Eileen Davidson: ‘I Dare Anyone To Accuse Yolanda Foster Of Not Really Being Sick’

Eileen Davidson

From Erika Girardi sharing the age of her hubby to Yolanda Foster revealing that Bella and Anwar have Lyme disease to Eileen Davidson sticking her designer pump in her mouth, there were quite a few bombs dropped among the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week.

Eileen described this episode as “a learning experience” in her blog.

“One, I learned that even swans have emergency rooms. Really, Hanky? Not nice to bite the hand that literally feeds you! Get well soon, and learn some swan manners before you’re singing your swan song. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.),” joked Eileen. “Two, during the tour of CBS, I learned that Lisa [Vanderpump] (or Eve Harrington as I’ll now call her) wouldn’t hesitate to steal my job. Three, I find out Lisa [Rinna] has had a relationship with her bikini waxer for longer than I have known my husband. Four, I also learned that now I can do anything I have ever wanted, because Lisa R had her fanny waxed on national TV.”


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Eileen Davidson

Eileen continued, “Finally, number five, when we were officially introduced to Erika (and her $189,000 ring) and the age difference between her and her husband Tom is brought up, I learned we all have the worst poker faces on the planet. But all that seems unimportant compared to the real issues here.”

The “real issues” revolve around Yolanda. <sigh> “Go get a glass of wine, and please excuse me for a moment while I take my foot out of my mouth,” Eileen said first. “Maybe get a snack, too, because my foot is halfway down my throat.”

Eileen clarified, “During drinks at the Sofitel, Yolanda brought up Taylor questioning her illness to Lisa R. I misunderstood! I assumed she heard about what Lisa R had said at LVP’s when we met the ponies, so I jumped in with damage control. I thought, ‘Lisa R is out of town and has not gotten to talk and apologize to Yo yet.’ So I felt it was my job, as both of their friends, to explain.”

“Please believe me, if I had known Yo was only hearing what Taylor had said, I would have never brought it up,” insisted Eileen. “Especially when I saw how uncomfortable this information made her. I would have left that convo for Lisa R to have. My only intention was to help. So why do I feel like I’ve only stoked the fire? Or started a new one?”

What stood out to me: Yolanda could NOT get out of there quick enough once Munchausen syndrome was mentioned. I don’t think she left because she felt “uncomfortable” per se, but because she didn’t have an icy, manipulative retort thought out for that particular accusation.

Eileen emphasized with Yolanda over the talk with her family about her will.

Yolanda is gearing up to have major surgery. I didn’t understand how intense it was at the time, either. Getting her implants taken out is invasive enough, but removing leakage from her chest cavity and under her arms is a whole new level. It’s not surprising she felt it was time to have a family meeting with her mother and kids,” said Eileen. “Yolanda lost her father young, and she’s trying to take care of the people she loves. Her talk with her kids, and their reaction about the will being discussed, was very intense and extremely moving. I know how hard this conversation can be, despite how important it is.”

It is an important conversation… that should not have happened on camera.

About the “bombshell” that “no one saw coming” about both Bella and Anwar suffering from Lyme disease as well, Eileen shared, “It does shed more light on Yolanda’s fight; she’s not just battling for her health, but for the health of her children. I think her raising awareness of this disease, through whatever outlet (cough cough Instagram) or just being so raw and open about her struggles on the show, makes more sense than ever before. As a mother, I understand fighting for my kids, but the fact of the matter is that I can’t entirely relate to the struggles she’s facing. But I absolutely respect her for it.”

Eileen concluded, “And after seeing [Yolanda] break down while talking to her mother about the surgery, I dare anyone to accuse her of not really being sick.”

What I learned from RHOBH this week: Yolanda‘s manipulation game is MUCH stronger than I ever imagined. I just hope it does not break up Eileen and Lisa Rinna‘s friendship, because they’re magic together.


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