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Vanderpump Rules Stars Lala Kent & James Kennedy: “Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney Won’t Last”; Think Stassi Schroeder Is Thirsty; Co-Stars Have No Talent?

Vanderpump Rules stars Lala Kent and James Kennedy are likely coming back for another season of the show – they brought a much needed shakeup and an extra punch of 20-something drama. The two sat down (well James bounced around the studio…) with Nik Richie for his NRP podcast this week and they had all sorts of gems to share on their ‘untalented’ co-stars. Lala admits that she has a girl lined up for Tom Schwartz for “when” he dumps Katie Maloney, also thinks someone needs to toss Stassi’s thirsty ass some Aquafina and so, so much more!

Nik starts right off by sharing that he doesn’t like how Jax Taylor and the others are downplaying what Lala and James bring to the show. Lala says, “I think they’re worried. If we weren’t on screen, we were in their mouth, so they kept us pretty relevant.”

Nik asks James what his ultimate goal is? Just being a professional DJ?  James says no but that he is one at this point right now. “I’m more of a producer as well.” He then says he’s written and produced a whole album that came out on iTunes. One day he’d love to own his own club.  Nik asks if the show will help him achieve those dreams because they portray him as a womanizer. James says being a womanizer and conquering his dreams are two separate things.


Lala says James is in a full-on committed relationship right now with Raquel Leviss. They both agree that there’s no sexual tension anymore between them. They explain that they only had sex one time after filming the finale a year ago and only because they were drunk.  They have a strong friendship now but that’s it. Nik says it’d be better for the show if they faked a relationship. James disagrees.

Lala says she thinks the other cast members go to each other’s houses and plan what’s going to go on during filming. James says it’s not really scripted, but the co-stars’ collaborated plans always backfires every time. Lala says “it’s like they try to knock our hustle but while they do it, they’re just keeping us very relevant.”

Is James okay with the way the show portrays him? “For now, yes.” He enjoys being in the spotlight and knows if he would’ve just came on as some saintly little DJ, he would’ve been looked over.  “I think I became primary cast” Lala says he’s “a shit that you can’t keep your eyes off because it’s such a disaster.”


He agrees, “it fuels me a little to be a little shit to Jax. I find it amusing.”  Nik thinks Jax is jealous of James’ thunder.  James says he’s said that about Jax from the get-go. Nik thinks that it’s because James is younger, can sleep around and get drunk and he’s from England…

James shares that he was raised in London until he was 14 and then moved to Ibiza where he got hooked on wanting to be a DJ because he was exposed to house music, etc.  He lived there for two years and then came to the United States.  Lala says he’s super talented.

Lala’s boyfriend doesn’t care for James because he knows they slept together. James says his girlfriend is okay with him and Lala hanging out.

Nik is curious what else James does besides drinking (I’d be curious, too, since he can’t stop ping-ponging around the studio during the interview.) James admits he smokes a little weed before bed – never cocaine because he’s hyperactive enough.


Who does James like on the show? “I like Tom Sandoval a lot. I like Lala Kent a lot, I like Ariana. I like Faith.” He admits he likes Scheana, “when Scheana’s not being a follower.”

Nik asks if Lisa Vanderpump communicates more with them now that she knows they’re the “prized trophies”? James answers, “It’s funny you say that because Lisa has actually noticed my level of talent so she actually manages me with Ken and she doesn’t manage anybody else on the show. It’s funny because Jax has been working with her for five years now.”  He says Lisa has taken him under her wing and she’s been an amazing boss to him. Nik says that Lisa’s making millions off them. James says “she is making millions, but off the empire she’s built herself. You name it she’s done it”

James realizes that at first he’ll be taken as a joke in the music world but that he will prove them wrong. “Just keep releasing good music and these people will be like ‘damn, this kid has a little talent here’.”  

Lala admits that her makeup on the reunion was AWFUL. She just laughs it off.  “I can’t slay the game all the time.”

James says that Vanderpump Rules viewers increased by 40% this season and he believes he and Lala can take a lot of the credit for that.

Nik asked if they’re getting raises. They both said they hope so. James thinks if he gets cocky that might be the end.  But then he says he knows he’s the best one on the show, “most talented, best looking, one of the youngest, none of the other guys have shit on me.” He continues, “Better hair, blue eyes, accent, the list goes on.”  He does admit that Tom Sandoval might have been the shit 10 years ago.

Does he think the guys get jealous? “Absolutely.”

