6 Reasons We’re Excited Teresa Giudice Is Being Released From Prison!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6

Teresa Giudice is giving reality television fans the most wonderful Christmas gift of all because today is the day she’ll be released from prison! I assume Bravo cameras will be standing by to capture the moment she is set free, and picked up by her attorney to be driven home to the many foreclosure’d manor in Montville. (Giudice Glenn?)  

Teresa’s legal issues may be far from over, but let’s have a little holiday cheer and celebrate the reasons we’re excited for the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star’s freedom! 

So Pay Attention PUH-LEAZE to the 6 reasons why Teresa’s release is giving us the holly jollies instead of the Bah Humbugs! (But on that note, let’s hope Teresa’s new lifestyle is a little more Ebeneezer Scrooge in the money department, and a little less Ma Moneybags!)


teresa-giudice-bun[Photo Credit: Bravo]

6. FRESH FACES: After a year of recycling the same old Teresa images every time we write up her latest financial mishap or Juicy Joe dilemma, I am most definitely ready for some new tilted-head, overly made-up post-prison pics!

I am also anxious to see just how gnarly Tre’s hair has gotten while she’s been in the pen. And will Teresa tone down the 50 shades of orange spray tan she’s known to love? After 12 months of prison-issued orange, perhaps she’s overdosed on her favorite skin tone? Could a post-prison Tre be a soft, more neutral shade? Whatever the case, lights, camera, photoshop – I’m ready for it! 

rhonj-melissa-teresa[Photo Credit: Bravo]

5. RESUMED GORGADICE HOSTILITIES: For now Teresa and Melissa Gorga are playing all love and light. The families are planning to spend Christmas Eve together, and despite Melissa gushing about how much they’ve grown as a family from Teresa’s incarceration, I wonder just how long these warring sisters-in-laws can keep up appearances before they’re at each other’s marble-encrusted, layaway gold, throats to compete over being RHONJ’s biggest and brightest star. Let the battle lines be drawn in rhinestones and to the victor go the Envy!

Let’s hope Melissa writes another shade-laden pop song about it! 

teresa giudice does not think she owes teresa aprea an apology[Photo Credit: Bravo]

4. DELUSIONEW? How much has prison changed the Teresa we’ve come to know and uhhh… be stuck with? Post-incarceration will Teresa be softer, more humble, finally able to take some accountability? Will she have a new attitude and be more positive and accepting? Will she finally forgive and forget? Will old vendettas be forgotten as she rekindles her friendship with Jacqueline Laruita?

Or will Teresa leave prison with nothing more than a new pair of underwear, eager to pretend all this icky bad stuff never happened while she keeps shopping, spending, squealing, denying, and Fabulicious-ing her way through Franklin Lakes? Maybe her soon-to-be-released memoir will shed some clues! 

Teresa is on home confinement until February, but she’s allowed passes if she obtains permission. Will she be socializing all over town, or will she focus on rebuilding her life quietly

I’m personally rooting for Teresa and truly hope she’ll stop with the phony nonsense. Team Let’s Wait And See! 

rhonj-recap-teresa-joe-date[Photo Credit: Bravo]

3. TRE WITHOUT JUICY JOEWTeresa and Joe scarcely have 2 months together before he is scheduled to begin his own 41-month sentence. When Joe goes ‘away’ he will  be conveniently situated in the same prison as Apollo Nida. It’s almost as if Bravo planned it…

While I’m obviously heartbroken for Teresa and Joe’s daughters that their family is once again being split, I am eager to see how Teresa operates sans Joe. How will this affect her relationship with her brother Poison? Or her financial management? How will the couple be able to weather the long separation? And the biggest question of all: How will Teresa handle Milania, The 3 foot 3 terror got the better of Just Out Of Juice Joew? Let’s hope Teresa has a few more tricks up her heavily bedazzled sleeves! 

Teresa Giudice Sings Copies Of Her New Book [Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images]

2. FABULICIOUS 2.0? The Fabulicious empire Teresa built on the backs of many RHONJ viewers’ sweat and tears has all but crumbled – all that remains is a warehouse full of Fabellini. With lots and lots of bills to pay, I expect Teresa will be eager to get the cash flowing, so I wonder what products she’ll be diving into? Perhaps some leopard-print handcuffs? Fur-lined prison jumpsuits? A prison toiletry kit?

Teresa could try to rebuild her lifestyle brand. Or she could she go in a completely different direction by playing off her experiences in prison. As always, I truly look forward to the return of Teresa’s many-cobbled vocabulary. I mean what ingredientzes will she mix up next? And seriously – will we ever get a definitive on the pronunciation of Giudice? 

rhonj-recap-full-cast[Photo Credit: Bravo]

1. THE RETURN OF REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY! We already know Teresa is jumping right back into her role as reality star – one she was even able to fill from behind bars.

Filming for the 7th season of Real Housewives Of New Jersey was on hiatus until Teresa’s release, but now she’s back and sources reveal that the cameras have recently started rolling. Teresa joins Melissa and Jacqueline, plus a brand new cast to try and rejuvenate what was once Bravo’s (al)most popular Real Housewives franchise.


Season 6 saw a much-subdued Teresa as she worried about her impeding legal issues. That, along with a bizarre cast who never really grabbed viewers, thus the ratings took a serious dive. Will Teresa be back with a  vengeance and a fury? And how will the show, and the ladies, handle her after surviving prison?

While RHONJ has often caused me stress-induced acid reflux (or maybe that was the Fabellini?), I’m ready for the Garden State to plant some new roots and grow bitches, grow. And I seriously cannot wait to see how the show – along with Teresa – changes, and what Bravo will do to revamp the once insanely riveting series! 


[Main Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]