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Photos – Scheana Marie Defends Kristen, Katie and Stassi; Still Blocked by Brandi Glanville; Marissa Hermer Doesn’t Speak To Caroline


Watch What Happens Live was a love fest last night. Scheana Marie gushed over her misunderstood mean girl BFFs, explaining that we only see a small snippet of her friends and they are really good people! But do not expect any straight answers about her new boyfriend. Only Lala Kent is not allowed to keep things hush-hush. Marissa Hermer weighed in on all things Ladies of London and so much more!

Marissa, who now lives in the L.A. area, says she’s going to SUR next week and hopes to meet Lisa Vanderpump one of these days.

They discuss James Kennedy‘s denial about cheating on Raquel. Marissa believes he did it, and Scheana agrees.

Andy asks Scheana about picking sides between Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Madix. “I love both of them, but Ariana’s my girl. She always has been. She’s my ride or die.”

Andy replays the clip of Brandi Glanville admitting that Scheana is the only one she likes on this season of Vanderpump Rules. Scheana lights up and says she saw it when it aired.  Scheana says “my jaw dropped. I was like rewind! Wait, she did say it! And then I went to Tweet her and I was like ‘I’m still blocked’.”

Marissa reveals that she and Matt are living in Pacific Palisades and are planning to open a restaurant in L.A. They are currently scouting locations.

Who is Marissa still in touch with? “Sophie, Adella, Julie, and Caroline Fleming.” She says she’s texted with Caroline Stanbury briefly but has not spoken to her since she moved to Dubai.

Andy plays a Tom and Katie clip and says he thinks they could use a little therapy. Scheana thinks EVERYONE could use a little therapy.

A caller asks Marissa why she engaged in the gossip with Caroline Fleming about Caroline Stanbury moving to Dubai and the scandal implications when she was facing similar ridicule herself about her move to the U.S. “Good question. I was actually asking and heard this rumor quite a lot. And Caroline Fleming was repeating it to me, so what I was starting to say was ‘well, is it true? and if it’s not true, which I was sort of assuming because that’s not what I had heard, then she shouldn’t actually listen to the rumors because we all have rumors about us. And what she’s doing is best for her family.’ But I never got that far because she was like ‘well it’s not and you should ask her for yourself’. So, yeah, that was sort of what my intention was.”

A viewer asks if Peter Madrigal is Scheana‘s secret man in her Snapchat. She laughs and says no. Andy asks if there is a secret man. She plays coy and says, “not secret to my friends.” She admits she’s dating someone and that “maybe” he’s there with her and “maybe” Andy met him. Andy only comments that he’s very tall. (Apparently it’s only okay for Scheana and Stassi to not share the deets about their men. I love Scheana this season, but that’s hypocritical as hell.)

Another viewer asks Marissa if Jules cries too much. “If she cries too much then I do, too. I cry a lot.”

A caller asks Scheana why she doesn’t see that Stassi plays everyone like a puppet and is super mean? “You guys see a portion of who Stassi really is. There’s a lot more to her that you don’t see. I mean, she is someone I enjoy being around. I wouldn’t be friends with her if I didn’t. You don’t see all the good that I do being friends with her.”

How can Scheana remain friends with Katie Maloney, Stassi and Kristen Doute after the way they treat her? “I will say, it’s really not Kristen. Kristen gets lumped in with them, but I’ve had more issues with Katie and Stassi. Kristen’s been an amazing friend, especially with everything I just went through. She was right there for me. And I love Katie, I really do. They’re good friends, you just don’t see everything. You see a lot of the negative.”

Scheana says she’s not in contact with Mike Shay. She says they don’t have the certificate yet, but they are divorced in every other sense. She says it’s an uncontested divorced and will be done and over. Andy asks again who gets the wedding photos and once again she jokes that they were burned but then says she’s just kidding.

Now that Marissa lives in L.A., would she consider joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? “I hear this question all the time. Once a day. Listen, I love Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but we go back to London in the Summer, so if I do two shows… You know what, who knows is the answer. You never know! Who knows!” Andy loves her answer.

A viewer asks Scheana what advice she’d give Tom and Katie that she learned from her marriage? “Communication always. That’s important and don’t drink a lot.”

Did she really hook up with Ariana once while wasted in Vegas? “Yeah. Not, hook up. Make out. I mean, who wouldn’t? She’s hot.”  Marissa chimes in and says she’d kiss Ariana, too.

A caller asks Scheana about her shading James Kennedy‘s music career and mentions her own “music career” not going anywhere. “I wasn’t trying to have a music career, that was more of a hobby for me, so I’ll give him this one.” Andy asks if she saw James perform on WWHL last week. “I did. I do think he has better songs that he could’ve performed, but to perform in front of someone who is your idol, I think that definitely takes some balls. I’m sure he was so nervous.” She adds that performing for Steve Aoki was a dream for James. She adds that she could tell James wasn’t drinking and that he did a lot better on WWHL this time than the last time he and Lala were on together. Andy jokes, “well, that wouldn’t be hard.”

A caller asks the rudest thing a customer has said to Scheana recently. She says a customer asked for a photo and then told her she was very small and should eat a cheeseburger. But she admits that people are generally very nice to her. She says Stassi and Kristen get a lot more grief and rudeness at SUR than she does.

When Marissa is asked if she liked the Scottish castle rented by Caroline Stanbury or Mapperton Estate better, she says she loves Mapperton. She confirms that the relationship between Caroline and Julie Montagu is over.

Does Scheana regret ditching Ariana now that the mean girls have pushed her out of their clique? “First of all, I didn’t ditch her. We were just going through a little rough patch as a lot of friends do.”

Does Marissa think that Caroline Stanbury is jealous of Julie’s title? “No, that’s not how Caroline Stanbury operates.”

Does Scheana think Katie has a drinking problem since she seems to be stuck in Tequila Katie mode with or without drinking? “I’m not even gonna comment on that. I talk about it enough on the show.”

Was Marissa shocked when Juliet called Adella’s suicide attempt selfish? “I was not shocked when Juliet said that. I was horrified, but I wasn’t shocked.”

Does Scheana think Schwartz baits Katie into fights when she’s drinking? “I think they have this thing where they aggravate each other, but they love each other so much. I think it comes from a place of love and they just take it out with anger at times.”

Poll Questions:

Do you think James cheated? 98% said yes.

Whose side are you on: Stassi or Ariana? 79% say Team Ariana.

Who was the bigger Bridezilla: Katie or Scheana? 84% voted for Katie.


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