Do they realize they won’t be able to maintain real relationships while being on this show? James doesn’t think that’s true. “That’s something I disagree with. I love my girlfriend right now.” Lala chimes in, “yeah, but you haven’t been with her through filming, trust me. Shit gets real.”  

Nik isn’t happy to know that James is planning to stay true to his girlfriend during filming. “I’m watching to see you get drunk and try to bang chicks” James says that that was him last season but now it’s all about evolution.  Nik says “do you want to see how 40% gets lost? When you start being straight-edged, dude.”

Lala says she’ll bring it. But Nik explains to them both that their real relationships they have going off camera have to end. Nik wants to see them in the mix, he doesn’t want to see the old cast. Lala agrees. “It’s sad because these people who really really hate each other had to come together to be interesting because they are so not interesting.”  

James cracks off about the “old” cast and that old man Jax is going to need a cane to hobble into Sur. “If you had any talent, you wouldn’t need to be slinging Cosmos at 45.” Nik adds “and stealing sunglasses.”


Nik says that James broke Kristen “Her trust factor in men is gone.”  James says “that was gone before me, are you kidding? She was with her ex boyfriend for six years and no ring!”  Lala says “what girl in her 30s is going to go for the 22 year old DJ? ‘I’m like girl, you’re just dumb! What do you expect a 22 year old to act like?'”

James denies planning his relationship with Kristen.  He says they just fell in love. Lala tells him he’s been in love more times that someone in their 50s. He says that Racquel is the great love of his life. Lala isn’t buying it. James says he’s going to marry her and that she will be on camera next season, if she wants to. He’s not going to hide her.

Lala is not bringing her boyfriend on – “My family and my man are off limits.”

James says he really does work at SUR when the cameras aren’t rolling. He just DJed the night before at Sur. And he also DJs at PUMP and gets paid. He says when he shows up at PUMP, there’s a line out the door for pictures. He gets two free drinks a night and can play whatever he wants.

He then says with all Jax has done wrong and Lisa hasn’t fired him, he’d have to set SUR on fire in order to get canned.

Nik asks if James gets fired from the show if he thinks the show is dead? “No.” But he does think he’s creating opportunities for “after” the show but none of his co-stars are.

Nik admits that he’s trying to like James but he just can’t.  

James says again that he’s got his Pump Sessions out and he’s making moves and then bashes his co-stars, “Kristen’s got her shitty t-shirt line, Jax has a sweater company – we’re in California, you big dummy! Save me a knitted sweater old man, I’ll grab it when I’m 40.”  James then says he’s the most talented one on the show, but gives Tom Sandoval a “little” credit because he sings and acts. “Love Tom but he’s a little dated. Missed the window.”

James says he and Lala are the only ones in their 20’s on the show. But then they remember that Stassi might still be in her 20s. Lala says Stassi is the “thirstiest mother fu**er in the game! Throw this bitch some Aquafina.”  

James says the show is going to keep going “at this point, how could it not? There’s so much to uncover.” He joked, “Everyone’s so invested in my life already. God forbid if I wasn’t on television anymore, I don’t know what the human race would do. Global disaster.”

Nik says he tried to get into the show season 1 but gave up early in. He started watching again when Lala came on and has been hooked since James joined because of what he’s done to crazy Kristen.

Lala thinks she’s the normal one compared to everyone else on the show.

James reveals that Kristen was cheating on him the entire time they were dating and that a lot of stuff went down before filming started last season, so there’s no evidence.

Lala says James’ girlfriend is running for Miss California. He clears up that he’s okay with her filming with him if it’s just a lunch with Lala and/or Tom Sandoval, but not at a “party with those f’ing bitches. That’s too much.”

He says that he and Lala are totally like brother and sister and don’t make out anymore, it’d be too weird.

Lala says, “my only regret is not taking off my top in front of Tom Schwartz more.”  James thinks Tom was about to leave Katie for Lala.  Lala says, “not if, but when it doesn’t work out with Katie I have the CUTEST girl for Schwartz.”  Lala and James both think the marriage won’t last and that Tom doesn’t have Katie’s back. They both think the wedding will happen because Katie wants it filmed.

Ouch. Nik ends the podcast by telling Lisa Vanderpump she needs to cover up her cleavage because “nobody wants to see old lady cleavage.”  James defends her vehemently and says Lisa is his everything and Nik cannot call her old.

The show does need James and Lala. If only for the way that he gets under the skin of Jax and Kristen and knows exactly how to push their buttons in .02 seconds! It brings me great joy. I’m a little twisted, what can I say?


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