Kenya Moore Talks Vaginal Rejuvenation & Kandi Burruss’s Beef With Porsha Williams

In a rare occasion, Kenya Moore was actually not a part of the drama during the last Real Housewives of Atlanta episode. Most of the ratchetness focused on the accusations Porsha Williams made against Kandi Burruss about secretly being a lesbian and her husband Todd Tucker cheating on her under the alias “Marvin.”

While Porsha really went in with the rumor spreading and instigating, Kenya was calm, cool, collected and gifted Cynthia Bailey with a vaginal rejuvenation. I don’t know why Kenya felt like Cynthia needed to get that procedure done since the past few seasons have had several story lines about the lack of sexual activity with her and her ex Peter Thomas. It didn’t seem necessary, but I guess it’s the thought that counts.


Kenya shared her thoughts on the last RHOA episode in her weekly Bravo blog entry. She explained why she treated Cynthia to the vaginal rejuvination: “I was just being a good girlfriend! I like to laugh and have fun and it wasn’t to be taken seriously.” I feel like anything going near your vagina is pretty serious, but maybe I’m being lame here?

Kenya added, “It was something to give her a little boost of confidence (not that she needed it) in being newly single. Nothing like a new vajayjay to boost a girl’s confidence!” The best thing to come out of this whole thing was when Kenya boasted she didn’t need to get a vaginal rejuvination herself since she’s “had few lovers.”

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When asked if she would get the treatment herself, Kenya continued to feign humble bragging when she said, “I’m just afraid of the ‘tightening’ benefits. I don’t want a ‘situation’ where the ‘eagle can’t land.’ It’s already a pretty small runway. LOL!” Oh, Kenya. I don’t even know what to say about that, but the Twitter fandom was really going off.

The real highlight of the episode was Kandi and Porsha’s lunch. That meal was out of control – to put it mildly. Kenya remarked, “I don’t understand why someone continuously lies and then says they don’t remember, but 10 minutes later or the next day or the next week they suddenly do. It’s evident the catalyst for the argument was based on revenge because Kandi mentioned Bwww.” Which confuses me since Porsha was the one who bragged about getting with Kandi’s baby daddy Block Spencer. To be honest, we all would have forgot about it if Porsha herself didn’t continue to bring it up all the time. Porsha is the one who made this a thing – not Kandi.

Plus, it is really not a big deal, at all. Even Kenya admitted, “No one cares that Porsha slept with him…she was single.” EXACTLY. But, then again, Porsha never really has a story line. She just has fake everything from her relationships to her hair to the already-furnished bedrooms that she has for her children that have not been conceived. This is a desperate play to be a part of the action.

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Kenya stated, “The viewers have all heard, read, and personally seen Porsha brag about the fact that she is a freak, a Princess of THOTlandia, and has admitted on camera to all kinds of “freakho” behavior including being peed on. If you are a freak, that’s your business.”

Kenya summed up the whole Kandi/Porsha interaction: “Overall, it was embarrassing to watch the vulgar, ratchet, and classless exchange. I’m most disappointed by all the lies.” Porsha just needs to stop. She is spreading bullshit without receipts, she threw her “best friend” Shamea Morton under the bus, and she looks beyond desperate.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]