Jax Taylor And Tom Schwartz Play Never Have I Ever SUR Edition On WWHL; Also, Was Tom Ready To Propose To Katie?

Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz on Watch What Happens Live

Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz were Andy‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live after the much anticipated season premiere of Vanderpump Rules. They didn’t spill too much about the upcoming season, but fun was had by all. Except maybe by the intern in charge of muting Jax and Tom‘s swear words.

Andy kicks off the show with a game – Never Have I Ever SUR Edition. Neither Jax nor Tom cops to taking money from the register or calling off work to go to the beach. They both admit to drinking on the job and asking a significant other to sneak food home. Only Jax drinks to stealing decor from any restaurant and hooking up with a customer during a shift. Does any of this surprise you?


Andy asks Tom to dump as much shady info on Jax as he can in 30 seconds.

How many girls has Jax been with in one night? “At least four.”

Do you like Jax’s new girlfriend Brittany Cartwright? “A lot.”

Has Jax been faithful to Brittany? “Surprisingly, yes.”

Has Jax ever hooked up with a celebrity? “Yeah. Multiple.”

One name? “Porn stars or actresses? Actress, Lindsay Lohan.”

About Lindsay, Jax adds, “A long time ago. Just once. She was great.” Much to Jax’s dismay, Tom supplies the name of a porn star, as well – Bridgette B. Click here to see her Instagram page.

A caller asks Jax and Tom what they miss about working with Kristen Doute. Jax says work isn’t as much fun without Kristen, adding, “With Kristen, every shift, there’s always something gonna happen. We can always bet on something’s gonna happen with her. It makes work more interesting when she’s around. As much of a disaster she can be, she’s also really awesome.”

Why did Jax text Carmen immediately after he talked to James? “I just wanted to know why she was communicating with him about telling me,” explains Jax. “She is always talking about, why don’t you go right to the source, and she was going to James. That bothered me.”

A viewer questions how Tom can be friends with Jax. Tom insists that Jax has a heart of gold. He continues, but Bravo mutes what he says. I *think* Tom says Jax is an asshole, then defends their friendship in spite of his assholery, but I cannot read his lips. Jax defends himself, saying, “I’m not malicious. I just make a lot of bad mistakes.”

Was Tom ready to propose to Katie Maloney or did he feel pressured? “I was genuinely ready, and I can say that with 100% certainty.” When did Tom know Katie was the one? “The first time she stuck a quarter in her belly button. I will never forget.”

A caller asks if it’s awkward to serve the Real Housewives stars. “When they get together for these dinners, it’s like United Nations,” says Jax. “There’s all these different people from different countries and they’re all fighting each other over the most non-issues.” When asked if he has ever slept with a Bravo housewife, Jax pleads the fifth.

Poll – Which nose of Jax‘s do you like the best?

1 – 76%
2 – 4%
3 – 20%

Andy asks Jax how much money he’s spent on his noses, “Around $20,000.”


Photo Credit: Twitter