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Jax Taylor On Flirting With Lala, Lying To Brittany, Getting Arrested In Hawaii, Pooping On Camera, And More On WWHL

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor and The View host Michelle Collins are Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Jax dishes on his arrest in Hawaii, the lies he tells his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, and his on-camera bathroom habits.

Jax apologizes for the train wreck that was Lala Kent and James Kennedy on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago, “I apologize on behalf of our cast after that mess.” When asked about the “secret” Lala claims to know about Jax (and James threw out the word herpes), he says, “They’re hitting below the belt. They’re reaching for something that’s not there. I think she is disappointed that I didn’t follow through with hooking up with her, so she was just reaching.”


Jax goes on to say that Lala and James are their own worst enemies, “I don’t have to do anything. I just sit back and watch them destroy their own selves. It was pretty horrific to watch.”

When asked to admit he lied to Lala and Brittany, he says, “Everything I say to Lala, it runs back to James. If I wanted to go there [have sex with Lala], I think I clearly could have.”

Andy is like, that wasn’t the question, did you tell Lala you wanted to have sex with her? “I did say this,” admits Jax, “but because it pisses off James.” Pushed a little further, Jax adds, “Yes, I did [lie]. I didn’t want [Brittany] to know that.” Jax says he has since apologized to both Lala and Brittany.

How did Brittany react to this episode? “She wasn’t happy, but she knows how much I love her.” Jax reiterates that he never wanted to be with Lala, he only wanted to get under James‘s skin. “I get such pleasure… I knew she would run back to him. In fact, after that night, I took her to her boyfriend’s car. She had a boyfriend at the tie. She was drunk at that bar. She was SO drunk. We took her to her boyfriend’s car at the time. Kristen and Scheana were there.”

Next week on Vanderpump Rules, Jax is arrested in Hawaii for stealing a pair of sunglasses. “We were drinking all day,” he explains. “I walked into a store with no shoes on … It was a mess. I have nobody to blame but myself. I had the intent to pay. I had the money in my hand, but I just … It’s very embarrassing. I am still sorry about my friends and family.”

Why did Jax let Brittany move in if he’s not ready for commitment? “I am ready for commitment. We’ve been together for 10 months.”

Michelle’s Vanderpump Views

Jax and Kristen Doute‘s friendship – “I don’t like it. You seem nice. You smell really good. I just really don’t like it. Kristen’s got that crazy cock-eye that I don’t appreciate.”

Jax pooping on camera – “I wanted to gouge my eyes out.”

Jax’s foot fetish – “It will never work between us, but live your truth.”

Jax’s third nose job – “I love a big nose, so I’m completely not turned on by you right now.”

Jax revisits the bathroom question, asking, “What am I supposed to do?” Andy points out the obvious, “Close the door.” Jax argues, “I had to talk to [Brittany] and she was in the other room.”

Biff, the self-proclaimed Vanderpump Rules super fan who seems to despise everyone but Katie and Kristen, calls in to share, “Jax is the worst person in the world. No joke. This is not just tonight, this is going back in history. This guy is a clam. Let’s not forget that he cheated on his girlfriend Stassi with Kristen – not once, but twice – who was Tom Sandoval, his best friend’s girlfriend at the time. He also got some random chick pregnant in Vegas. He lied about banging Laura-Leigh in the bathroom at SUR.”

Jax interrupts, “No, I did that.” Biff argues, “Oh yes, you did. You don’t even know what you are talking about. You even admitted it on camera that you did after you lied to Lisa that you didn’t do it.”

Jax repeats, “I just said that I did.” Biff continues, “Eh, whatever. You lied when you claimed you didn’t say anything about Tom Sandoval and the girl in Miami.”

Jax snarks, “Who is this guy?” Biff says, “I’m the guy paying your bills, buddy. I’ve been sitting here watching your lies every weekend. It’s ridiculous. At least I can make a martini, I can’t say the same for you, buddy. At least my nose looks pretty damn good and I don’t need it done three times, you big fat liar.”

Moving on, Andy comes back to the fact that Brittany watches the show, which proves that Jax lies to her. A lot. “I feel bad that she has to see that,” claims Jax. “She knows that I love her very much. We’re not breaking up anytime soon. Everything’s actually really, really good with us.”

Jax reveals that Brittany hasn’t seen the first three seasons of Vanderpump Rules… and suddenly their relationship makes so much more sense now. “She never really watched it,” he shares. “Her mother did, and well, yeah, she wasn’t too pleased. But everything is great with us. I love Brittany very much.”

Does Jax agree with Scheana Marie, that Tom and Ariana think they’re better than everyone else? “I don’t think they’re full of themselves. It is just a different couple. They’re a great couple and I think they’re great together. They’re just branching off, doing their own thing. We don’t have to do everything as a group all the time.”

Poll – Whose side are you on – Jax or Lala?

Jax – 34%

Lala – 66%


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