secret of the fact that she’s disgusted by her costars and former friends, but her reasons seem nebulous. However, in part 2 of the reunion, Stassi and Scheana erupt into a very nasty argument over Stassi trying to use the SUR staff, and her co-stars, as pawns to do her bidding and then casting them aside when they grow a backbone.

In the midst of the argument, Stassi shares just why she’s so hateful to Scheana – and throws Scheana’s argument in her face by accusing her doing the same exact thing when she tried to convince castmates to participate in leaking word of Stassi’s private masturbation sex tape. 


Stassi admits, to a “speechless” Andy Cohen, that she made the tape and sent it to a guy “a couple years ago.” Reportedly Scheana was behind orchestrating a “group of frienemies” to make the existence of the tape public knowledge on the show, and Stassi accuses this same group of sending the video to several media outlets.

Luckily the self-pleasure sex tape never went public! Obviously because Stassi never gave consent for its release and that’s a big ole lawsuit! 

Stassi won’t reveal the guy in question (aka the recipient of the tape) is – or if he was involved in trying to leak it, but Andy denies prior knowledge of it and begs Stassi for more details, reports TMZ. 

Hmmm… so how would Scheana know about the tape? My guess: the guy in question is Jax Taylor, Stassi’s boyfriend during that time, who was traveling a lot as a model. I’ll bet she sent him the tape, he told Scheana (maybe even showed proof of its validity), and that’s the horrible “beyond cheating” thing Jax did to Stassi, which she kept referencing during the first part of the reunion!

If this is true it would answer so many questions about Stassi’s attitude this season, her refusal to be around Jax at the finale, and explain why her boyfriend Patrick wants nothing to do with the show – and why he isn’t comfortable with Jax contacting her. Still – why is Stassi asking Jax for money?

It would also clear-up Katie Maloney’s perceived betrayal against Stassi, and her anger towards Katie her for not reaching out (she clearly knew), and embarking upon a friendship with Scheana. Which would also be why Stassi is demanding an apology from Katie. It would also provide an answer to the mysterious comments about what a tough time Stassi was going through during filming, with no one revealing what exactly the horrible occurrence is! 

I also think Kristen Doute told Stassi about the the plot as a way to convince Stassi to help her expose Tom and Ariana! It’s Machiavellian over there at SUR! 

The biggest question: what did Lisa Vanderpump know?

And if all of this is true, I so don’t blame Stassi for peaceing-out from the show! But she’s still an entitled, nasty bitch with a princess complex! Speaking of which, it seems inevitable that Stassi will not return next season. The “statement necklace designer” just announced she’s starting a podcast with CBSRadio. Wonder if she landed that job courtesy of her boyfriend?

Stassi shared that Straight Up With Stassi will be a weekly podcast and begin airing next month. “Basically, it’s me being brutally honest about things, whether it’s something that’s going on in pop culture or an opinion about something that happened to me that day,” she tells FabFitFun. “I’m going to have my friends and people I can banter back and forth with on, and hopefully it will get to a point where I feel comfortable with people calling in.” 

Tonight part-two of the reunion airs, and the drama really comes unhinged. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, so make sure to join us! 


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