Heather Dubrow Questions Kelly Dodd’s Motives; Explains Terry’s Schedule; Spills More Jeff Lewis Dirt

Heather Dubrow will not be silenced!

Weighing in on last night’s Real Housewives Of Orange County episode via her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, Heather shares her opinions on Kelly Dodd‘s bizarre intimacy with Vicki Gunvalson, what’s up with Terry’s crazy schedule, and then discusses Jeff Lewis body shaming her and why she’s embarrassed by her reaction. Heather also admits how constant body criticism affects her self-esteem.

Thankfully, Heather did not dissect Vicki’s non-pology to Shannon Beador, or anymore about Brooks. Just my two cents before we dive in: I don’t think Shannon should forgive Vicki – of all the women who Vicki betrayed with Brooks’ scam, Shannon was hit the hardest (on top of David’s affair), and truly was a friend to Vicki. I want to stop discussing Brooks, but it seems the scab just continues to fester amongst the cast and they aren’t ready to move on from what happened. 


Recapping Kelly’s party, the positive being that Heather loves Kelly’s house, but everything else concerning Kelly leaves her perplexed – particularly Kelly’s defense of Vicki. “I wasn’t sure what Kelly was talking about when she said everyone was ganging up on Vicki. I don’t know where that came from, because Tamra said she was moving on, I’m moving on, Meghan and Vicki, as Meghan pointed out, were never really friends. So it’s really about… Shannon and Vicki.”

Heather’s assistant Natalie wonders if Kelly was referring to the tension in the room and that the ladies had all gathered in Kelly’s closet without inviting Vicki. 

Heather disagrees. “I think that this comes down to…it’s hard to find people who haven’t watched the show. And Kelly’s said she watched show. So I think sometimes it’s hard to let go of the knowledge you have of your perception of last season and what happened, and maybe that’s bleeding into it.”

“What they didn’t show, at the end of the party, I was saying goodbye to Kelly, and Kelly came up to me and said, ‘Wow. You really can’t judge a book by its cover. I thought you were so pretentious…’, meaning I’m not pretension,” says Heather. “Here’s the thing, I’ve met her, at this point, a handful of times – we’re always laughing, getting each other’s jokes, having a nice time…I felt we were having a good time, so I didn’t understand where that comment came from.”

Natalie posits that maybe Kelly had discussed something with Meghan, but Heather denies this and believes Kelly formed her opinion from watching “seasons past.” 

Shannon has moved into her new house – ironically before Heather has! – which we’ll see on RHOC. “Her new house is very modern. She has beautiful taste – she kept it like ‘Shannon.’ She did a great job.” That’s like the highest form of compliment from Fancy Pants, right? 

Heather is also impressed by Meghan’s progress giving herself IVF shots. “I’m SO proud of her!” Heather gushes. “It brought back a lot of memories for me. I had to give myself all my own injections. Look – I’m married to a doctor, I think it’s all fascinating!”

Less impressive to Heather is Terry’s constant travel. “Listen, I love this man. I love the house we’re building,” Heather explains. “I’m thrilled about the house, but this is his thing, and it’s not that he’s off making money for the house – he was filming TWO television shows. He was filming Botched and Botched By Nature at the same time, which required traveling. And that’s why the schedule was so bad. And even though it was a finite period of time, it was like, come on! He left on my birthday, he left on Valentine’s Day, he left on Mother’s Day…and I just thought, ‘Take a stance.’ You’re gonna have to wait, and see what happens with that.”

About putting her kids to bed, Heather assures us it usually doesn’t go so smoothly. “Katerina and Coco sleep in the same bed together every single night. What are we gonna do in the new house? I swear we should have had a two bedroom apartment because my kids would be totally happy with two sets of bunkbeds in the room; we’re in the other room. Done. By the way – the twins still sleep together 90% of the time. It’s ridiculous! Oh God, it’s crazy.” 

“The Briana scenes were very scary; very raw,” Heather continues. “I love watching Vicki taking care of the boys. It’s exhausting! But can you imagine…You’ve been through it and you’re on the other side of it, and all the sudden…Briana was in the hospital for a long time, and Vicki was the full-time caretaker of these two little rambunctious toddlers. And working! I love when she was like ‘Where’s the playpen? Bring back the playpen!’ I had those temporary gates put in a big square for the twins so I could go to the bathroom!” Heather recalls. 

