Lisa Rinna Reflects on Ponies, Matching Leopard Prints, and Pool Parties!

Lisa Rinna on the farm

Lisa Rinna lightheartedly meanders through her blog in this week’s reflection on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Giddy up! She gushed, “What a fun episode this was to watch! So many really laughable moments went on this season, and it’s great to see them among some of the drama and speculation we’ve been seeing already.”

On her mani-pedi day with her two daughters, Lisa shares, “Of course, as you know, I love the time I spend with my girls. Oh, the conversations we have! The sassiness coming from Delilah Belle as she tells me her curfew is now 11:10. What is that? Who did that? Why? Was that a Harry Hamlin thing? Was it Delilah Belle? Was it me? I want to know who came up with this 11:10 curfew for her, because it’s just weird. Clearly, the art of negotiation is alive and well in our household.”


“And then there was Rosebud. Sweet, little tutu’d Rosebud. That little, potbellied, dwarf pony really did steal Lisa [Vanderpump’s] heart,” jokes Lisa. The practically lame pony wasn’t meant to be a Vanderpump in the end, sadly. (So, can I be one instead?)

Lisa explains, “I mean hello! We traveled halfway across the country for this gift for Ken! What a disappointment to discover the health issue with her leg. I do believe that the ultimate decision to have Rosebud stay on her farm where she can receive the best care from her current vet and family was in her best interest.” Lisa calls the trip “ridiculous” and “fun” anyway, noting that it was all just part of the adventure.

“Speaking of ridiculous,” continues Lisa, “how many times am I going to match my leopard-donning lunch dates? This is twice now. Note to self, no more leopard when going to lunch with my fellow Housewives. I mean, c’mon. Thank God for my leather jacket, because Eileen [Davidson] looked stunning in her dress, and there was no way I was even going to try to keep up!”

Finally touching on a more substantial (and sketchy!) moment during lunch, Lisa comments, “Interesting conversations between Eileen, Kyle [Richards], and myself though, right? I had to relive that damn car ride from hell as we discussed Kyle’s sister and her legal issues, so that’s always fun. NOT!”

“Then we have more conversations about Yolanda [Foster’s] health…,” she continues. “It’s to the point now where Yolanda is SO sick and SO desperate to feel better, that it’s become a topic we all feel compelled to talk about in hopes of shedding some light on the situation.” 

Setting the Lyme storyline aside for a moment (can we make that moment last all season, please!?), Lisa moves on to welcoming new RHOBH castmate, Erika Girardi. “I have to tell you, I really like Erika very much. She speaks her mind, she knows and is proud of who she is and what she’s done, and rightfully so! I had no idea she was so successful in the club scene. Eight #1 singles is quite an accomplishment! You’ve gotta respect a woman that honors exactly who she is and makes no apologies for it. Kudos to you, Erika. Welcome aboard our crazy train!”

Speaking of crazy trains, Lisa ends her blog by gushing over the “stick pony” and grown-a$$-clothed-women-pool-romp that concluded Ken Todd’s birthday party. She jokes, “There were a few moments of fear when Ken was pushed into the pool, considering he had hip replacement surgery weeks before, and everyone, especially Lisa V., sighed with relief when we knew he was okay.”

“Seeing Kyle go floating by on her back, Lisa’s see-through dress, and Eileen freaking out about Ken’s expensive shoes being ruined in the pool was all too much for me. I was literally crying with laughter, and I hope you were too, because it’s these moments that keep me going. If you can’t laugh at yourself in situations like these, then what’s the point, I say. Laughter and fun times is what makes our fabulous, life-long memories.”

As for Lisa’s thoughts on Taylor Armstrong this episode? She snarks, “I still stand by my statement that Taylor has a bigger mouth than I do. Haha!”


Photo Credit: Bravo