Vanderpump Rules Cast Defends Brittany Cartwright’s Mom Against Accusations Of Homophobia After Jax Taylor’s Roast

Sherry does not approve of some of Jax's past

Aside from being eternally mystified by angel Brittany Cartwright’s ability to put up with Jax Taylor’s antics, another thing that made me question the staying power of their relationship was when Brittany’s mom Sherri Cartwright visited the couple when the Vanderpump Rules cast was roasting Jax for his birthday. Just like her daughter, Mrs. Cartwright let a lot of things slide when it comes to Jax’s behavior, but a lot of fans felt like she had way too strong of a reaction to the male hookup rumors and accused Sherri of being homophobic.

Luckily for Sherri, Brittany’s Pump Rules costars stepped in to defend her reaction and her support of the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately for Sherri, it didn’t seem like Sherri’s (possible) future son-in-law did much to have her back.


When Jax appeared on Watch What Happens Live on the same night that the roast episode aired, Jax was asked about Sherri’s reaction and he gave a pretty weak answer in her defense. All Jax said was, “I have to take into consideration where she’s brought up. She’s in the Bible Belt in Kentucky – very different from how I grew up. So, I have to take that into consideration.”

I get that the Cartwrights don’t live in West Hollywood and that probably does factor into what they are used to seeing, but I feel like Jax should’ve adamantly asserted that Sherri is not homophobic – if that is the case.

Just a few episodes ago, I remember thinking it was so sweet when Jax talked about how much he admired Brittany for going in to work the gay pride again the day after the Orlando shooting when a lot of their coworkers stayed home. He even referred to her as “bad ass,” which I thought was super cute. It’s clear that Brittany supports the LGBT community and to be honest it did not seem like Sherri was actually homophobic in the most recent Pump Rules episode, though I can see why people would have a negative response to her remarks.

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During the same WWHL appearance, openly gay host Andy Cohen remarked, “Also, you find out that your daughter’s boyfriend has maybe done it with guys, you might be interested in that.”

I think it’s valid to have an interest in those rumors, as Brittany‘s mother was very vocal about wanting the couple to get married before the roast. Sherri could have had more sensitive wording, but Sherri really did not come off hateful or homophobic to me. Don’t get me wrong, it did not come off well, but I really don’t think Sherri completely realized.

Stassi Schroeder (Jax’s most infamous ex girlfriend) spoke out in Sherri and Brittany’s defense on Twitter: “Britt & her mom are HUGE #LGBTQ activists. Any mom would be concerned if she heard her daughter’s bf might not be into her.” I actually agree with Stassi’s wording on this one.

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Sherri (who I saw only joined Twitter in July 2016) replied to Stassi’s tweet: “I do not hate gay people I love everyone. I was only asking Jax things about the roast. I would never offend anyone!!” Sherri owned up for her poor wording and tweeted, “I love all people. I’m not anyone’s judge. Again I apologize.”

Kristen Doute took to Twitter to defend Sherri as well and wrote, “Britt’s mom couldn’t be MORE supportive of the #LGBTQ community.” Kristen also quoted Stassi’s tweet and added, “We love you Sherri!” with a heart emoji. Brittany did not say anything about her mom, but she did tweet, “I always have and always will support the LGBTQ  community no matter what!”

I wish Jax and Brittany were more vocal about the situation, but thankfully everyone Jax has slept with is inexplicably loyal to him and they chose to speak out on Sherri’s behalf. I’m thinking that Brittany and Jax might not have been as outspoken as I would expect because it looks like this is still an ongoing story line for the next episode. So maybe they will have more definitive things to say once that airs? Or at the very least, they will realize that they need to take the time to thoughtfully address this situation.


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