About Shannon’s 70’s party planning, Heather is amused. “She’s so funny – she throws the best parties, and I love a theme, but historically theme parties and the Real Housewives don’t go well together. Hope anything you want – you saw the coming attractions for next week: It doesn’t go well, people!” Heather laughs about her decision to wear roller skates without practicing beforehand. 

Proving that Shannon cannot throw a good party, Heather reminds us that all her drama with Jeff began during one of Shannon’s parties!

“At Shannon’s birthday party, which you will see on the show, Jeff Lewis was there,” Heather begins. “He was awful that night. Everyone was talking about how rude he was to everyone. I’d met him before, we’d had dinner together, I thought we were good. But that night he had a bee in his bonnet about something. SO, we’re sitting at the table, and he looks at Terry and he goes, ‘You know, if your wife would just cop to all her facial plastic surgery it would go a lot better for her.'” 

Terry thought he was kidding, so Terry goes – this is so Terry; this is kinda gross – but Terry goes: ‘The only thing I’ve given her is the hot beef injection!'” Heather laughs. “But, by the way, we had been drinking; it was a party! We’d been there for quite some time – he thought he was kidding.” Heather reportedly told Jeff to compare photos of her from birth til now to prove she hasn’t had work done, but instead Jeff escalated to talking about her boobs and implants.

“I didn’t make a big deal about it because if I had made a big deal about it, the cameras would have gone ziiiiip [sound effect] cause we were filming, so I let it go. And also I am tired of those kinds of questions, I don’t care anymore: you wanna believe I had everything done? Fine.” As Heather and Terry were leaving, Jeff said to Terry, “You gotta help me with your wife, I don’t think she likes me that much.” Terry told Jeff it would be fine, and it was. “Whatever – gone! Have not thought about it since,” says Heather – until Jeff’s appearance on WWHL, that is!

Heather was shocked to hear Jeff calling her rude to waitstaff and obnoxious. “Isn’t that ironic from a guy who’s basically made a living being on a show being rude to everyone that works to him?” 

As to why Jeff made that allegation, Heather is clueless. “Certainly nothing happened that night. I don’t know if that was just defection, or he’s trying to get ratings for his show and create something? Here’s the mistake I made: I engaged. Tamra called me afterwards and she was like, ‘That is so not like you…'” Heather was at dinner with Terry, she’d had a little liquid courage and, “I got so angry – that he was so rude to me that night at dinner, and now he’s attacking my character!? He thinks it’s because he said I was his least favorite? I don’t care!”

Earlier in the show, Heather touched on how her opinion is affected by body shaming and referenced Jeff’s comments. Telling a recent story about their trip to Hawaii, she admits, “I’m always afraid people are looking. I had a bikini on and Terry goes, ‘You look great. How perfect do you have to be?’ Why are we so hard on ourselves?” Heather wonders. Heather cites paparazzi and social media criticism for making her “super self-conscious” and when photos of her in a bikini were recently published, she downloaded them. “I just zoomed in on every part of my body I hate,” she admits. “Isn’t that ridiculous?” Which brings her back to calling Jeff out for body shaming. 

Heather likens calling Jeff an ‘a-hole’ on twitter to a Brandi-moment. “That’s what my podcast sister Brandi Glanville talks about with drinking and tweeting: Don’t do it. Take a step back…,” Heather cautions. “I don’t like how I handled it and that’s the only thing I feel bad about, but I do think he acted terribly at the dinner and I don’t like that he attacked my character.”

“Look, we are all human – I am human. I make mistakes. I hope I learn from this mistake. I wish I had not engaged with [Jeff] because he’s not worth the time and it doesn’t serve me. But you know how sometimes you get so fed up?” Heather describes. Why does Heather regret it? If he truly said such awful things, he deserves to be chastised! 

Heather promises she’s done discussing it from this point forward. 

Heather also warns that  next weeks episode will leave us speechless. “It is absolutely off. the. hook. You know I keep saying once the train leaves the station it doesn’t stop? Next week the train leaves the station. Intense!” 

Oh, Heather is also not a fan of Pokemon Go! and promotes GeoCashing instead! 


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