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Jax Taylor Doesn’t Care About Fame; Claims He’s “Set For Life” Financially After Vanderpump Rules!

Jax Taylor is the unequivocal villain on Vanderpump Rules, but he’s not shying away from that portrayal, nor is he pretending to be anyone but himself for the sake of fame. Quite the opposite, actually, Jax is tired of Hollywood and ready to live a normal life! 

In a revealing new interview, Jax is unabashed about his televised mistakes and flippant about his future stardom. “I hate [Hollywood],” he laments. “I hate it. It’s nothing. It’s bullshit.” 

Jax, a former model, was actually in the process of leaving SUR and LA behind to become a firefighter in Florida when Lisa Vanderpump persuaded him to stay, because ‘something big’ was about to happen, which would change his life.


And indeed something big has happened. Vanderpump Rules has become an enormous hit – this generation’s reality television cultural touchstone akin to The Hills. Everyone from A-list celebrities to viewers are obsessed with the incestuous and dysfunctional relationships between the over-the-hill (by Hollywood standards) bartenders and waiters who collectively alternate between f–king each other and f–king each other over.

At the center of the salacious drama is Jax.

Jax, who promises nothing we see from him is fake and acknowledges is part of what makes the show so riveting. “It’s authentic,” he declares, panning other reality shows – including other Bravo shows – for being “not real.” 

Jax’s performance as himself has garnered him such acclaim he recently appeared on WWHL alongside super-fan Jennifer Lawrence (who also reportedly reads Reality Tea!). “She was like, ‘I’m obsessed with you,” Jax tells Complex. “She wanted to know everything about me, she had opinions on everything. And I’m, like, shitting myself because she’s Jennifer Lawrence, she’s the biggest actress on the planet.”

Likewise Lady Gaga recently gushed over him during a recent dinner, plus Robert DeNiro‘s wife is an uber-fan. Jax shrugs off being star-struck, although he concedes the caliber of his fans is surprising. “These are, like, great, great actors. What do I do?” What Jax does, so well, in my opinion, is unapologetically be himself. Sure – Jax (insincerely) apologizes for Jaxing people over, but he doesn’t apologize for who he is, and he expects both the viewers and his friends to accept him – [alleged] warts and all

And, for as long as he remains a part of Vanderpump Rules, Jax vows to fight to maintain its authenticity. “I will not be on a show that’s contrived,” he swears. “I will not.” This includes keeping his co-stars earnest.

“Look, I love Tom [Sandoval]. We’re best friends, he’s a brilliant guy, really talented, but I tell him all the time, to stop trying to act on the show,” lectures Jax. “Stop trying to portray yourself in a certain way. It doesn’t work.”

Jax also takes issue with James Kennedy and Lala Kent returning next season. His hatred for James is real – on camera, and off. “If they’re around next year, I won’t be a part of that,” Jax promises. “I’ll stick to my guns on that.” 

Another thing Jax promises is that he’s realistic that Vanderpump Rules and it’s accompanying attention won’t last forever; which is fine: He’s not using reality TV as a gateway to find success in the entertainment and fashion industries like his co-stars. Instead Jax’s goal is to become “regular.” He hopes to retire from the spotlight to marry Brittany Cartwright and start a family. He also apparently harbors the desire to write a book about his experiences. (Call me – I’ll ghostwrite!). 

“Yeah, there are always those opportunities,” acknowledges Jax, who says his co-stars “take advantage” of promotional ventures and endorsements “way more ” than he does. “I’m 36. I’m too tired for all that.”

But Jax isn’t exhausted yet. Appearing on reality TV cheating, drinking, fighting, pooping, lying, getting arrested, and any other number of depraved behavior that is considered career suicide and detrimental to your personal life, is “what he signed up for.” Jax remains indifferent to condemnation, likewise he doesn’t blame editing, because what he signed up for has also made him well-off even, wealthy even, according to his estimations. 

Jax won’t give up a number for how much he earns, but declares, “Put it this way, if I’m smart about it, and if I live reasonably, I’ll be good for the rest of my life.” 

Well there you have it – The Jax Taylor Humblebragging Tour. 

Tonight Vanderpump Rules returns with Katie throwing her engagement party at Villa Rosa. Katie may have reconnected with Stassi and Kristen, but Lisa hasn’t forgiven or forgotten and doesn’t want them attending! Jax continues to have an existential crisis over his choices – including moving in with Brittany. Meanwhile Tom 1 shoots a music video for his band, and James confesses to Kristen that he still has feelings for her! 

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